100 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver – (FULL VERSION) Mike Maloney

  1. Mike – this is one of the best presentation videos I have ever seen in my life. It was 30mins, and yet i totally lost track of time within the first 5mins and couldn't stop watching – it was captivating, informative, concise, entertaining, fluently narrated and even though it was your opinions mixed with statistical data & facts, I would say based on logic and intuitive thinking that everything you said was correct. This is the sort of the thing that should be used at educational institutions for economics students as young as 16, and no matter what your background, there is always something you can take away from watching this. Sure there are further discussions to be had on the points you raised, but being able to condense so much information into 30mins and being able to challenge your own ideas in your own videos, almost pre-empting some of the questions that your viewers will have, shows true depth of understanding in your field. Thank you to you and your team – your data analysts, researchers, animators, music editors and everyone in your team who does a noteworthy job making products such as this – a true expert with a conscience is what gravitates great minds into a great team

  2. Great video. Was debating on whether or not to buy into the stock market and this explained my feelings from just how gold still hold a value/worth from its existence. You mentioned how you buy more silver then gold and I was wondering do you have a video or is it in the book explaining why you chose this method?

  3. I have a question. The fact that silver is used industrially all over the world, wouldn't it be logical for those industries, or bankers, or whoever is behind the curtains, to want the price of silver to stay low? If silver prices went up, profits for those industries would drop. If silver was to go up, many companies would find alternatives or stop using silver altogether. Maybe the world wouldn't benefit as much having silver become too valuable.

  4. This is how i am buying my gold bars and ingots #gold Karatbars #KBC

  5. Great Video. so informative. Thank you. Any idea about buying gold / silver now. The recession is coming and so close. Question is, is it good to keep money in bank (like $100k) or keep it at house? or buying gold?

  6. Mike Maloney is a pumper. Don't listen. WHen you spend too much in a panic, they will not help you. And you will actually loose what you put in.

  7. Warren Buffet said , He will take 100 acres of farm land over all the gold in the world. He said ask gold to do something for me , and the gold replied and said I don;t do nothing I just look pretty. lol The farm land is gonna produce year after year. It's also well known that Mr Warren leaving his wealth in 90% Vanguard VTI and 10% US Gov Bonds. What you talking about in this video might happen another 300 years .

  8. Followed u for years but I jus St realized u were right 2008 big deflation then qe big inflation, now the markets are deflating and the coming qe is the hyperinflation!!! OMG u nailed it.

  9. planing to buy first 1 kg of siler bar because i earn easy usd and things start cost much its stupid too keep usd…

  10. What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency replacing precious metals as the standard?
    Both present finite supply and economic utility in today’s market.

    I am no expert, so I would be grateful to hear how it is perceived by an experienced investor.

  11. Absloutly great work you do….and I gave also researched history and can't find fault in any of your analysis…

  12. Can you give atleast 10 real world examples of fiat currencies failing? It would just make me feel better hearing you state "all fiat currencies fail"

  13. Hey Mike. Perhaps you can do a video about how much gold or silver I should own now to retire now.

  14. Top Reason to Never Trust Investment Folks
    Silver as an investment has been bad for ten years & it keeps dropping.
    10 years ago almost all the investment counselors & YouTubers were saying BUY, BUY, BUY SILVER
    because silver is going to boom to 100 US dollars an ounce, 200 US dollars an ounce, or more.
    Today silver is at a 10 year low & no sign of any boom. So when everyone and his bother is saying buy… maybe don't.
    Always buy low and buy Gold first, and then Platinum, or Palladium.
    Trust your gut as it gives you non-bias advice.

  15. 2002 was a very good time for Investments, the gold price was very low even the stock prices of many companies very low too, I didn't brought the gold that time but I am buying gold right now let's see what happens in the next 10 years

  16. The emergency supply of food at the end really hurt the presentations credibility. It has been a common thread shared by doomsday profiteers like Jim Baker.

  17. This is a great Conversation starter. And I have no doubt that Gold and silver are better investments than anything in the stock market for a 10 year holding period from 2019. But There is a better technology which will have a much higher gain, called Crypto Currencies. its the way of the future world economy.

