The Third Attempt – Silver Surprise Below The Rock!

I started earlier than intended. Let’s check out this “valley”. One moment please – a short air test first… Faint audio on a “20 Euro Cent” coin below my 13″ (33cm) mark. Whatever it is, it sounds bad, but it’s my first find… Let’s see what it is. A battery. This one sounds much better. That’s a musket ball. (Please don’t pay attention to my “karate moves”…) (the branch attacked me) Why can’t they build an escalator. Another musket ball. That’s a zinc coin from the WWII era. GPS (POI) #1 Sadly I lost the coin somewhere (no picture of it at the end). Trash. I would like to detect more precisely, but I could never reach the top… That’s always a dilemma. A shell casing. My friend The Beetle. Is he sleeping? I will let him alone. Just a bottle screw cap. At least with a bird. Maybe I should check it… No… The last one was iron. Iron, twice. A missed signal on the right edge?… This one sounds bad, actually I don’t want to dig it. But I have to. Sounds real bad. Finally. It’s a musket ball. Deus “Deep” setting filters… (Please pay attention to the rock in front…) (I passed it once) (“To find”) A “1 German Mark” coin (from 1961). It’s in real good shape (for this coin). Now notice the rock again. I think, I swung the coil close to it… Some garbage… Now I’m moving towards the rock again. Relatively soft soil and a strong signal – I don’t expect anything good. What? A shiny, big silver coin! American coin. Silver Quarter. From 1942. What a surprise! #2 Clean as could be, but I have to remove some of the soil. My spray bottle has its own life. The dirt doesn’t want to come off. I’ll better leave it. I can take care of it at home. No, this coin deserves a better plastic bag. I’m very excited about this find. The hidden compartment… In case, someone attacks me at the train station. Let’s see if there is “more”… There is another signal, but this one sounds like iron. Iron again. I have to check this one out. It’s a coin. “5 Pfennig” (1951). Iron core and a thin layer of copper outside. Where did the person stand? Here, or on the rock? Let me check this signal first. It sounded real bad. I don’t know what this is. I swept the coil over the rock, but there were no more coins. I think, whoever lost the Quarter, he (or she) walked in front of the rock. Just a can… Two targets. Let’s do this one first. A “10 Reichspfennig” coin (1940’s). Made of zinc (as you can see). Now the other one. A pull tab. I’m below a trail… I have to cross it and find another place to detect. It’s too crowded here. I look “out of place” with a detector. That should do it… I don’t have huge aspirations. I just want to swing the coil. That’s my new “gangsta style” Deus activation technique. First target – way too big and shallow to be something good. The top of a can. Quick air test. No, that’s a bad result. Not many targets here. Probably already “hunted out”. Sounds like iron, but of “better quality”. A big, old nail. A similar signal. Terrible roots. Hmm… What’s that noise?! Boars! That was close… I think, they haven’t spotted me… …but I will move away, in case they decide to come back. As you can tell from the disturbed ground, they are quite active here. That’s a coin. “5 Reichspfennig” (1924?). I think, that was a branch and not a target. That’s coke. Coke again (it’s similar to coal). I think that was coke too. That’s a coin. “One Cent”. The second US coin today. This one is from 1956. Coke. Coke again. The area seems full of it… And again… I think, that’s pointless… But you never know. OK, time to move on… I don’t have much time anyway. No, it continues… WWII shrapnel? No, it’s coke again. It’s getting dark very fast. I have to get out of here soon. Time is up. (More details about this hunt in the description below.) You can also wait for pictures at the end if you like. Hmm… “5 Pfennig” (1948-2001). “1 Deutsche Mark” (1961). Musket balls. “10 Reichspfennig” coin (1940). “5 Reichspfennig” coin (1924?). In very bad shape. “One US Cent” (1956). I guess, the shape is bad too. US Quarter (1942) Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 1h:45min

48 thoughts on “The Third Attempt – Silver Surprise Below The Rock!

  1. I love your videos. There's all the hard work and not just great findings. You've got it all worked. I wish you many more great finds and I look forward to the next video. Good luck from the Czech Republic.

  2. Nice finds bud, cool to see you find something over there, ( silver quarter) that i find over here all the time!! Hope all is well,and stellar karate moves may i add haha.. HH-Ray

  3. A winter without snow and able to not have to wear gloves, you lucky guy. We've gotten over a foot already and it was very wet and very heavy.

