20 thoughts on “This ONE Question Will Make You More Money (Day Trading Success)

  1. I rewound traded roku in the same timeframe and did quite well on average….but then realized that 500 roku was 70k so had to forget my success AMOUNT because this guy is still practicing paper so a while away from casting 70k out in one trade. I do like your approach to tame the wilds of opening market!

  2. One thing I love about clay he is very honest.
    Not hiding anything he is very straight forward. He don’t wanna sell any thing to you

  3. Once I realize that trading wins and losses are the same. You just need to create one more than the other. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. I became more clear minded in taking trades.

  4. Yes! Love the sleep easy number part. That's what will keep us alive as a trader. Can't make $$$ if you can't sleep easy cuz ya gave up profits

  5. Been there many times. I get good streak going then I break my rules and blow everything up. Stay humble and follow the rules.

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