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Promises: Easy to make. And for Chinese leaders, even easier to break. Here are 5 Trade Promises China Has Broken. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. We all know there’s a trade war between
China and the US. But we didn’t start the fire. It was always burning since the World Trade Organization let China
join. That was back in 2001. And it came after certain US officials had lobbied for years to let China into the
WTO club. “I strongly support China’s admission
into the World Trade Organization. The World Trade Organization—or WTO for
short— is an international group created in 1995 to help governments negotiate trade deals. The idea was to make international trade as
free, and easy, and non-violent as possible. Unlike the tragic Molasses War of 1882. That was a sticky situation. Anyway, US corporations had been lobbying
President Clinton to help China join the WTO, because they were confident that if only they
could get access to the China market, they would make so much money! I mean, er, help bring, um, democracy to China. Yeah, that’s the reason! “The more we bring China into the world, the more the world will bring freedom to China.” That worked out well…for the Chinese regime. Entering the WTO in 2001 gave China access to other countries’ markets, and spurred China’s super-fast economic
growth. But there was supposed to be a catch to joining
the WTO. China had to agree to the rules outlined in
this 103-page document called “Accession of the People’s Republic
of China”. Also known as “The Protocol.” Well that sounds totally normal and not weird
at all. Fast forward 18 years, and the world has been doing a lot of trade with China, but the Chinese regime has still not complied with quite a number of their Protocol commitments. Which is a nice way of saying, they’ve been
cheating. So in today’s episode, we’ll focus on 5 trade promises that China
made— and broke. Broken Promise Number 5: Ending Price Controls When China joined the WTO, they promised to end price controls. That is, to “allow prices for traded goods
and services in every sector to be determined by market
forces.” But guess what? In a 2018 report to congress on China’s
WTO compliance, the United States Trade representative said
China’s “government and the Party continue to control or otherwise influence the prices of key factors
of production.” Yeah, they’re not ending price controls. There are a number of products and services currently subject to government-set prices— including pharmaceuticals, tobacco, natural gas and telecommunications services. Which means foreign companies find it hard to compete in those industries, plus a lot of related industries. For example, price controls on fuel mean that energy is cheaper in China, which makes it cheaper to manufacture a lot
of products. All these things add up to mean that goods are cheaper to make in China than in other developing countries where wages are also low. Broken Promise Number 4: Ending Subsidies The Chinese regime props up a lot of industries through grants and loans from state-owned
banks. And in some cases, local governments also offer land rights at
super low prices, to make it cheaper for certain industries
to get started. And—like price controls— these subsidies have enabled a lot of Chinese
companies to sell products at below market rates. “Pervasive involvement of the Chinese government has resulted in numerous subsidies being provided to Chinese companies leading to artificially low-priced manufactured
goods,” say the authors of a study called China’s Long Road to Market Economy Status. Of course, the Chinese regime has promised to remove these state subsidies. But the US Trade representative has identified “hundreds of prohibited subsidies in a wide range of manufacturing sectors.” “These subsidies contribute to the serious
excess capacity problems that plague industries like steel, aluminum, solar panels and fishing and devastate global markets and foreign competitors.” Why do you think your made-in-China solar
panels are so cheap? On top of that, China promised to disclose
its subsidies, but has reneged on that promise too, by hiding the subsidies being provided on
a local level. “China continues to shield massive sub-central government subsidies from the scrutiny of WTO members.” I get it. If you’re going to give out illegal subsidies, you really should try to cover your tracks. Which leads us to… Broken Promise Number 3: Transparency The Chinese Communist Party has never been particularly good about being transparent. I mean, just Google “China cover up” and you’ll see what I mean. And when it comes to trade, “China disregards many of its WTO transparency
