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Hey Everybody, Arkadian here, today with the first episode ever of Tips for Scurbs every week I’ll be releasing a new video with different tips from game control wave control, different map awareness tricks and tips even specific elos. Todays episode is going to be the first of a Mini-Series called Tips 4 Bronze where i go through different tips for all of our bronze buddies of the world stuck in elo hell or sometimes just basic mistakes we all make so i hope you enjoy The Following Video has been rated for Bronze Audiences only. It may contain Terrible Plays and AFKs that may offend some people Viewer discretion is advised Now, this episode im going to be focusing on the number one mistake i see lower elo people make not knowing when to back. so the purpose of this video is to teach you to so this is about 13 minions, this is what is up for grabs in lane this is what you’re giving your enemy if you die sticking around for those extra two minions so now that you know that how can you expect to get out bronze when you’re giving your opponent all that gold? The solution? it’s easy you need to constantly ask yourself if i was him, if i was the enemy in my lane right now could I kill me, if i flashed, ignited, if i landed everything perfectly could I kill me? if the answer to that question is yes, or even maybe you need to make a change I know everybody wants to be that 20/0 graves just one shotting every filthy scurb who looks at you wrong but to get there, you need to be smart so how do you know what you should do? if you back everytime you’re low how can you expect to win the lane? well the trick is to be able to minimize your losses ideally, you never want to be in the position where you might die so you could just farm forever, roam, harass them out of lane. but we’ll cover off on how to do that in another video For now, lets just assume everything has gone sour so, your noob jungler inst helping you end up kinda low and think you might have to back but if you do, you’ll lose so many minions so what should you do? You should push the wave, use all your mana, all your abilities and shove that thing into the enemy tower the second you have killed all your minions that you can do safely get out of vision and back now I know what you are thinking but, senpai the League Gods have always said “Only last hit, never push” Trust me, there is a time and a place Take a look at these videos from Bjergson every single time, he will shove out his lane, use his abilities and then back this is because he forces the enemy to stay in lane to get the minions so they can’t roam, and if they back at the same time then they miss out on all that CS so Bjergson gets back to lane, stronger, healthier and ready to go again So Remember Always, Know the Risk! you’re going to be giving your enemy 13 minions thats more than two whole waves of minions if you stick around and get greedy 2. Recognize the danger, if you could kill you he could kill you 3. Make a decision Should you continue trading? should you back? should you shove out the lane? Or should you play safe There is always an option So hopefully you learned something from this video Uh, leave all your feedback in the comments below I’m new at this and so i’d really like to know any suggestions maybe standing in the game with green screen maybe the audio is not so great anything you think, all feedback is good PentaMagic and I will start streaming soon Keep an eye out for our vlogs this weekend I hope you enjoyed, Scurbs Out!

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  1. You should include in a followup video on where to back safely, how to capitalize on the enemy backing, and things to do before you go back to lane (warding, roaming)

  2. I love videos like this, regardless of ELO you can always learn stuff from videos like these <3 i really hope you have a set schedule for these videos

  3. It is a nice video! I hope you don't mind if I post feedback here, I do not have a reddit account to comment there. I think you should make a list of 'episodes' you're planning to make, and announce it somewhere, so people would know what to expect next. Also, you mentioned Bjorgsen or whatshisface in your video, as an example of proper conduct. Maybe it'd be a nice touch to put in clips of professional players playing their games to 'visualize' the example.

  4. Great advice even for veteran players wanting to be heroes. Good Job, will be keeping an eye on the stream as well~

  5. Hi mate ! xD here is some advice, great advice. just realize that maybe speak a bit faster or something, not sure what it is but its almost as if i have to think about listening to you and that makes it hard to take the video seriously

  6. liked a lot the video, im not bronze but i learned a bit here, and for the video i liked the pauses make it easier to maintain the information. srry for bad english

  7. I love the german translation xD it's just WTF he's saying something like banana and in german it means apple xD was it google translate? x: maybe you should fix it for ppl who need the translation ^^ anyway good video : ) 

  8. You only back when you have enough gold for your next item.
    This is because if you are good at the game then you can just dodge every skill and autoattack and stay on low hp without dieing.

