81 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREX TRADING! (Interview Jason Graystone)

  1. I have 16 , unfortunately I was thrown out of high school and now I don't have education. I have literally 0 dollars and need to start some kind of business , anyone have an idea? Btw don't tell me to get a job and earn capital , it's just not possible in my country.

  2. Awesome interview, thank you! This is very valuable for all trader skill levels — been doing futures for years, and agree with all this for futures as well.

  3. I appreciate these long videos! Gives us a chance to learn quite a bit from you Ryan!

  4. Hey Ryan, can you do a video or recommend a video about how stocks are taxed and advice in relation to stock taxes? This will be my first full year with stocks. Thanks, I really value your videos!

  5. This is great Ryan and Jason. I appreciate that you started with risks (re 90/90/90).

    It’s always good to explore different ways to trade and invest in the markets and then find what works best for you. Thank you for the immense and valuable resource!

  6. As Always you are awesome! I try to implement what I can in my own passive income journey. Thank you for everything you put out!

  7. On any graph or chart, the left side of the present moment can never have any idea of what the right side will be doing… – j q t –

  8. I love this "Video" … I will be watching this a few times, because I am in the "Discovery part/phase" of the trading world. I really enjoy the candor, and the fact that you are trying to give a quality education/information about what trading is about – as well as the risk vs rewards. I think that we are all first looking at the rewards without looking at ALL of the (those) Risks. And as you pointed out; anyone can get involved somehow, but do your homework (research) is essential for any real success. I am not sure what I will be doing exactly. I do believe that there is a probability of myself becoming a trader/investor, but until then I am subscribing to both of your channels. Thank you for helping the world out one video at a time. 👍😉😀

  9. NEVER NEVER NEVER do currency trading-your account will blow up- 90 percent lose. This dude-if he is so good why is he selling a service he should have unlimited money and would never want to share his secret or market edge?

  10. Thanks for doing this video. He seems very knowledgeable and like a good teacher and a nice guy. This was a good intro to him. For me, his course prices are pretty steep, not saying it's not worth the price, just that I'm not at a place where I could take advantage of what he has to offer. It's me not him. Again, thanks for doing these type of videos.

  11. Hey Ryan, I hope you see this. I live in the UK and wanted to ask you a question about Brexit. I believe this will cause a stock market crash (whether minor or major remains to be seen) and wanted to ask when the best time to jump in on that would be. Would the best time to buy be as soon as Brexit occurs and things start falling or should I wait some while beyond that to see how far things have fallen when the dust settles? It would be really appreciated if you could give me your thoughts on this!

  12. A remarkably informative, thorough, level-headed and balanced interview. I enjoyed watching it and it only really reinforces the sorts of advice you have been giving in previous material. The 90/90/90 adage and statements about how the markets are rigged and how the big fish steal from the little fish were some of the big things that kept me away from investing earlier in my life. It's been an interesting journey in learning stocks and trading for me this year. Thank you.


  13. I've been apart of tier one trading since February of this year i can vouch that Jason Graystone and his partner Akil Stokes are the real deal. Love this interview Ryan!!

  14. I've been interested in technical analysis Trading for awhile one thing I've never been sure about (Maybe I'm just blind) when your looking for patterns what time frame are you supposed to look at or does any work because there could be a pattern on a hourly chart but if you look a days its non existent is there a recommended time frame or does it just depend on if your day trading or swing trading.

  15. Thank you Ryan for doing this amazing interview. This is by far the most straightforward no fluff best interview I've seen regarding Forex. The two of you are first class educators. I found a new FX mentor thanks to you Ryan. You continue to evolve and are doing an awesome service to those seeking a better financial future. Keep up the honest and humble attitude. Wishing you continued success!!

  16. Wow this is definitely a long video, but honestly I've never been slightly interested in trading forex, always seemed too risky for me, I think i'll stick with investing in stocks

  17. Great value from this interview, weather you're on one side of the spectrum, long term investor or day trader you can always learn from what the other side does. Thank you Ryan and Jason for this video!

  18. well you can't aproach roulette has a business, it's always a gamble. you have 46% of winning , wich means that by the law of probability on every million you invest, you will lose 540k and make 460k wich equals to a loss of 80k on every million you play.
    there's no way to risk managment there's no way of winning. you'll lose.
    "well what if i stop when i'm winning and return later?"
    you migh win alot of times in a row. but given a big enough number it will always correlate to the 46W-54L. it's just math.

    ps. trading is completly different, you can be the casino and play the odds on your favor (getting the 54% in the last example scenario) and in a big enough number you'll profit

  19. I can agree with lots of things he say but once he started talking that you cant know what other participants do i know he doesnt have any real knowledge. The financial market doesnt work on supply and demand! The whole market would collapse if it was that way, stay away from guru's that teach that shit.