  18. Mike, great work. I have a couple of questions regarding the selling of gold and silver when their price rises. Obviously you should sell your gold and silver when the price is at its peak before it goes back down again (if it goes down). So my question is, when do well sell our gold and silver? And how could we spot or predict the peak of the price?

  19. …Where the safest asset class to protect your wealth for 5,000 years at the same time an asset class to make the greatest gains…

  20. He pretends like he has discovered natural laws that will ensure what he 'feels' will come true. To anyone who didn't know already: history is not an exact science and no laws have been discovered yet. There is no guarantee that something that happened in the past will repeat itself, none.

    'faith based currency': society itself is faith-based. What do you think the law is? It's morality backed by the power of the government. The only problem with that is that it relies on the majority of the people backing the government and accepting the legitmacy of the law. By Maloney's logic the law should be abolished and replaced by something 'real'. What may that be I wonder.

    This sounds too much like scare-mongering and wishful thinking. Anyone who puts more than 10 to 15% of their money in precious metals is a fool as it's a highly volatile asset class and the value of gold, contrary to the opinion of Maloney and company, depends on nothing but what people are willing to pay for it. Gold has very little industrial applications and does not produce value. It does not protect you against danger, you cannot eat it and you cannot use it as fuel. The fact that it used to be money is meaningless now. Money is what the government orders you to pay your taxes in, not what you or self-proclaimed 'experts' claim it is. The power of the US dollar is the power of the US economy and the US army: aslong as those hold the dollar will hold.

    Gold is not even an investment as the only way to make money off it is to sell it with a profit. In the meantime it just sits there, doing nothing for you. Unlike stocks, bonds etcetera.

    I'd rather put my money on the expertise of people like Ray Dalio when it comes to advice regarding precious metals than a guy who stands to gain by convincing as many as possible of his doomsday scenario's.

    'Before the end of this decade the system will implode'. How on earth can anyone claim to know something they cannot possibly know and keep a straight face? If the man actually was clairvoyant wouldn't he be the richest person on earth by now? Instead he has to continue selling his visions of economic and social collapse and singing the praises of precious metals.

  21. what if they create a socio-economic grid based on block-chain where gold and silver can't enter? that's my biggest fear.
    And I don't understand why gold and silver which are commodities are often referred to as assets. I mean they are a great store of wealth but they don't give you cashflow! Which is why most people invest in assets rather than gold and silver.
    Anyways, what new economic system they are coming up with is almost unknown and scary. I am afraid we will have a globalized feudalistic system where capitalist corporations will control a socialist society who will have RFID crypto-currency wallets implanted in their hands and everyone other than the corporations will be an employee, i.e. capitalism will be banned!

  22. Hello Mike, could I ask you a question. I have been following you and others for a while now. I have been buying a little silver when possible.
    I live in a small town. Here no stores take silver or gold for food, gas, etc. even the banks will only give face value of a coin.
    the nearest city to me that has coin shops and pawn shops is 3 hours away
    So how do i use silver for cash once the collapse hits? The average person doesnt even know what silver is , let alone money.
    thank you for your help

  23. If sooooo….. why goldsilver.com is selling gold and silver? Especially they sell it for dollar… Who are you trying to look stupid?

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  25. I'm no wizard with words, I think your story line is incomplete, it does not connect all of the dots in the story. You suggest some phenomenal force outside of human control will degrade the function, the value laden metaphors like the dollars, the pesos, the yen,the yuan etc, etc. People or bad actors who manipulate the proper function of the symbols are the real destroyers of these cultural norms. All words are cultural symbols or metaphors where the collective agreed upon meaning holds the weight of reason. I think you can only destroy confidence but not the symbol.

    Personally, I do not see why a given unit of currency in any language should not be agreed upon by all agreeable people to hold the same value anywhere in the world.

    The problem is not the currency, the problem are the disingenuous bad actors, and you can't get them to agree on anything because chaos serves their agenda. Now where do I buy the gold. Thanks for the nice video.