obligations, which places its trading partners at a disadvantage and often serves as a cloak for China to conceal unfair trade policies and practices from scrutiny.” For example, China promised to make available to its WTO trading partners all trade-related laws and regulations before they’re implemented or enforced. They don’t do that. China also promised to provide translations of all of its trade-related laws into English, French or Spanish. They don’t do that, either. In fact, the Chinese government never even
set up an agency or program to undertake these translations, which, again, are a basic requirement for being part of
the WTO. But I get it. Lotta laws, lotsa hassle, all that translation and notification ahead
of time. Maybe you just have to request them, right? Nope. “Not only does China have a poor record of adhering to its notification obligations,” says the US Trade Representative, “but it also fails to cooperate when other
members make requests for information.” China’s regulatory system is so opaque,
in fact, that foreign companies and governments can’t fully understand legal requirements in some areas of the Chinese economy. This obviously puts foreign companies at a
huge disadvantage. It means they can be accused of breaking laws they didn’t know existed and had almost no way of finding out about because Chinese officials basically kept them
opaque. But even if foreign companies did have a full
understanding of China’s laws and regulations, that still might not be of much use. And that’s because of… Broken Promise Number 2: A Fair and Impartial Justice System Before entering the WTO, China committed to broad legal reforms that
included transparency, equal treatment under the law, and a fair judicial review process. If these reforms were implemented, they would strengthen the rule of law and
make it easier for foreign companies to do business in China. But, surprise! That hasn’t happened. A study done for a U.S. industry association anonymously interviewed companies doing business
in China. Off the record, these companies reported time
and again that officials took advantage of China’s
utter lack of any type of foreign investment approval
process to block foreign investment. Or officials force the foreign company to take on a Chinese joint venture partner, or to extract valuable commercial secrets as a price for market entry. The extent of the problem is likely underreported,
the study says, because companies are scared to speak out
publicly. That’s because foreign companies have received “explicit or implicit threats from Chinese
government officials – typically made orally rather than in writing
– about possible retaliatory actions that could have severe repercussions for a company’s business prospects in China.” The US Trade representative says this kind
of situation in China is “able to persist in part because of the absence of the rule of law in China, which fosters the use of vague and unwritten
policies.” And finally… Broken Promise Number 1: Protecting Intellectual Property Remember the 103-page Protocol? In it, China promised to stop forcing foreign
companies to hand over their valuable, sometimes sensitive
technology. After a seven-month investigation into China’s unfair trade practices, the US Trade Representative last year issued a long list of hair-raising accusations. They include forced technology transfer, state sponsored cyber-theft, and industrial espionage. Which makes China’s failure to protect U.S.
intellectual property from theft by Chinese companies seem almost
insignificant. The report found that “Chinese theft of
American IP currently costs between $225 billion and $600 billion annually.” And that is probably a low-ball estimate. But besides the money, there’s also the security risk posed by
China using the advanced technology it steals to gain a military advantage. Like those J-20 fighter jets that look just
a little too familiar. So what should the US do with this basket of China’s broken trade promises? Well, if you ask president Trump, it’s tariffs. “China has been taken advantage of the United
States for many, many years. I’m not just talking about during the Obama
administration. You can go back long before that.” Not to name names here, but we’ve been taken advantage of long before
Obama… To balance out the Chinese regime’s decades
of cheating, Trump put tariffs on Chinese imports. But then the Chinese regime hit back by putting their own tariffs on US goods. Then the US added more tariffs, and China added more, and then there was going to be a trade deal but it fell through, and now there’s a trade
war. So what’s going to happen now? “You want to know something? You want to know something? We always win.” Or…the Chinese Communist Party could just honor its trade promises, and then we’d all win. But I won’t hold my breath. So what do you think about all the trade promises China has broken? Leave your comments below. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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  1. that's why china keep pushing the BRI & silk road so there will be No WTO No international law No UN etc., it will be china ruling all the way, the intention is so sinister.

