trade ideas stock market day trading scanner talking about my experience the last couple weeks using the trade idea software and everything that it’s about kind of breaking down what I use it for and all that fun stuff in this video so make sure you stay tuned today I want to discuss trade ideas my experience the last couple weeks using this scanning software in the past I’ve been a little bit hesitant you know about buying a scanner about spending money on a scanner when I’ve been using other ways but what trade ideas has done is it puts everything that I need to see right in front of me and it’s also giving me real-time alerts that’s helping me get into stocks quicker now I’m able to have more time to really analyze the stock figure out what’s going on just by using the scanner I know people are gonna say it’s really expensive that it’s a waste of money that you can do it other ways but at the end of the day remember we’re trying to make money here day trading is about making money having the right tools that will empower you to make money at the end of the day any little edge any edge that you can have is gonna make you more profitable in the long run now I’m not gonna tell you that trade ideas is gonna make you a profitable day trader that trade ideas is going to point you in the direction of the stocks that are moving that are gonna give you opportunities to make money in the market and that’s really what it comes down to having a scanner having a system that will allow you to find stocks that are hot that are moving finding stocks with your parameters pop it up on the scanner it’s time to make money and that’s what you’re going to get here it’s gonna give you all the information also when the market is really hot and we’re getting stocks that are halted it’s great to have the halted scanner so it’ll let you know right then and there when a stock is halted so I definitely see value in the trade idea scanner for those reasons alone just having that information right here in front of me so I don’t need to go click through websites I don’t need to do anything other than just be like whoa I NSG it’s time to go time to make a trade I can pull the chart up instantly and then start to really figure out what my trade plan is going to be instead of sitting on other websites or trying to figure out you know top lists and oh yeah let me figure this out but when it comes down to it day trading if you’re a minute late to the party a lot of times you’re gonna miss on the safer move or the overall bigger move because you’re gonna come after all the action and what happens is there’s thousands of day traders who are using scanners like trade ideas they’re using this every single day they’re using very similar parameters if they’re trading these small cap low float stocks making it so literally there’s thousands of people who are sitting here going oh i NSG it just popped up on the scanner and everyone’s looking at it so if there’s gonna be a big move trade idea is gonna get you into that action right when it’s happening what I’m using is the new high breakout I’m using the breaking out on volume and I’ve also got the low float mover scanner as well it’s kind of going and then the biggest gainers the biggest losers now for me with the breaking out on volume it works great because it’s basically I can set this parameter that I want to have it set up with stocks I can go in here the minimum price is $1.00 the maximum price is $15 I can adjust the change from close because I really want to see stocks that are gapping up that are moving fast so basically anything that’s not over 10% really just isn’t happening or just really you know maybe it’s gonna happen but it’s just not happening so I don’t need to see every stock that’s moving and I can also adjust all this if I can adjust everything here and really set it up to do exactly what I’m looking for what I need and that’s what it comes down to having that power day trading is all about information having a computer having a scanner having a system that makes it so you’re able to get into trades fast you’re able to see what’s going on looking at the chart and then taking the trade making money and if you’re not able to execute fast a lot of times you’re gonna miss out on these big crazy movers and that’s why trade ideas is really helping me out because now I’m able to see instantly okay boom this stock is hot it’s time for me to look at it instead you know in the past I would just kind of look through the top list but now a trade ideas I’m alerted right when it’s happening and a lot of times in the past I would miss out on moves because you got the top mover list but you don’t pay attention enough so I was using the top mover list inside of – trader Perot before and a lot of times I would just miss out because there would be stocks that are starting to move up they start to move up I wouldn’t notice them or I just wasn’t paying attention but now with the scanner if something’s moving I’m alerted right away and then I’m like hope okay I need to look at that because if it pops up on my scanner with my parameters and my setup I know that it’s probably a good idea for me to look at that stock and the best part about trade ideas is that you can set this up you can set it up however you want whatever parameters whatever style no matter if you trade $100 stocks $20 stocks $30 stocks or $1 stocks or even penny stocks you can set it up so that you’re only getting the information that you want to get instead of just getting information from everything and it really gives you an edge when I first started trading I had no idea how to find stocks what stock to trade and all that I had no idea really had no idea I think this is a tool that can really help any new day traders start to find stock start to look for setups and really see the overall market how it’s moving and learning and at the end of the day it might seem expensive but you’re also spending a lot of money in commissions you’re spending a lot of money losing money in the market so what’s better is it better to lose money in the market because you’re missing out on all the moves because you don’t have a scanner or is it better to spend a little bit of money to get a scanner that is able to identify these moves before they happen that’s really what it comes down to investing in success invest in success that’s my new slogan new bumper-sticker invest in success so there it is trade ideas my review so far I’ll make a video talking a little bit more in depth on how to set this all up and get it going but for right now just wanted to cover this overall review the last couple of weeks how trade ideas has been helping me make more money in the stock market and I’ll talk to you guys later on


  1. If you can make it work for you its great, I just couldnt do it, felt like I was drowning in to much information, too many options.

  2. Patrick Weiland, you and Ross Cameron in my opinion are the very best around when it comes to making meaningful YouTube videos on trading. Well done

  3. Great content Patrick, your videos are on point I've seen you progress from those losses to constant green days. Would you be willing to share your layouts for the trade ideas scans? I have a similar strategy to yours and I just got trade ideas as well just need help setting the scanners to the way we trade. Thanks!

  4. Invest in your trading and you will be greatly investing in yourself. If you try to be cheap with your tools in trading, you will get cheap results which means you will lose and get left behind

  5. Next Vid stick a Trade Ideas Chart in the big gap! the charts are awesome and are linked to the scanner for quick look.

  6. I have the same12 mid cap stocks on my watchlist I look to trade everyday. No scanners needed. All I look at is the 5 min opening range breakout or breakdown. Less manipulation than trading penny stocks.

  7. Find out more about the Scanner I use Trade Ideas here-

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  8. It is a business . Trade ideas is cheap if you consider it's monthy cost . Similar to debit terminals in retail stores. Would you consider starting a store without accepting bank cards . – invest in success.

  9. Thank you for the discount code! Love your videos! So glad to see you grow and thank you for motivating me to start day trading from swing trading. You also make me miss my home in FL! Enjoy! Take care and thank you again!

  10. Trade Ideas works. You just have to know what you are looking for, and how to use the program. A massive learning curve for this program to be 100% effective. Onward. 😉

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