There Is No Silver Shortage – Confirms The Perth Mint

Welcome to Illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 31st August 2015 and we are
going to address the issue of a silver shortage. This video is slightly longer than usual and
a little more technical, so please bear with us. We were watching the regular ‘pumpers’
videos over the weekend and again discovered the usual suspects like Andy Hoffman and others,
telling us that dozens of mines are about to close down and that a silver shortage will
soon be upon us, if it’s not here already. In fact, some of our subscribers are also
putting forward the argument that a silver shortage exists. Many cite the US Mint running
out of Silver Eagles and the premiums currently charged on those Eagles, which has also to
some degree extended to Maple Leafs and Philharmonics. We checked this out, and it’s true there
are premium increases on these coins, all of which will be explained shortly. On the
Silver Doctors video which was shown a few days ago, it was mentioned that Dealers were
running out of silver and especially 100 oz. bars. In fact, they suggested (though did
not use these words directly) that you had better hurry before even what’s left runs
out. Well we took a look at the APMEX inventory, and indeed found a number of products out
of stock. However, we also found that they had available approximately $2.5 million worth
of silver bars and multiple million dollars’ worth of silver coins – in fact, we gave
up counting after page 5. Interestingly we posted these figures in the comments section
of their video, only to have it removed – we wonder why? Now, we have never believed there to be a
silver shortage nor one occurring any time soon. The original proponent of this rumour
is a Mr Ted Butler who in 2005 published an article entitled ‘The Friedman’s Theory’
stating that silver would run out in the next 29 years. In this article he claimed that
he had divided current annual world production into known world reserves. He also divided
annual production into the larger resource base which is the amount of silver thought
to still exist in the earth. He then used the USGS data divided it by the Reserve Base
which was some 570,000 tons (18 billion ounces) and said that this silver would be removed
from the earth within 29 years depleting all of its stock. Adrian Douglas of another well known
‘pumper’ of the precious metals exaggerated this further by stating in 2009 “the US
Geological Survey estimates that silver will become extinct by 2020 – just 11 years from
now all silver in the earth’s crust will have been mined and consumed.” However, the big mistake that Ted Butler made,
and we do not know whether it was deliberate or not, was that he quoted the Reserve base
of 570,000 tons and interpreted this as being the entire Silver Resource Base or in other
words the amount of silver available in the ground. He only had to look at previous reports
to see that this could not be the case, as the reserve base had been increasing each
year or remained stable– so in other words he was saying, that despite the usage of silver
increasing, the amount available in the ground was also increasing or remaining the same.
In fact from 2004 – 2009 the Reserve Base stayed the same at 570,000 tons then slightly
fell, then rose again and in 2014 stood at 530,000 tons. So let’s assume the Reserve
base does represent all of the silver in the earth’s crust (which it does not) then in
the past 10 years, the supply has only diminished by 40,000 tons. On that basis alone, and quoting
Ted Butler’s own miscalculations, Silver will take some 130 years before it runs out. However his figures grossly underestimate
the amount of silver in the ground. For clarification, the Mining Reserve Base contains proven reserves
of silver, proven by testing, which represents silver which can be produced under the cost
it can be sold for. It also includes marginally economic reserves and a small degree of sub-economic
reserves – which are reserves that can be proven to exist but cost too much to mine
at the time. It does not include undiscovered silver and silver from mine expansions. Now mine expansions are the key. Proven silver
reserves via testing are an expensive business to carry out and only a certain depth is analysed
in a mine at any one time. Then as that mine is dug, further testing
then occurs at that lower level, and more often than not additional silver deposits
are then discovered. For example, The “Lucky Friday Mine” from Helca Mining in 2004,
they discovered 28 million ounces more than they originally discovered and knew that as
they dug lower,, even more would be discovered. So they prove up their reserves as they mine
them, and interestingly the Lucky Friday mine has only ever quoted 3-4 years’ worth of
reserves during its 60 year old history. Yes 3-4 years reserves and the mine lasts in excess
of 60 years. So the Reserve base levels grossly undermine the true level of silver in the
ground. Some scientists forecast, based on the USGS figures that there could very well
be some 1.4 trillion metric tons of silver in the earth’s crust. Now not all of that
is economic to mine, but when you hear that silver is running out it’s a shame faced
lie to frighten you into buying silver. So what about these coins you mentioned earlier
we hear you ask? Well let us quote you the Perth Mint’s Blog dated 18th August 2015
– Yes Australia’s Premier Mint : “Internet chatter about a looming shortage
of silver should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. As we’ve seen recently,
this conversation tends to surface whenever one or more of the world’s major mints announce
they’ve sold out of silver bullion coins because of a spike in demand. The hype causes
some buyers to panic and pay too much. There have been a number of temporary coin
shortages since the global financial crisis. But the scarcity of coins available for sale
on each occasion did not equate to a shortage of metal in world wholesale markets. Now let
me repeat that, this is from the Perth Mint But the scarcity of coins available for sale
on each occasion did not equate to a shortage of metal in world wholesale markets
What they actually reflected were constraints in the production capacity of bullion mints
around the world. The ability to produce new coins quickly is necessarily held in check
by the slowest process in the manufacturing chain – which in coining includes: mining,
refining, blanking, minting and distribution. Bron Suchecki explains: “It’s like a baker
with only one oven. It doesn’t matter how much flour or how many mixing machines he
has, he’s only going to be able to produce so many loaves of bread per day” One of the major bottlenecks in precious metal
coins is the manufacture of blanks, also known as planchets. It’s a surprisingly complex
procedure demanding amongst others things; rolling, annealing and surface treatments,
not to mention a lot of weighing and measuring because of the value of the metal involved. So there you have it no shortage of silver
just a shortage of coins held at bullion dealers and blanks at the various mints. Oh by the way, do you remember when we mentioned
at the beginning of this video that Silver Doctors specifically quoted a shortage of
100 oz. bars and used this as a sign of a true silver squeeze. Well this is what the
Perth Mint says on the subject of a silver squeeze: and we quote
“a Real gold bank run will manifest itself in the wholesale markets for 400 oz. gold
bars or 1000 oz. silver bars, so to identify a real physical-paper disconnect occurring
you need to look at the premium above spot for 400 oz. or 1000 oz. bars. We shall therefore let you draw your own conclusions. We hope you have found this video useful.
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Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
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advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.