  2. So look to Norway. taxed on smoke, taxes on gass, taxes on cars, taxes on roads! They steal money from people like China! Just calling in tax! Come to Norway and check out games, and the rules around support. Check import and exsport rules! Check how much they got on book! vs road standards in other countrys in EU. Check how much food cost vs the lowest income ones. Check all these things and youl see Norway is a country that is way Worse the China!

  3. Beware of Chinese business practices , their is no relationship with the Chinese ,it is all about business in their favor.

  4. Kick China out of WTO and UN, recognize and induct Taiwan who has been bullied by China to WTO and UN. Taiwan is most beloved country to the world . Buy from Taiwan and make them powerful!!!

  5. the problem is: people of china will always backup the gov for national pride, the US people will always fight each other for political correctness. Guess who wins

  6. China needs to get the boot off of the WTO and the US must revoke the Favored Trade Status. The world needs to slow China down before they rule us all.

  7. Anybody here remember the WTO riots in Seattle? Every word chanted by the protesters came true. You know WTO and NAFTA were mistakes when Ross Perot and Jesse Jackson made virtually identical speeches condemning globalism. Both shouted that protecting American workers and American interests were more important the profits of multi-national corporations. Though Jackson made it about minority and poor workers and Perot made it about American skilled labor, they both had the same messages on pro-globalist policies and China, the opposite message from that of McCain, Nixon, Kissinger, and Wall Street pundits.

  8. Pull out of China. Don't trade with China. Don't eat Chinese food. Watch them implode.
    They can only survive by growing outside China.

  9. They break because they learned from you America. You folks are the epitome of evil. Just looked at your pathetic host who has no shame criticizing someone else but he forgot to keep his house clean. He also forgot a beard wont hide his DOUBLE CHIN OR COVER UP THE RECEDING HAIR LINE. THANK FOR SHARING AND HOPEFULLY THEY DESTROY ASS.

  10. Chinas goods are alot cheaper than any other company or world industry that helps consumers. That's why our goods are "made in China" and very inexpensive.

  11. Make backups of all your videos and move them to backup sites With links . So the communist YouTube sensors Can't Shut you down Before you make backups And backup sites . Love your videos by the way

  12. Breaking promises is not fulfilling your end of a bargain/arrangement. How are the Chinese fulfilling it, "Honestly you can blame CEO's all you want, but a CHEAT IS A CHEAT, A LIAR IS A LIAR, AND A THIEF IS A THIEF ("CHINESE GOVERNMENT"). U.S. CEO's were being greedy capitalists however they are paying these poor deprived people to put food in their mouth's and clothing on their backs. Where were their Degenerate leaders then, not providing jobs. If the Chinese Government spent less time trying to scam every other country and planning ways to create jobs than the U.S would be putting food in someone else's mouth. If you treat your OWN PEOPLE LIKE TURDS, HOW DO YOU THINK THEY LOOK AT EVERYONE ELSE. There's a saying " Less Dog's Less Fleas. I think it's time that we euthanize the dogs and than let them eat fleas.

  13. What you fail to mention is that the US is doing the same or worse. Subsidies for farmers and energy producers for example. Currency manipulation., and etc.
    At least the Chinese are not ignoring that the planet is going down the dunny and are acting.
    You think that the US has a fair and balanced justice system? Try suing the NRA.
    The US stole much of its IP in the earliest days of economic development. Recently it stole UK tech and made its own VTO fighters.

  14. just watching let see who win ? well I forget, trump is winning in talking 🙂 and china winning in silence, both are winner 🙂

  15. Clinton like all before him was a Jesuit whore just like Trump and family. To win a war sign lots of agreements, peace treaties etc. The best one they have is letting foreign companies build plants then stopping everyone dealing with the company. When it goes bankrupt they snap up the cheap factory and the next its busier than its ever been. If you go to China you hate your company and want to give China everything you have, IE Tesla.

