Third Elliott Wave Fibonacci Trading Secrets Revealed

Hello traders, hello traders, the title of
this video is Third Elliott Wave Fibonacci Trading Secrets Revealed. Before we continue, hit the subscribe button
right away. Also hit the notifications bell. Good. The Fibonacci retracements and extensions
of the third wave are as much valuable as those of the first wave. However, most Elliott wave traders only pay
attention to the Fibonacci structures of the first Elliott wave. It is a negligence. That must stop after this video. Why? Well, quite often the Fibonacci structures
of the first Elliott wave may not be useful. And it makes sense that one uses those of
the third Elliott wave. Or one can use both the Fibonacci structures
of first and third waves to predetermine what can happen during the whole Elliott wave cycle. For some traders, that may sound like a theory,
but this is just the first step that one could not afford to miss. Indeed, an experienced Elliott wave trader
can keep a thorough record of the first and third waves Fibonacci structures in view to
improve market timing during the fifth wave, corrective phase and higher degree waves formation. One should understand that human beings always
leave patterns or signatures all along during the formation of Elliott wave patterns or
Fibonacci structures. Like the first wave, third Elliott wave Fibonacci
retracements, extensions or structures will help an Eagle eye wave trader have an edge
in these messy financial markets. In the next tutorial titled: Show Me Proof
Of Third Wave Fibonacci Structures. I will begin to explain in a practical fashion
everything I have said in this tutorial. That is it. That is it my friend. If this video has been useful to you, please
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it if it opens your Elliott wave trader’s eyes. Thank you and happy trading to you all. This is about Third Elliott Wave Fibonacci
Trading Secrets Revealed.

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