  4. 🤯🤯 F-ME!! BOARS!…. ya need a gun! You got so lucky on that one. They are even more dangerous when they have little ones with them.

  5. Glad the boars were not hungry for you or the crew!  At least there was silver.  Germany has much more woods than I realized.  Wish you had the size of Alaska let alone the lower 48, to keep your searches going.  Such a long history to uncover.  Always amazed when you find objects from hundreds of years ago!  And those Roman finds are so awesome.  Since we have to imagine what you look like, only clues are your hand and legs and occasional shadow…My crew/companions have decided you are a handsome German Prince, and hiding your identity.  I  always agree with their assessments.

  6. Congratulations on your discoveries. Tough go with all the coke and junk targets. Way to hang in and get the good stuff. Looking forward to your next hunt. Best of luck.

  7. Hi friend! Great hunt😁 Silver Washington quarter and a Wheat penny ! Felt like you were in the USA 🇺🇸 on those two 😂 Keep it up as I appreciate your work 👍

  8. You found your first silver quarter before I found mine yet; how fair is that 😂🤣 Congrats on the silver!! I like your Deus activation stance 👍 and your karate move on the attacking branch 🤣😂 You're hilarious in this video; thank you for making me laugh tonight!!
    I'm glad your boar encounter was an uneventful one!👍

  9. A sea of beautifully coloured leaves to add to your hunt location. Such beautiful woods with great finds. X

  10. Greetings from Karlstejn, CZ, MD colegue. Love your videos, no words, chillax, sound of forest, small animals, balsam for soul. Thanks, and moving on. 🙂

  11. Lovely silver coin ,i once herd that boars can be very nasty and can attack a person so you must be careful ,but as always it was a very interesting video .

  12. Do a hunt where you use the sophisticated software to avoid crap / and leave it in the ground only dig good signals.

  13. Hallo MD24,
    Auch ich bin stets am Hadern und "Kämpfen" mit Einstellungen, welche einen brauchbaren Kompromiss zwischen Detektierbarkeit und ausreichend Tiefe gewährleisten. Ich bin sowohl mit der 22,5cm HF Spule als auch mit einer X35 28cm Spule unterwegs und habe "relativ" laufruhige Spulen erwischt.Der größt limitierende Faktor ist, da erzähle ich Dir Nichts Neues, der GB Wert und die damit einhergehende Erschütterungsempfindlichkeit der Deus Spulen.Meine HF Spule bekomme ich ortungsstabil maximal auf GB 86 und einen Strich herunter,die X35 auf 86 und drei Striche,danach beginnt die Berührungsempfindlichkeit zunehmend einzuzsetzen.Ich habe für mich drei Optionen:1.GB Wert soweit hinuntersetzen wie es die Spule zulässt 2.Dein negativer GB Trick, der die Fehlsignale leicht als Solche akustisch herausstellt 3.leichter GB Notch 85-90

    Variante 3 schließe ich aus der eigenen Erfahrung aus, da viele Signale, nicht nur solche im Grenzbereich, undeutlich ausgegeben werden.

    Ich bin lange Zeit mit dem o. G. leicht positiven GB von 86 gelaufen, unseren Böden schwanken meist zwischen 78 und 86 und habe letztes Wochenende erstmalig dein negatives GB setup in abgewandelter Form auf mein Standardprogramm übertragen und bin nun am Testen und rätseln ob das mehr an Geräuschkulisse in der Praxis von Vorteil ist ggü. meinem Standardprogramm.

    Mein Standardprogram auf Grundlage von prog. 2 GMP:

    Disk 4,5
    Sens 93
    Freq 13,3khz
    Iron vol 3
    Reactivity 2
    Silencer – 1
    Audio resp 4
    Audio saturation 2
    GB manuell 86


    Bist du denn nach wie vor mit negativem GB unterwegs?

    Viele Grüße aus Niedersachsen

  14. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Silber. Danke für das Video, es war wie immer echt toll mit Dir unterwegs gewesen zu sein. Grüßle aus BW Andreas

  15. i remember mine hunt with 2kg of musket balls and i managed to find 3 tiny silvers beetwen all those 😀 great hunt buddy

  16. What a beautiful silver coin. Was it Private Ryan who lost that coin? You really don't know what you can find in these hunts. You could have raised the rock to see if there was something underneath. She is light. – 🙂

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