Top 5 Day Trading Beginner Mistakes | Chat Room Alerts, Sizing, Trading Plan & More

Learning to day trade was probably one of
the hardest things I’ve ever learned. And I will be the first to admit that I do
not call myself an expert day trader. Because the stock market is ruthless, the
moment you start thinking you know it all is the moment you will be humbled. I believe, especially for beginners , knowing
and understanding your downfalls will drastically make you a better trader. Here are are the top five day trading mistakes
beginners make and how you can avoid them. Number one, not having a trading plan. You see a stock going from four dollars to
six dollars within minutes and you feel all excited. Your heart’s beating fast, your foreheard
is sweating up and your brain’s screaming, “I must buy now or else I’ll miss this!”. And without thinking you just click buy. Well once a while you get lucky and you manage
to make a few buck here and there, but all it takes is one instance where you got in
at the VERY TOP. And the stock completely plunges after you
bought it and you lose 10%, 50% of your account. Does that sound familiar? I have done it, most of us have. This is what we call, FOMO, fear of missing
out. Before getting in a trade, you must create
a trading plan. I encourage al beginners to write this plan
out on paper. Yes it takes time, but that’s exactly the
point. Creating a trading plan will help you avoid
FOMO. By taking the time to write down your thesis,
risk reward, and exit plan, you are already setting yourself up for a higher probability
trade. I will make a video going over what a simple
trading plan looks like. Your trading plan should tell you why you
should go long or short, for example, let’s say hypothetically $TSLA just released good
delivery projections next quarter, that news is bullish, so I want to go long. Then you must make sure you risk reward is
three to one, meaning if you if I enter this trade after the first 10 min candle, at around
$305, i will set the low of the day as my risk which is $304. Knowing how much tesla can surge on high buying
volume, I think the stock has the potential of going to $308. So basically you are risking $1 a share on
Tesla to potentially make $3 a share on this trade. That is the risk reward you should have. And your exit plan is the break on low of
day $304. And there is the simplest trading plan you
can make as a beginner. It’s just as important to follow your plan
as it is to make one. Because if you don’t follow your exit plan,
it can easily lead to the next trading mistka. Number two, Over trading. Most beginner traders focus on trading to
make PROFIT instead of trading the chart and their plans. Imagine this, you’ve made a few good trades
on the day, $100 here, and $400 there. Your PnL on the screen corner says you’ve
made $890 on the day so far. You’re feeling good but you really want
to hit that nice round number of $1000. So instead of taking a break during middle
of the day, you keep on trading. And entering positions that perhaps are not
your A set up. You start losing, that $890 went down to $750,
then $400. You are getting emotional and extremely frustrated. But you wont stop because not only are you
not hitting your $1000 goal, you just went down from the nice $890 you had half an hour
ago. Over trading leads to emotional trading, and
eventually to revenge trading. Where you are just going back to the stock
you’ve just lost on and attempting to make that money back. Well, we all know how this story ends, when
the closing bell rings at 4:00 EST. You’ve gone from $890 profit on the day
to down -$300 red on the day. And that, is the story of the first few months
of my trading journey. I knew how to make money in the market, but
I cannot keep it. because I let GREED get in the way by overtrading. Here’s how you can prevent over trading. Follow your stop loss. No excuses, if you planned on on getting out
of that that trade at $8, do it. Yes you are taking a loss, but it’s a planned
loss within your risk profile from your trading plan. Next, walk away from your computer during
the lunch hours 11:30 to 2:30pm EST. Generally those are the hours where stocks
are consolidating and not much action happens. Trading only the open and close hours will
allow you to get the meat of the move and not waste time and money on set ups that won’t
be profitable due to lower volume. And most importantly, when you feel distressed
and getting emotional, shut down and walk away from your trading station. Most emotional trading leads to even bigger
losses. I know because I’ve done it. Many times. See, most traders know what NOT to do, but
when your adrenaline is kicking and your heart beats up your emotional side takes over and
you stop following your own rules. This is detrimental and WILL blow up several
of your accounts. So take the break, walk away, the market will
still be here when you are back tomorrow with a clear head and present to you endless opportunities. Now let’s move on to the THIRD beginner day
trading mistake, not spending enough time paper trading before going LIVE. When I first started I spent six months paper
trading before going in with my real money, but I wish I had practiced even longer. Paper trading, which is trading with simulated
money but on Live charts, allows you to learn to plan out your trade as I had mentioned
earlier in this video and also getting familiar with the technicalities of your broker interface. There is nothing more frustrating than accidentally
selling a full position when you mean to scale out, or not knowing how to change your long
orders to a short. But hey! I’ve done all of that! So that’s why I’m advocating everyone starting