  16. The problems with China is not a trade war, it is an economic war, and ideology war. One belt one road is to break the Westphalian system of individual nation states what they view is the British East India Company model of predatory capitalism. China looks at the Untied States as a tributary State as we look at Pakistan. China forces technology transfer intellectual property theft , the non-trade barriers where we can't get into their markets, all the scam that they're running with these companies taking pension fund money and it companies we have no idea of what the use of proceeds are we have no earthly idea what their values are, we know its way off when they started when they did their IPO or their reverse mergers. It definitely is the Untied States' fault to let cop monster grow, and now President Trump is facing all pressure to deal with ccp not Chinese people. In many ways, our infrastructure is way behind China, why? China has grown 9 times after they entered WTO. We need Trump on 2020 to deal with ccp.

  17. probably cuz then the cabal can go over there and molest little kids…with communist party's approval.

  18. how about their dog and cat meat festivals, that they will put live baby turtles in sealed bags with water and sell as key chains and all the other atrocities that they do to wildlife animals. I try not to be prejudiced but they make it VERY hard.

  19. China has too much money and power to have any reason to follow rules. Dealing with the CCP will be the toughest battle we have ever faced. 1.5 billion people live in China, and over a billion of them are brainwashed to believe that Tiananmen Massacre never happened.

  20. Stupid Americans they didn't see the future of China that they would build up their millitary with the profits they made from selling their junk around USA and the Free world! Wake everyone! The Chinese are the ultimate enemy of the Free world!

  21. Clinton's is the idiot's of the century! They sold out the USA secrets to the Communist Chinese! What ultimate stupidity!that it makes everyone sick! Now the Chinese are getting ready to attack the Free world! Oh why is the USA, so so so ultimately stupid?

  22. here is how i see it , ENGLAND STOLE HK from china , that's like saying , IF I STEAL YOUR PHONE , put what ever app i wanted in it , return it back to you , DEMAND YOU to use this phone for the next 50 years , is that oki with you ? ENGLAND GOT NO FKING RIGHT FOR DEMAND , after stealing FROM Counties

  23. You know how china betrayed India ?
    India did not object chinese invasion into Tibet and asked Tibet to join china (In other words supported china).
    And chinese troops invaded india through the same Tibetan plateau.. funny right!

  24. I am a Hong Konger and I feel somewhat shameful of being a Chinese! The CCP promised us "1 country 2 systems " but it's just one of thousands blatant lies they tell on a daily basis!!! Western countries must come forward and put a stop on the CCP.

  25. Kick them out then put an embargo on all the goods, blockade everything from food, to medicine to raw materials. Kill their industry until they play by the rules.

  26. Chinese goverment pretended there would be more freedom and transparency in China and the idiot US poloitics pretended to trust them for short term domestic economic booming. All of them knew that these promises never come true at least in decades of years. Although the oligarchs and capitalists in China hold the greatest piece of cake, the economic boom in China still results a better life for ordinary Chinese people. On the other hand, US begin to suffer from some issues casuing by these so-called "globalization". Then there is a conflict. Some even say China should be throw away from the WTO. How unwise of these guys. Most of industry products in your supermarket wil be more expensive if Chinese government and capitalists stopped to exploitation their people. I also see there is criticsizing on even Chinese characteristics. What I want to say is just the confilct between China and US is more far away than simply keep or break the promise.

  27. This video is filled with bias against China. You blamed Chinese government for not setting up an agency to translate laws to English or Spanish. That's the most absurd words I have seen. If you want to do business in China,why don't you learn Chinese like us learning English or French ?

  28. You shouldn't trade with China in the first place. You thought it was cheaper to buy from China. but it got side effect.

  29. Cheating is openly accepted as an intelligent act by the Chinese. They say "If you are smart, don't get cheated!".

  30. Thanks Chris. Eventually the Chinese people will realize the mistakes of what their government have been doing.

  31. The commie regome is a habitual liar, engagement has been failed, EU and USA must realize that hard power is the only way commie china can understand.

  32. 0:02 ya.
    How many have we broken?
    Dont be monkey see monkey do. Educate yourselves. Who made this video and why?
    We are NOT stupid children that bow to the whim of criminals.
    Any criminal. Wink wink.