100 thoughts on “There Is No Silver Shortage – Confirms The Perth Mint

  1. despite the figures thrown about whats not discussed is the 2000+ year historical correlation between gold and silver prices and the disconnect of wealth with fiat currency. therein lies the true value of silver which based on true wealth convertability and factual ratios between gold and silver. it still shows evidence based potential.

    given the lifespan of any fiat currency and the inflationary aspect involved, this whole clip is grossly misleading. listen carefully to what was being said by this guy and also what the perth mint said… this is all edging towards consumerism which is bias and based upon spending… the spending of currency that gets watered down each year with the fiat currency…

    inflation might only seem like a few percent each year but compound each year from 1971 til today and then compare that with the spot prices.. oh.lets not forget about the fees and taxes that accumulate over time.. thats where true money reigns winner

  2. I surgest you check out one of the largest UK bullion deallers are nearly out of stock,More so in bar form.With 3-4 weeks before new stock is available.If there isnt a shortage,why would they be having supply issues?.

  3. One wealthy man could buy all the silver at Apmex, another wealthy man could buy the silver from Provident, yet another wealthy man could buy all the silver from Gainsville Coins, and so on and so forth. But for now, yes there is plenty of silver for sale. It could all change very quickly if big money came in, but that is the same with every product on earth. What I'm seeing is the cheap generic rounds and bars selling out or stock delay. Some places have Eagles on delay…10 and 100 ounce bars around half sold out or stock delays. I believe if silver went to $13, then $12, then $11…then you would see big time buying. If it ever went to $8 again, it would be silver mania like you never seen.

  4. I haven't been able to buy 1kg or 100 oz bars from Perth mint in four weeks…they keep telling me 1 week for the kg and three for the 100oz. I deal with a coin shop that can get the kg's (not perth mints) but not the 100oz bars, but even these are getting harder to get hold of. The bloke there tells me he is busier than he has ever been in 25 years.

    Regardless of whether this information that is put forward in this video is correct, which I don't think it is and in fact delays and shortages are happening now, anecdotal evidence above but numerous other examples around the globe. There is numerous very good reasons to be purchasing pm's physically that is. Firstly it historically proven to hold value, whereas every fiat currency that has ever been has failed. You could buy a very nice suit 100 years ago with an ounce of gold ($20/oz) and you can still do that today but in fiat is costs the + $1500, which one is losing value?