  9. what if you're an ap and don't have the mana to push out AND your jungler can't or doesn't want to hold the lane while you back?

  10. actually if you really use these tipps,you can play in gold 2…. league is not that hard… the first 3 elos, its just about not making fails !

  11. I think this is not only for bronze i see to much people ho if this is only for bronze they should be in bronze

  12. On the point that says to use all your abilities or mana to push the lane, what if you're last hit reliant or have little to no pushing ability? (like LeBlanc, or a single-target ADC, or even supp.) Is it a good idea to push lane even as a support while the ADC is still full HP and last hitting?

  13. wow budd i love all these videos such a help they helped me to get from bronze 3 to silver 3 keep it up

  14. Mate, this series you're doing will help out many people. I'm at a loss at what to help my mates I've been teaching, and these vids are simple but give the answers they need.

  15. I've only recently hit level 30, but i've been lucky enough to of made some high level friends, so i would like to think that what i have learnt from them has put me at a skill level to hold my own in bronze, but after seeing these videos and other tip videos, i have learnt the only thing im really good at is kiting i have so much to learn

  16. A tip for bot lane players, back if you kill their bot lane you should b. I play with bronze friends all the time and I will watch them kill their lane but remain at low hp until the enemy get back, then they have to b and lose 3 waves of minions.

  17. hi 
    i just got out of bronze but i feed like some of ur bronze tips are for those who are not even ranked yet like lvl 30 below

  18. You're a bit into this now so you probably already improved but you are a bit quiet and mumble-y in this one. It's not too bad though. Thank you for making these.

  19. Respect to those who try to help out others in league. even if you hate Trick or Scurb, they are trying to make it so your jungler or lanies aren't total shit.

  20. OMG! The elephant you have on your wall in the baground!! It'z soooo cute! :0 
    – Can't handle the cuteness ;_;….. I better just subscribe and leave in piece….._.

  21. I think I'll be coming to this channel and watching all tips for every level of play at least once every season from now on.  These tips are great, and having them fresh in your head can only be helpful.

  22. You could make one about the camera, some players dont know how to use the free camera, some tips would help, I guess =)

  23. Hello Scurb! I have recently subbed. So..
    It would really visually perceived better with animated arrows within the screen.
    I think you have done smth like that in previous videos…
    AnywayBjergsen part was clear but arrows would just lightly contribute to it.
    Thanks for reading!

  24. I dunno if it's just me but at the start I felt like this was a troll video and there were some kinda misleading things i.e the rating lol. So if it's just me never mind but like if it's not just me maybe u could put it in the title that this is serious?

  25. This is a great video and tips for lol player XD
    Just few comments and hope you don't mind about it.
    First, it will better to explain more detail. When I watched the video, it seems that you are telling there are different decision to make base on timing and situation simply. I think it would be much helpful if you can provide more examples like different video games and pictures while you explained it.
    There are more problems about the timing of backing, such as people don't even know where is the right place to back and so on. The video can talk more about this for a tip.
    It would be thankful if you can adjust the sound between the game and your voice. I can't hear your voice clearly while the game was calling attention as the same time.
    Btw, your voice are so attractive =P

  26. Hi, barely I took months playing lol …

    He had doubts about the game, and by chance came across your videos. Some have subtitles in Spanish , and it's fascinating . I hope that others have .

    Sorry if you do not understand what I write . Only from LAN I will broadcast your videos.

  27. Sou Brasileiro e vejo seus videos legendados grande trabalho que voce faz subi 2 elos seguindo suas dicas, congratulations!!!

  28. 13 minions does not allways equal a kill, becouse in first bloods you get 400 gold and if you are on a killing strike, you get less and less.
    And minion kill gold vary.

  29. This is very helpfull. I played a lot of SC2 (and with a lot I mean about 20k Games if not more in total xD) and recently started to play LoL. But I want to be good… Well I suck actually xD I thought it would be easier… 🙁

  30. What if you try to push your wave, but your opponents wave clear is better than yours, making it to where you are unable to push your lane.

  31. I would recommend giving us breakdowns of the plays you show ESPN style. (what they did right/wrong and what they could've done better)

  32. I watched this shortly after the video you made about the Baker Pantheon skin. Guess how I read the title!?

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