  33. the chinese hongkong don't even believe china laws,,, why the western and others should., china is communist and will bite you with no warning

  34. We always win. China, on the other hand, will lose because they are run by the People's Liberation Army (PLA). And PLA controls the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is the reverse of most Communist systems like the one in the former Soviet Union.

    The top cadre of PLA owns and controls the economy of China. For instance state controlled banks of China are forced to give massive subsidies and bribes to these PLA oligarchs, and if their companies fail, they are expected to be propped up by the state. So reform is impossible unless Communism falls in China.

    Therefore, they will lose to thw U.S. The only surprise will be how quickly they fall before Donald Trump. It will be lot quicker than anyone ever predicted.

  35. Communism always fails, no matter if it pretends to be capitalism. Nothing can defeat freedom of thinking, innovation and imagination. As it happened with the Soviet Union, China is the actual empire of lies and corruption.

  36. US: China is addicted into IP theft.

    China: Aha? you mean Huawei? how could we steal the technology you never invent or you're supposed to buy from China? How absurd!

    US: Great senator Rubio said, 'China use time machine to travel to 2039 for the sake of stealing our future technology.' So we don't have to pay for Huawei's IP currently protected by American PIPA.

    1. GOOD
    2. CHEAP
    3. FAST

    It is what it is when it comes down to your wallet. Don't blame China. Blame your greed.

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  39. no different to the Iranians . when will the world wake up. as long as these fraudsters are getting what they want   they will smile shake hands and then wash their hands .when no one is looking . after taking hundreds of detailed photographs of my model gas turbine engine at the Nurnberg toy fair in 1999. the Chinese guy never got in touch and he released a kit turbine motor for 1/3 the price of my successful turbine .  Needless to say none of the kits ever worked   but guess who was blamed for not supporting the Chinese crap.

  40. About promise No.5, please have a look of the accession document from below link, see page 6 and page 66 for price controls, you will find out that someone is lying.

  41. Bill Clinton said many times, put your Monica on this!! This could bring you to your knees!! jimmy

  42. I am Vietnamese, neighbor of China. My advice: Stay away from them, they are extremely intriguing and evil, not only the government, but the people as well. That is their nature.

  43. Communist countries are changing their laws and policy on "daily" basis. Their court system is so rigged in favor of the party. And the business handling is SO CORRUPTED. It is embedded in their culture at all levels. That is the TRUTH,

  44. What do you expect from china…. they torture animals on the most horrific ways… so if an animal doesnt have rights there, how do you think they treat people….. they need a worldwide ban until they get their stuff straight ….

  45. Chapel先生,你說得對啊。繼續吧。你和China Uncensored真幫助中國大陸人,華人,和外國人真知道中國共產黨是真不是好好的黨,他們不是誠實的黨,還有他們常常騙了他們的殖民,華人,和世界。不能也不會相信中國共產黨,因為他們常常騙人。他們喜歡讚美自己,他們喜歡騙了人。

  46. The WTO is an overpaid joke, we took action here in China to stop intellectual property theft from factories but were basically warned not to proceed; we are in the process of building 2 new factories in Vietnam and will complete the move by October. Why is China allowed to deal with the world under the WTO banner if they do not comply to rules? Why hasn't Alibaba been held accountable for allowing factories to offer stolen designs? Why hasn't Europe and USA banned Alibaba just like China bans YouTube and FB? Someone is being paid under the carpet!

  47. 'Tariffs won't raise our prices' sounds a lot iike the same promise that Obama made about UHC not raising our health care expenses.

  48. We used to have price controls on pharmaceuticals in the United States until Big Pharma got that eliminated. Now Americans pay something like 400% higher prices for drugs than just about anyone else. As for subsidies, doesn't the US government subsidize fossil fuels in many ways including billions in military expenditures? BRING BACK PRICE CONTROLS TO AMERICA. Screw the One Percent.


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