    It is estimated that for every ounce of physical silver there is approximately 250 SLV certificates that have claim to that ounce. It's only a matter of time before this whole scam comes crashing down – and I believe this will happen sooner than later. Just another good reason to hold the metals, because all the paper ETFs and fiat will be useless.

    The ultimate reason though, for me at least, is that by purchasing physical removes it from the clutches of the establishment that is using it as a manipulation tool, so the more people buy the sooner stocks will run out and show up the scam they have going. There has been a deficit with silver production versus above ground use in the way of industrial use, bullion, jewellery manufacture etc for at least the last 7 decades, so buy people buy!

    ps just because you can buy on silver on ebay, doesn't mean that there isn't a shortage…coin dealers and the privateer sell on there to make money off bulk purchases for cheap etc.

  5. Perth Mint has a two to three week delay on liberties and other 1 oz rounds . This supply delay has been increasing for the past 2 months ???
    Interestingly all l their products are at least 10% higher than spot price .
    ABC bullion has supply delays on platinum .

  6. excuse me for this long post bit it was taken from the "dollar vigilante" (of all the names…..

    At some point in the next few years it will become hard or impossible to buy silver or gold in exchange for fiat currencies.

    We aren’t at the “impossible” stage yet but there are signs around the world that silver is becoming difficult to buy and if you can find some the premiums over the spot paper price are extraordinary and rising.

    Following my own advice here at The Dollar Vigilante, I decided it was time to buy some more silver recently and I went to the normal places I used to go in Acapulco, Mexico, to buy some.  You would think with Mexico being the largest producer of silver in the world that it should be plentiful and easy to find.

    I went to Azteca bank, which is where I normally buy and they said they had none.  Azteca is owned by Grupo Salinas which is effectively owned by Hugo Salinas Price’s family.  Hugo, as many might know, is a multi-billionaire and one of the biggest proponents of silver.  He has even tried, without luck, to get silver put back into the monetary system in Mexico.

    I then went to another bank and they said they had none but I could order some… but they didn’t know how long until it was received.  I then sent my driver to every other place that used to sell silver in Acapulco and none was to be found.

    Mr. Salinas Price is a good friend and a nearby neighbor in Acapulco, so I sent him an email asking him what was happening.

    He allowed me to reprint his response (bolded parts are added by myself):

    We have a problem with Banco de Mexico. They say that AGAIN, the Mint has sent them stained one-ounce silver Libertads, and they have returned them to the Mint.  The Mint will have to melt down the whole lot of thousands, and re-mint the coins. This is what we are told.

    In the meantime, Banco Azteca is selling what coins they have, coming from the public. Banco Azteca is now paying the higher price for the one ounce coins – the price usually paid to Banco de México; since they are absent, the public gets the Banco de Mexico price, for the time being. (when we are in stock, we repurchase from the public at a price slightly lower than Banco de Mexico, our main supplier)

    I don’t know when we shall normalize sales through Banco Azteca. Depends on Banco de México and they are in no hurry to satisfy the public. The delay on the part of Banco de Mexico is probably due to the cause given. However, it does seem extraordinary that the Mexican Mint, which has an excellent reputation for quality over many, many years, can be making such grievous errors – now the second time such a defect is attributed to the Mint.

    I know Hugo quite well and he clearly has to be careful about what he says given his position but I can tell he thinks something is up.

    I had, in the meantime, been talking to TDV reader, and excellent writer and researcher, Mike Cuneo, who told me how premiums for silver have been rising dramatically.  He sent me this research:

    Let’s take a look at some popular items and their respective premiums. (All premiums according to and rounded to the nearest %.)

    -American Eagles

    Now: 29% Month Ago: 24% Year Ago: 19%

    -Canadian Maple Leafs

    Now: 24% Month Ago: 17% Year Ago: 18%

    -10 oz Bars

    Now: 9% Month Ago: 8% Year Ago: 4%

    The real action, however, has occurred in 90% junk silver:

    -90% Junk Silver (Pre 1964 US dimes/quarters/half dollars)

    ($100 Face Value Bag) Now: 40% Month Ago: 33% Year Ago: 5%

    You read that right, a 40% premium on junk silver!  Up from a 5% premium a year ago.  This is indicating a long term, structural supply problem in 90% junk silver. The only way to remedy this situation will be with much higher prices, either through a higher spot silver price, higher premiums, or both. As of now, buyers must pay huge premiums for immediate delivery, or wait for the item to hopefully come back in stock. That is the textbook definition of what happens during a shortage. And yet, paper (ie. not bullion) quoted silver prices continue to fall, not rise.

