boom today’s video is gonna be about the
top 5 free commission brokers let’s get started number 1 is gonna be e Toro
in a little over 10 years of existence Utah has become a major Broker Dealer
worldwide the company initially gained traction and gloom and impressive
fanbase due to their social trading feature to have an account at eToro you
have time an initial deposit of $200 each our offer stock CFDs etf’s FX
cryptocurrency indices and commodities the trading platform is on a mobile app
and all the web website throws eternal pros are zero fee stop training a wide
range of classes saturate access to US equities and ETFs Social and copy
trading available to see all the traders and how they trade hopefully prove your
skills and a user-friendly platform cons a bad thing about each other is there’s
a $25 withdrawal fee there’s no cryptocurrency deposit and
withdrawals can be slower in comparison to other brokers number two on this list
is Robin Hood Robin Hood is an amazing free Commission broker for beginners or
even experienced traders because of its elegant and minimalistic design and
makes trading extremely easy for my personal experience I haven’t had any
troubles with Robin Hood it’s been amazing you’re with it nothing
has ever went wrong with me other than the fact that PDT roll it can’t trade
more than three times a day but that’s about it everything in the
application is smooth and simple to open up an account and obviously you have to
have a minimum initial deposit $200 the asset coverage our stocks options ETFs
and cryptocurrency the trading platform is open on a mobile app and desktop I
forgot to mention this earlier by if you want a free stock use the link down
below for Robin Hood it gives you a free stock and me as well so it’s a win-win
situation I froze for Robin Hood first on the list
it’s frustrating for almost onyx citing multiple inspirations for brain to
process third friendly spot in home for new traders for fast and fully digital
account opening odds for Robin number one lacks research so we so if you’re
the type of person to light indicators analytics and all that kind of stuff
on your charts I recommend you use a different type of platforms to look at
those charts with trade with Robin Hood maybe so you can get that free
commission second Louis it’s available only for US and Australian clients so
comment is like I mentioned earlier your basic data and charts it does show up
news feeds from you know what Yahoo Finance and times and that kind of stuff
but if you’re into charges you know want to see how you stock is
doing through the candle and stuff I won’t recommend it they do have very
minimalistic charts you used to be on line graph now it has candlesticks third
home this list is JFD bank all right what do you need to start up an account
the minimum of $500 deposit the asset stay covered
JV brokers covers equities ETF’s indexes crypto currency Forex and commodities
pros about Jeff Dean I only have one on this list and it’s extremely fast
execution cons for Dave diamond first on the list is conservative leverage second
or list is relatively high minimum deposit requirement about about $500 and
third is not available for uses and Rison’s
number four on this list trading – 1 – trading – in two years a well-rounded
and stable will cheap broker from the UK with over 200,000 active users in 65
countries and licensed from the financial conduct authority in the UK
which is one of the toughest regulators in the world the company has made its
way by differentiating themselves from the rest of the market by offering
analytics and educational resources like no other broker goes to open up an
account trading – and – you need a minimal
usual deposit of 150 dollars and that’s the laws on this list trading to one two
covers equities Forex commodities crypto and indices pros about trading to one to
first zero commissions and an unlimited number of traits second as a vast amount
of free educational videos for beginners third as a high end platform that it’s
very easy to use fourth trading to one is fully optimized for mobile users tons
about trading tooling to first like I recently mentioned it is fully optimized
for mobile users so if you like trading or desktop I do not recommend this
second communication with customer support is a hassle so if you like to
contact customer support or some help it’s gonna be a little bit difficult
number five on this list is trade zero amazing thing about trade zero is that
it’s an offshore broker and what that means is it could avoid the PDT rule and
that you could trade as many times as you would like
it’s a broker that operates in the Bahamas and has official legal access to
US stocks this means like I mentioned earlier it get avoid the PDT rule and
has high leverage on new margin accounts even with as little as five hundred
bucks what do you need to start a trade zero account you need an initial deposit
of $500 the assets that trade zero covers are ETFs options and equities
trader offers different types of platforms on their website ranging from
80 bucks a month to zero dollars a month so the more you pay the more features
you get they also offer zero mobile which is their app that you can trade
from pros about trade zero first there’s no routing feet second extended hours
trading is available third high volume traders to get the software for free
cons of trade zero trade zero is not regulated by the SEC
furthermore there’s no SI p c– insurance although the broker has covers
from the Bahaman financial institute second an account cannot be funded
through ACH third con accounts are not available for your citizens or US
residents so this might appeal to international people more fourth con
free trades only applied to limited orders before i close out this list
there one more broker that would like to
mention for beginners although it’s not free ace trading fee is only one dollar
per trade so when you buy that’s a dollar and when you sell that’s a dollar
so a total of two dollars per trade its monthly membership is only one dollar
and it does not have a PDT rule this broker is you start trade I would
definitely recommend it to beginners who would like to train a lot because it has
no PDT rule like I mentioned it’s only one dollar per trade and it’s amazing
and that concludes my list I hope you guys enjoyed make sure you subscribe
comment and like we definitely helped me out and share this video if you found it
helpful bye


  1. I just love watching young people who are business minded and matured. You are one of them Ahmed! You have so much knowledge yet you're so young. I believe I can learn a lot about trading from this channel. Keep those videos coming. I'm subscribing to you brother! More power to your channel!

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