  20. I’ve been trading FX on a demo account for slightly over a year and EVERYTHING Jason said is true. I lost 50% of my account pretty quickly, I hopped from strategy to strategy, pair to pair. I was emotional too when I hopped into market orders. Then, I read a book that was recommended by someone on a podcast. I took the rules from the book, used them, and I’ve been doing way better. I feel like 0-12 months is experiment a lot, then 13-24 months is keep your system and stay consistent. Thanks Ryan and Jason!

  21. This will be funny. I didn't get a chance to leave a comment last night but this is one I definitely wanted to offer my gratitude for. Hour and a half, huh, I was so into this video it seemed like 5 mins to me! LOL Very much appreciate this discussion. Ryan I know, Jason I don't. These gents just offered a piece of Youtube gold on this one. Funny thing is there will be very few people that actually watch it compared to the normal video release! It is to be expected as the topic does carry with it a ton of baggage. Thanks to Jason I was able to dispel many of those pre-conceived ideas about the topic and for that I truly thank you. Great Video, really great work.

  22. Great interview! As a technical pattern forex trader like Jason who has finally achieved consistent profitability, I am fascinated with the idea of moving some of my fx profits into long term value investments later down the line as a kind of savings account, rather than having all my eggs in one basket sitting in my broker account waiting for a Swiss franc style black Swan event to wipe me out someday haha. So I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of you two guys discussing your experiences from different market perspectives. Cheers!

  23. Do you ever try to trade without any indicator?this thing you are talking about are beginners stuff.do you ever herds about time end price theory.bro you need to go in a new school,just stop selling dreams that you can’t believe for yourself.can you show us how many pips can you do in a week?think about this end after that start talking

  24. Thanks Ryan and Jason very cool interview. Jason is both honest and as helpful as he can possibly be. He does not hold back when explaining things a straight shooter.

  25. Thank you so much for this video.
    For me this is a terrific job from you both, I will re-watch this in parts because there is so much to learn here.
    Your questions were on point (shows preparation on your part) and Jason is also a good teacher, showing this amount of information in a transparent, free way was something I was not expecting. The system that was presented here doesn't promise crazy gains while it show how to prevent crazy losses, which in my opinion makes it sound and reasonable.
    Again, thank you both for this interview! Please continue to do this kind of content, it's brilliant and captivating.

  26. Hello guys. I enjoyed the video, it's so educative. Am new In forex trading and I would like to have a good forex trainer. Graystone would you mind training me from the scratch?

  27. What the casino has in common with forex is that the result is unknown until its happened so accepting this analogy, a different approach to the unknown in forex or the casino means the outcome is still unknown so there is no tangible advantage from learning a different approach, its just simple logic.
    I worked in the casino industry for 20 years and I invest and trade.a little. Fundamental analysis, in accounting and finance, is the analysis of a business's financial statements; health; and competitors and markets. It also considers the overall state of the economy and factors including interest rates, production, earnings, employment, GDP, housing, manufacturing and management and I do not doubt that education and skill could give an advantage but I do not see how applying a skill to forex which is an ongoing accumulative depiction of unknown market forces, could give any advantage.
    Nice interview

  28. In forex its infinitesimal combinations of underline market forces as in traders trades and associated economy fluctuation which projects the graph.
    I would like to know how any man made rules that could not possibly take into account those underline reasons, could give a quantifiable edge.
    I truly am fascinated to know the answer.

  29. ive been a student of the forex market for a little while now and i gotta say i have mad respect for this man and his honesty. if your looking into forex my best advice is to find a good mentor and work hard. theres really no other shortcuts.

  30. Seems like Jason Graystone has similar lessons from infinite prosperity on financial freedom in terms of how much time you can buy in freedom

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  33. For the past two years as an absolute novice to the trading world, i must have watched hundreds of stuff on youtube….alas Jason has helped me, straight up. respect to you both and full shout outs to you from now on in my trading career. thank you so much xxx

  34. I'm happy for this kind of videos, because there are so many little things we skip in the process of trading. Sometimes as a beginner who wouldn't even know where the problem is coming from.

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