    A year ago, spot silver was $19.50 per oz. With a 5% premium, that equates to a price of $20.48 per oz of 90% junk silver one year ago. Today, the spot price of silver is $14.60.

    However, with the premium at 40% instead of 5%, each (silver) ounce of 90% junk silver now costs $20.44. Contrary to media reports, and the depressed paper price, you actually pay just pennies below 52 week highs for 90% junk silver, even as silver has plunged by over 25%! Do not buy into the lies of a “falling” silver price. The downside to silver here is extremely limited, and the upside nearly unlimited. If the price heads any lower, premiums will shoot even higher, or physical metal will simply vanish until prices head higher.

    90% junk silver still has a face value that is recognized in the USA, and is easily recognizable and divisible. It is often called “survival money” due to these factors. A 1964 dime is the same size and design as a 2015 dime. The only difference is the silver content. People recognize it and it is nearly impossible to counterfeit. It is ideal for small purchases.

    To summarize Peter Schiff from a recent interview: Silver is like a lifeboat. If you’re sure the cruise liner is going down, as many of us are when it comes to the dollar, why wait for the cruise liner to start sinking, before getting on the lifeboat?

    Still not a believer in silver scarcity? Well… if you think you can go to the US mint to buy silver, think again. Silver supplies have been increasingly eratic. According to, “Demand for bullion coins was so high in June and July that the Mint ran out of coins and was forced to suspend sales of silver Eagles in early July and restore its policy of rationing.”

    June silver Eagle sales rose 150 percent over May. The July figure was at least double the June level. Sales cooled down in August, but who knows how long that will last? Better to be a few months too early, than even a microsecond too late, when physical silver supplies dry up for real.

    And here’s a timely statement from the “In recent years, fabrication demand has greatly outpaced mine production forcing market participants to use existing stocks to meet demand. As these available sources continue to decline, silver’s fundamental value continues to strengthen.”

    In other words, the world is not producing enough silver. Thus, existing stocks are being drawn down.

    This is all part of the financial collapse/crisis scenario that I said would start this month… and it has.  And it is going to get much worse, very fast from here.

    If you don’t own silver now I suggest you get some… if you can find any.

    In order to facilitate your search, we’re about to publish a comprehensive article on purchasing silver in our upcoming TDV newsletter.  The article will list  major online bullion dealers and the products they sell. These are sites that actually have access to physical silver and will ship it to you.  The article will also provide projections for the silver market and countries where it is apt to be more available for purchase.

    If you are not a subscriber to our newsletter, I suggest you try our current “Shemitah Special” offer. Try out our newsletter for only US$39.95 with a full money-back guarantee. You can order at our www.SurviveShemitah.comwebsite. The order forms are at the bottom of the White Paper.

    Please order now so you do not miss our upcoming special silver survey in our next TDV newsletter. Each  month now features Shemitah Solutions that will inform you and your family of what you must do to preserve and expand your wealth in these difficult times. This is information you MUST know. And there is nowhere else to find it except in the TDV newsletter.

  7. Ya, $14 an ounce is WAY too high. I could have bought 2 venti capachinos from SBs for that–with an extra shot of almond vanilla. One point four trillion–haha! Who is this guy?

  8. J.M. Bullion and Provident Metals are periodically running out of products, especially the inexpensive one-ounce rounds that track spot prices. Interestingly, over the last six weeks or so, they both offered sovereign coins for sale. I was able to pick up American Silver Eagles for $18.01 and and British Britannia's for $18.14. I don't think they want to sell stock on declining spot prices.

  9. I think this is an important video and provides balance to some YouTube channels. I do have some silver and will acquire more, but not because of the case presented here or the the potential windfall if silver becomes in short supply. Silver and gold are kept in check by mine supply and fiat currencies are kept in check by faith, propaganda and ignorance. I believe that if purchased at the right time, it will provide a great inflation hedge. I don't believe it's something that you should check every day, and believe in things like shamittah's, shortages, and market crashes. In a market crash one must ash themselves where is the safe haven? In 2008 it was the U.S. Dollar. Next time? Bitcoin? Gold? U.S. Dollar again? Euro? This precious metal Investors must figure this one out if your looking to be on the right side of that trade. Failing that, gold and silver should provide some sort of inflation hedge. Must remember, when the U.S. Financial system crashed, we all fled to the U.S. $ lol

  10. Confirmed from Perth Mint. They are struggling to keep up with demand and have ceased 100oz bar production.
    NTR has been cleaned out of all inventories. Dealers are now buying back above spot.

