Today’s Brexit Vote is critical for Gold, Silver and the Stock Markets

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 23rd June 2016 and we are
dealing with the issue of Brexit and our belief on how it will affect markets.
In 1957 the Treaty of Rome was signed and in 1967 the European Community was established.
In 1973 the United Kingdom joined the EC and in 1975 a referendum took place which voted
by some 66% in favour of staying in. In 1987, The Single European Act was signed. This was
to create an internal market; “an area without frontiers in which the free movement of goods
and persons, services and capital is ensured.” In 1993 the European Union was created and
on the 1st January 2002 the single Currency was created which Britain opted out of.
Ever since, the UK and other EU members have constantly questioned the benefits of membership,
so much so that a referendum in the UK is taking place today, and the opinion polls
which have moved from in favour to stay to in favour to leave and most recently too close
to call, either way. Earlier this week, opinion polls suggested
that the UK may vote to remain in the EU and this resulted in gold falling from $1301 to
the current level of $1265 and silver less affected from $17.48 to $17.41.
The dollar index has fallen by 1 point and stock markets have gyrated somewhat.
The reason for this video is to warn everyone that the next 24 hours is crucial. If there
is no Brexit, something which the polls are gently leaning towards, then we shall see
a stock market boost, a strengthening of sterling, the Euro and quite likely the dollar and the
value of precious metals fall. If there is a Brexit, then we envisage significant stock
market falls, devaluations in the price of sterling the dollar and the Euro – particularly
the latter, and gold and silver prices to rise significantly – at least initially.
This is an index traders dream. The UK’s departure from the EU will create uncertainty
in all markets for some time and its ramifications will be good for gold in particular, and silver
as an associate. We still believe that the UK may just about stay in, but admit we could
indeed be wrong. Our forecast is 51% to remain and 49% to leave – but the figures could
be reversed. Either way gold and silver prices will be
affected and will create the momentum for the rest of the year.
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31 thoughts on “Today’s Brexit Vote is critical for Gold, Silver and the Stock Markets

  1. From the states, it is hard to understand the support for staying. I imagine every mainstream news outlet is pro remain and the fear card is played continually.

  2. I came here to vent spleen, but Celtic Saint has done it all for me. As I understand there are a handful of tricks that are used to make sure things go "their" way. You can't use a corrupt system that is fixed against you to change that system. Only option is to walk away and stop complying en masse. Grass roots movements that simply operate independantly of their system. These mostly get hammered down, but they can't keep up with everything. This I believe is the only way.

  3. Brexit will never happen, unless we have a war.
    Gold and silver will not move significantly or critically, worst case scenario, we will see gold trading at down 1180-1200 were huge support lays. At these levels gold and silver will consolidate and in Aug, September we will see gold trading in the range of 1300-1400.
    Lets visit this comment again tomorrow and in Sept.

  4. At some point we the people will realize that the media has been voicing their owners voices as puppets…
    Who knows what will have to come to pass until the masses wake up and understand this …

  5. Illuminate Silver you never stated if you were in favor of staying or going. So which is it, stay or leave??

  6. just one thing I have to say ,having just gone thru a primary election in US were we saw open purposeful inability to even count the ballots in calif ……hrc called the race hers with 2.5 million provisional ballots not even being counted ! throw a dart at the board in the pub and you will know what is going to happen

  7. You Brits are lucky. We didn't have the opportunity to vote ourselves out of Europe back in 1776. We had to fight our way out of that arrangement. But in the end you had the last laugh when you stuck us with Piers Morgan. Damn you bastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Great insight! As always, thank you for the presentation of knowledge that helps us all stay informed.

  9. Brexit you Mothers. woo hoo. Britan getting the F-out. Silver gold going up!!! Stock markets already dumping like crazy. Hold on to your nut sacks its gonna be a bumpy ride. =P

  10. good predictions thus far. the markets are crashing and gold/silver have gone up. you believe that this will be a catalyst to keep pushing the metals up for the rest of the year?

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