out to PAPER TRADE. And you’ve gotta be real and disciplined
and treat your paper trading account like real money. That means, if you will only be funding your
Live account with $5000, then paper trade with $5000, and not the default $1 M dollars
many brokerages let you have. Not only will paper trading allow you to get
used to your broker interface, it’ll also allow you to get screen time in the market
and learn your technical analysis skills. We have all seen these chart templates with
these clearly labeled candle patterns that makes trading seem soooo simple. But in all honesty, reading chart patterns
live on a brokerage platform is nothing like these clean pretty pictures at all. Watching how candle charts develop into patterns
with the volume, and observing how each stock trades differently in reaction to various
news, these are the kind of experience that takes time in front of the screen each trader
must go through at their own pace. Take your time with paper trading, practice
your discipline and strategies this way. And the market will still be there when you’re
ready to go LIVE with real money. Beginner trader mistake Number Four, scaling
up too much size too quickly. I remember clearly how happy I was after I’ve
started making $100 each day. I was excited and feeling pumped. Hey $100 a day is $500 a week. Not bad for trading about only three hours
a day. Then I started thinking, hey if I just size
up my shares by adding a 0 to my share sizes, basically using 10 times my normal size, then
I’d be making $1000 a day, which is $5000 a week. Well, let’s just say this overconfidence
with sizing didn’t end up too well for me. Not only did I lose all the small $100 dollar
wins from the last few weeks, I completely blew my account. Because see, I did not take into account the
emotional stress scaling up would create. If my risk was $30 loss to make $100 a day,
suddenly the risk is now $300 to make $1000. And while I wanted that nice number of $5000
total in one week in my bank account, I was not ready for the $1500 losses. And those position sizes, when scaled up too
quickly, will lead to emotional trading. So traders, please take your time with sizing,
give it months before even adding a quarter size, then two times. Take it slow, this will allow you to mentally
prepare for the possible bigger proportional losses. Now Last but not least, the biggest beginner
trader mistake I see is Following Chat room alerts. Yes I did save the best for last. While I do agree it’s better to learn with
an online community of traders who you can share ideas, ask for feedback, I think following
ALERTs given by chat rooms telling you to buy or sell a stock will put you months if
not years behind your journey to becoming a profitable trader. And here’s why. First of all, most of these rooms give you
alers to buy or sell without breaking down why you should do so. This creates followers, also known as sheep,
who blindly buys in without any plan, and guess what, most of these sheep lose money
because they don’t even know why they were in the stock in the first place, and when
the stock goes down soon after, they panic and they market order out for a huge loss. You could be lucky and make money from these
alerts, short term. But in the long run, being a follower will
drain your account, especially if you are in chat rooms with thousands of followers. These are what we call, chat room pumps. The moderator buys ten thousand shares on
a low volume penny stock, then he alerts his followers to buy. Guess what, especially with thin stocks the
price surges, 20% within 30 seconds because all of his followers bought with him. Seeing the price hiked, the moderator sells. Then he alerts everyone to sell, AFTER he
had closed out for a fat profit. Guess what, all his followers listen to his
alert and sells at the same time. If you were a lucky sheep and fast, you’ve
made some money, but most of those followers will be left holding the bag after the mod
had exited the trade and the stock price plunges. In my first year of trading i have perhaps
tried out five or six different chat rooms and have seen instances like these first hand. This topic of trading chat rooms deserves
an entire video on its own. I don’t think all chat rooms are scams. I have been in a couple of very beneficial
ones actually. But again, I’ll go over that in the next
video. So in summary five biggest mistakes beginner
traders make are… Number one, not having a trading plan for
the thesis, risk reward, exit plan. Two, over trading, which leads to emotional
trading and revenge trading. Number three, not spending enough time paper
trading and learning the basic order execution and technical analysis with live charts. Number four, sizing up too quickly. And five, perhaps the biggest mistake, in
my personal experience, following chat room alerts blindly and without thinking and learning
for yourself. Hope pointing out these mistakes and my own
personal downfalls with them help you guys out when learning to day trade. Mistakes will happen but learning from them
is part of the journey of becoming a profitable trader. I will be posting a video next week discussing
my experiences with trading chat rooms, what are some good chat rooms that can actually
help you as a trader, and how to avoid the ones that are just leading you on like a sheep
and scamming your hard earned money. So leave me a comment down below if that’s
something you want to see coming up, and please like and subscribe if you haven’t already. This is the humbled trader, thank you guys
for watching and i will see you next time.

41 thoughts on “Top 5 Day Trading Beginner Mistakes | Chat Room Alerts, Sizing, Trading Plan & More

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