    Time for an update.

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  12. My question: why is there no illuminati gold channel? Why is silver of so much interest to the illuminati?? I am quite certain you work for the Illuminati seeing your other videos and the very intelligent symbology used in them that only a very knowledgeable person in the Masonic Order would know. Why not a channel for gold or palladium or something else??? Your interest in silver, your agenda to discredit a possible silver shortage. How do these videos benefit you? Personal or monetary?

  13. Lots of people are saying buy silver but I'm sticking to the bankers paper. If it all goes tits up at least I'll have something to wipe my bum on or do some origami, you cant do that with silver. I could say more but I need to take my meds.

  14. There is silver to buy, but maybe not the exact silver coins/bars you want…cause the low premium stuff is sold out…so I will say this..there is a shortage of LOW premium silver products

  15. You dont believe the Pumpers but you believe the MINT? double think at it's best.
    If you buy, you know there is an increase in premiums and time of delivery. Just because they say they can have it in 4 weeks, doesn't mean they will..

  16. I get their argument but just what is Illuminati Silver's interest in all this? They seem to go to allot of trouble to say silver is a questionable investment and otherwise give silver stacking a negative connotation? I find it hard to believe their interests are purely altruistic so what is the angle? It sounds like they are bankers and mainstream investments types whom are always negative on precious metals investing but it's a bit like talking Ford's advice not to buy a Chevy product. I agree with them that there is plenty of disinformation coming out both for and against silver. Where I really see a price disconnect is when trying to purchase bulk bars at a discount. The discount wasn't really much of a discount and this could be because of the hoopla over shortages for bulk? I'm paying the same or slightly more per ounce for Eagles or Maple leafs.
    You can find deals for silver if your willing to do some searching. Believe it or not, even ebay has its fair share of deals. I do agree that people should not be panic buying silver for any reason. The minting premiums for silver bullion coins like Eagles is returned when you sell the coin. I think most people understand that there is a spot price and a coinage price. A 1 oz Silver Eagle will always be easier to convert into goods and cash than a 100 oz bar. When the time comes there will be a price for bulk bars and a price for mint issued bullion coins.

  17. at the current price How can miners stay solvent

    Silver Illuminati is dedicated to telling the public the Truth about Silver.
    Its contributors include retired,
    bank managers, wealth managers and economists

    none of the above have ever proven to really understand Silvers real story

  18. We will continue to burn it, but I would like to point out, it is still in the environment, and I believe a lot will be recovered in the future from e waste. Still a good time to buy I think, but with prudence, don't sell the house.

  19. So, silver exists that isn't economic to mine in the Earth's crust, which isn't being mined, a few million dollars worth of inventory claims to exist on some websites, but a claim is just that…then it takes forever to ship, so was it ever really in stock? And all the fiat currencies are still at 0% interest or negative interest, and getting good old QE. How much is silver worth is a dollar is worthless?

  20. Yes there is loads of silver. God has provided enough for every human. The problem is its not cost effective to get it out of the ground. They have driven prices down so low (with their paper promises) they will cut their own throats. They are now bleeding to death. Did they rellaly think they could mess with Gods money and not be affected? They will have to suffer for messing with YHWH and Yeshua silver and gold. The Illuminati banksters have gone many steps too far, They are going to reap what they sow. They better run for the hills once the reset button is pressed. In-fact they should run right now. When peoples paper currency gets locked in you banksters know how people will feel about you. If you dont understand just imagine how you would feel if someone takes all you have. You cant imagine that because you think your gold and silver is safe. Its all going to be taken away from you.
    Can you buy silver with silver? You can buy silver with worthless paper. Why hold on to paper currency?
    " by your wisdom and your understanding
    you have made wealth for yourself,
    and have gathered gold and silver
    into your treasuries;
    5 by your great wisdom in your trade
    you have increased your wealth,
    and your heart has become proud in your wealth—
    6 therefore thus says the Lord God:
    Because you make your heart
    like the heart of a god,
    7 therefore, behold, I will bring foreigners upon you,
    the most ruthless of the nations;
    and they shall draw their swords against the beauty of your wisdom
    and defile your splendor.
    8 They shall thrust you down into the pit,
    and you shall die the death of the slain
    in the heart of the seas.
    9 Will you still say, ‘I am a god,’
    in the presence of those who kill you,
    though you are but a man, and no god,
    in the hands of those who slay you?
    10 You shall die the death of the uncircumcised
    by the hand of foreigners;
    for I have spoken, declares the Lord God.”