  26. if fiat money (usd) becomes backed by gold..in order to sustain the money supply 1ounce of gold will equate to roughly 10,000usd hope this is true 🙂 thank me for it later when that happens…be prepared for the shock


    But first gold, then when people realise they can't access the gold due to the central banks enormous vaults and lack of compliance. Bitcoin rises past 100k

  28. I appreciate the truths in this video. What is missing is that the government can confiscate your precious metals and has done so in the past. Now with greater surveillance tech and means to confiscate even good and silver will do you no good. This happened in the 30 s and can happen again. The government could even make gold trading illegal.

    What then?

  29. Thanks for a informative video Mike. Do you have information on what to do with gold during the time of a depression. How it is expected to be traded and purchase things or will it simply be traded back to fiat and then to purchase assets/products etc?

  30. gold and silver is going out. we had a stone age, iron age, bronze age. they went out too so gold will also go out. the digital age is here and gold will be no god anymore. you better start buying bitcoin.

  31. M, I am watching THIS, TWO YEARS LATER. WHAT YOU SAID TWO YEARS AGO > Is happening now, today 22 August 2019.
    THIS TIME IT REALLY IS DIFFERENT> Thanks, M – for getting me into Metals. Love you, brother, for teaching me. Carry On Soldier – We are not finished YET. I know this will arrive on your screen tonight. I thank you for your surgical insight. Thanks, M

  32. For some common man in the streets where do you even get the connection to buy Gold and/or Silver. Great video Mike am very thankful to say the least

  33. It’s agust of 2019, things are still just fine. I don’t see how gold and silver could possibly facilitate trade

  34. No, gold doesn’t facilitate production. It’s many smart people who have created a fiat system of debit and credit that moves capital to productive parts of society. That’s why we have efficiency and mass production. Gold did not do that.

    I want gold and silver to work. It would create more freedom, we all should not be production line widgets.

    I don’t see why the fiat world will simply continue….yes there will be suffering and poverty. Things are bad, there’s no free trade, there’s no home ownership. Blah blah blah, again I want gold silver to be the defacto money. I want to buy silver now at $20/ounce then in a year buy land for 20 ounces of silver. But no one knows the future

  35. Fantastic video Mike. I found that extremely informative and incredibly interesting.

    In your opinion, since making this video, has silver caught up to gold? ie. is it still undervalued compared to gold?

    What's the best way to keep track of the performance of silver vs. gold?

    Appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

  36. Nobel Prize nomination for Mike Maloney for his delivery of the truth to the masses and their plight as designed by the Globalists and Eliteists Let this truth be your inspiration and guide because surely if you choose to ignore this truth your fate is sealed.

  37. Hi Mike,
    You got an point. Do you also believe/invest in crypto?

    IT could be a next great thing…
    Where the rest of the money Goes to.


  38. When the time comes, the most valuable assets will be cigarettes, alcohol, antibiotics and food . Lets pray that we will not come to this point. Remember, you cannot eat Gold and Silver! Wish you all much luck!


  40. The worst economic crash couldn't have happened yet. It is yet to come.
    Nations Corporations & People are more in debt now than ever before.

  41. your not a dooms day person you just said a financial crisis that we would not recover that means we will be shooting each other for food. Your an idiot

  42. If all these billionaires are holding fiat currency and owns no gold or silver, and you as a low income house hold who owns gold or silver, would that means you will be richer than the billionaires?

  43. A suit today still costs 6 weeks worth of work before taxes if you consider buying one at one ounce of golds price. Sad since only a few hrs of labor go into those suits

  44. I tell people, It takes Just one rick man to purchase all year silver production in the World. He still would have billions left over. Could silver go up (in paper money), You betcha!

  45. So when fiat currencies fail those with savings accounts with stacks of said currencies lose. Those with stacks of silver and gold just wait for the next fiat currency to come along or use their stacks to get what they need. Then again maybe some of the ones that lose will just come and take your stacks to get what they need. So you have guns to take care of them huh? So then the real value is in the lead? With lead you just take what you need from anyone that doesn't have as much lead as you. So you see guns and ammo are the future. Then again maybe there is something greater than all those material things that we should be investing in. Some higher path we should be on. Just food for thought.


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