Top 10 Reasons I Personally Buy Silver and Gold: Reason #1 International Silver Network

hey guys how are you is Pete Olsen the
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today I am doing a series of videos today being number one on the top 10
reasons that I personally buy silver and gold and this is reason number one and I
think it’s I think it’s important first and foremost guys all the world’s
currencies are fiat based right and fiat currencies always feel always fail so
all the world’s currencies are fiat based and all fiat currencies always
fail and what’s interesting is is that 99.9 percent of the population have no
idea that we don’t use money as far as currency we use fiat I mean they’re
absolutely clueless you may have seen mark dices video where he goes down to
the beach and he has a candy bar in one hand and a silver bar and the other and
he’ll go up to the gal and like a moron he says you know which one do you want
and she she stares up says they’ll take the chocolate bar and you know she could
have had a kilo bar of silver they’re just absolutely clueless clueless and
what are fiat currencies fiat currencies are currencies that are not backed by
anything of value right like when I say anything of value like silver and gold
if you will the only real money in the world is silver and gold they just
they’re just paper right they’re just printed by our printing press called the
Federal Reserve here in the United States thousands of fiat currencies have
always failed around the world and in 1971 what’s interesting is all the world
became a Fiat fiat currency at the same time
when we went off the gold standard right tricky dick got off the gold standard
and remember all fiat currencies have failed in history not one has ever
survived and you can see the fiat currency here in the United States on a
rapid rapid decline so guys you got to have your silver and gold make sure
you’re stacking silver and gold like crazy that’s the only myth that’s gonna
save you here in the next crash but that is reason number one why I buy why I
personally buy silver and gold because all the world’s currencies now are fiat
and all fiat currencies fail ok I appreciate it guys again click on that
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