  21. I'm not sure I trust this information. Where are your sources? You have links to your other videos in the description but no links for sources. Unless I am blind that is.

  22. Why does JP Morgan have a 370m oz fizzy position? And growing fast? And short the paper market? The only way u can offload that position is by engineering higher prices but they would never do that would they?

  23. 70% of all silver is a byproduct of base metals mining. Base metal mining has fallen off due to the global economic slowdown. Where will this new supply come from? Also explain how the miners will be able to continue on with prices falling so low. Your name serves you well, (Illuminati).

  24. Thanks for sharing this video. I like when information is quoted from reliable sources that can be checked. I liked some of the nuances regarding how silver is mined and how reserves in the mines are and are not tested. And how the rounds produced can be bottle necked in their production and thus not meet immediate demand. These did explain some things for me. The video did not seem to address the market controls, manipulations, and corruption that is there and how this affects the price of silver, but I would guess that this is covered in other videos.

  25. What language, is this Chucky speaking. He sounds like Mr Scrooge, with a fartmuffler. I want a 'blank'. Very complex, like Senor Limey, down on his kneeswith his mouth open. Afterall, he has the 'golden' mouth, like Goldfinger!I bet he's related to "Oddjob'. As he says, Ag, is plentful! But, how much does it cost to mine it?

  26. Question: If there was a US financial crisis i.e. their dollar is removed as the reserve currency, would the demand for Gold & Silver increase thereby raise its price regardless of the current supply volumes?

  27. Wow look at all the trolls saying theres plenty of silver, I can tell you right now there are ZERO Canadian mint Silver Ounces. Im Talking about the 2015 VERSION>GO LOOK, Last week I bought 400 x 1 ounces, today there are ZERO.How can one person clean out the Perth mint?? Answer one cant, but its obvious that stocks are low, I went to the ABC Bullion site which is my second choice and they are taking orders but no one can pick up or take delivery for a month, This has never happened in the last ten years ive been transferring my wealth, I am An Australian, I live in the Blue MOuntains, Near Penrith, So take it from a LOCAL and not some wank overseas..Get your silver while you can, but if you get bars Check them because theres a lot of fakes, that's why I prefer Canadian coins as they have a privy mark.

  28. ANd you only have to look at the uploaders name to know that your being lied to lolIlluminati?Illuminsti= Elite BankersJP MORGAN BUYS 6 MILLION OUNCES IN ONE WEEK AND STILL BUYING!!!!No wonder they don't want you to buy..Its Obvious .

  29. In my opinion any subject is enriched with differing views. I don't know if there is a shortage, I hope there is but who really knows? I think India's present and future consumption has to be taken into the mix, also Junk silver prices have gone up, which to me could be an indicator for a coming shortage (can't wait to see scrap totals for 2015) !

    minor point… your presentation style reminded me of Lord Haw Haw, please jazz it up… see Rawdogletard for pointers lol !

  30. Silver and gold is worth more than funny paper money. Never a time to not have gold and silver. So glad to know that there's no real shortage.

  31. I have been involved in trading silver bullion for almost 10 years now & in that time I've heard so many arguments for and against there being physical silver shortages at various times that I've almost stopped listening, it's become just another voice in the endless number of opinions & theories out there about the pro's and con's of trading precious metals. Regardless of whether there is a shortage of physical silver or not, in my experience physical silver bullion has proven itself to be a strong performer as an investment product over the medium to long term, a fantastic way of holding & growing one's wealth not to mention a vastly superior performer when compared with holding an equivalent amount of cash ("fiat" money). In fact for the last 5 years, the return on my investment over a 5 year period has exceeded 15% per annum, a reasonable return in anyone's books!!!

  32. At 8:10 the video suggests 'there could very well be 1.4 quadrillion metric tons of silver in the crust'… according to google the Earth weighs approx 6000 Trillion Tons and the crust by mass is 0.5%, therefore the crust weighs 30 Trillion MT.
    Is this video stating that the crust contains 4.7% Silver? Iron is 5.6% of the crust. Is it possible that silver is almost as abundant as Iron?

    According to Jefferson Lab and Israel Science homepage Silver exists at 0.08ppm which is 0.000008%, as a %age of crust weight that would be 2400000 MT of Silver in crust or 76.8 Billion Oz, this is just a back of envelope calculation – it would be nice if someone could check this in case i'm off by an order of magnitude, It's late and I'm tired !

  33. I have already bought 2,000 ounce physical silver, just spent $34,000. I think it's a good deal. In the worst case, I just lose $34,000, not that much. In the best case, when dollar collapse, I can protect my wealth.

  34. OK don't make me laugh! Running out of Silver REALLLLLLY! Your an idiot to believe that bullshit!! I own gold and silver and I don't believe the crap that you have no idea!!! Get off the air can't stand listening to you

  35. Disclaimer, " Retired from banking and……….." Say what?! The fox is concerned for us chickens. OK , if they are on a crusade to enlighten us about financial scams , well buddy their is an abundance of scams going on besides the Silver market. I would respect Illuminati silver more on their repoting if they were spilling the beans on all the financial scams, especially having eperience in the banking community they would likely know all the inside dirt . Apparently they are being selective in their exposing ,which happens to be focused on the silver market for reasons unknown. If they are going to dish the dirt because they " care for us chickens " , then REVEAL IT ALL !!.

  36. Hi Illuminati Silver, I just subscribed to your channel and like your videos and gave them a thumbs up, please send me a subscription back and subscribe to my channel I would reall appreciate it and check out my silver stack videos thanks hope to see more videos from you.

  37. I love silver but there is no shortage. I can go out right now and buy as much as I want and hold it in my hands. So can everyone else.

    The only way there will be a shortage again is if an industry like solar needs more than can be mined per year. Or Solar/Jewelry/Investors collectively need more than can be mined per year. Right now we are mining a lot of both gold and silver. It is so easy for anyone to buy.

  38. I have been buying and you have and he has and she has and they have and them and those and these, because the price is low hence availability is low, wait till it go's up in price and we all sell at the same time.
    Who is going to buy it?

  39. Unless you want a "pretty" coin, which costs more, look at buying the most metal for your investment. This comes in the form of silver rounds and silver bars.
    Gold Goliath offers the best prices on silver on the internet with great service and no hidden fees.

  40. I think silver is seen as rare and precious by people under 25 because they dont encounter it.  When I was a kid silver was still common in things like silver wear.  Silver is almost as abundant as copper so we are not going to run out of it.

  41. I thought I'd try to sell some jewelry to 300 people, but I only had one piece. Too bad, the notion didn't play out in the real world. Why is it then that the COMEX can sell 300 ounces of silver for every ounce in existence?

  42. With the loss of Kodak who use to burn up 60% of the yearly production for film and photo it is only the individual investors who are now keeping the market as high as it is today ($14.50). Remember beanie babies- it was only the investors who kept that market afloat until all of a sudden the beanie baby market collapsed. But no one got on the internet and youtube and lied about the supply of beanie babies

  43. illuminati silver, Brother, last year silver production fell 41% in Austrailia, 23% in Canada and more than 10% in Usa while demand in increasing. Data you are using is basically based at data belongs to before 2009 (silver use data) .. but in the last 2 3 years(Boom of Gadget industry, Mobile phone industry ) also increase the demand for silver which will lost forever(similar like a grain of silver between sand on beach) .

  44. I think there will always be silver to be found however it might be harder to find in that way the cost will rise…

  45. Perth mint have not been able to deliver kilo coins and among others to my local dealer for about all of 2016.
    I asked my dealer what the problem was and he told that Perth mint just said the had "some problems".
    Im buying ALOT more silver now, thanks to this video.
    Only disinformation gives this hoarding feeling 😊

  46. Confirmation bullions update drivel bullions..Thanks,Sergpond too.SergiojewUpdate alwAys update my silver warehouse ready

  47. May 29th 2016 the other day I went to a coin shop and they said We Buy Gold we don't sell it she had a nice accent I asked her where are you from she said Russia something to think about

  48. I wish the perth mint would sell some 10 oz lunar coins , every time i go to buy some the dealers never have any ????

  49. Whether there is a silver shortage or not, we all know what happens when there is turmoil. We just saw it recently with the BREXIT. One should look upon Silver and Gold as an "insurance policy" on their investments not necessarily as an investment itself. History has taught us that fiat currency does not last. It always ends badly when not backed by anything. Currently the US dollar is backed by nothing but the "full faith and credit" of the US Government.. With 20 Trillion dollars of debt, unfunded liabilities at almost 130 TRILLION dollars, ISIS on the move and other crazy things happening here and abroad, how much "faith and credit" do you have in the US Government. How much faith and credit do you think world wide governments have in the United States.Perception is the key. What happens when governments don't have faith in the US Government? What do you think will happen next? It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is on the horizon and "it ain't good" folks.

  50. Easily extractable silver will be available until around 2030. From there, the resource crunch will occur and prices will have nowhere to go but up. Unless, a financial collapse derails industrial consumption, then it will go up anyway as fiat crashes. Bulletproof commodity.

  51. This guy is basing his whole video on the idea that miners are telling the truth about how much is in the ground. There is no truth to predictions of what may lay below the ground. The only thing we all know for sure is what is available. The rest is falsly inflated to keep the prices down tp protect industries.

  52. Came across this video by accident.

    Opinions are like A$$hole. Everyone has one.

    I don't know if there is a shortage of silver or not as I don't have direct knowledge regarding the mines or the process of extractions.

    However if you do your basic maths. Silver vs gold. Or silver vs copper. Extraction amount per year vs price. Assuming all thing are equal. Which I'm certain it's not. But roughly speaking.

    You quickly find find that either gold and copper is extremely over valued. Or silver is SUPER cheap. Or maybe a little bit of both. So relatively speaking Silver is much better value than copper or Gold.

    You can talk to your blue in the face but maths doesn't lie.

    A mind is like a parachute works better when open.

  53. Do some research guy. Mines mine out millions of ounces. But it is mostly for industrial demand. Physical silver investment (bullion, rounds and bars) is a small portion of the silver market.

    The paper market, and low oil prices are what keeps the price down (as oil goes up, more mines shut it down, if spot stays lower).

    As you ought to know it's mostly the paper market to blame, As there are many times more contracts issued than surplus of physical investment silver. You ought to know this.

    I'm 55. When I was 14 (1975), I had a coin book. I could buy Morgans for $2.50. Now they're 10 to 15 times that.

  54. In a "free market", you never really have a "shortage" of anything. A market clearing price will match supply to demand.

    Then there's GOLD … you can find huge amounts of it in the oceans, and even in bags of sand you can buy at places like Home Depot. It's just not economical to retrieve it AT CURRENT PRICES. You don't have to totally exhaust all supplies for prices to increase dramatically.

  55. There may be 1.3 trillion ounces in the world crust, but if it cost $1000 per ounce to mine most of it, your argument is specious. And I am sure not possible to mine a huge percent at $1000. We are peak silver and mining cost go up from here. All the easily mined silver is declining.

  56. why is old out dated video still here? supply and demand is not the reason prices more the bullion….what about diamonds…….it IS a controlled market….

  57. Repeating the quote by the master himself, Illuminati Silver by someone calling him/them for their hidden agenda! "+I disagree67 absolutely, the few thousand people who listen to us on You Tube will now not buy any silver at all, and such will be the impact that the price will collapse and we can have it all to ourselves. You have discovered our cunning plan; and should we reach 5,000 subscribers, silver will fall to just $1 an oz – CAELUM!!!"

  58. This liar is a joke! He does not mention the depleting concentration. Giving joke assumptions of how much there might be is a fantasy. So why did the governments stop using silver and gold as money? Because it is running out? This guy is a paid liar. Let's tar and feather the paid idiot liar. I hope this liar does not buy and save silver and gold. So why was a silver dollar of .77 ounces of silver worth one dollar then and now worth over 12 dollars now?

  59. Everytime someone tells me there is no silver shortage I usually go out and buy some more. It reminds me of the silver shortage. lol.

    We have been in supply defecit for years and depleting stockpiles in the process. It's kind of common sense when you look at silver being used in industry.

  60. Look at silver as a hedge, when inflation rises or jumps and the dollar loses value silver will go up in price, this hedge kicks in and it should balance the scales of the inflation, other people will feel it that have no silver but the ones that prepared for this event stands somewhat better chance of surviving the monetary event crash

  61. I buy silver all I can, I also believe there's no serious shortage right now BUT industry will consume large amounts with solar power products upcoming possible boom and other reasons I wont mention and I want 2B in place to jump on the bandwagon if it takes off, if it doesn't I'll pass it down to my son when I'm gone

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