72 thoughts on “The Silver Eisenhower Dollar as Bullion

  1. Looking at the edge is not necessarily an accurate way to tell if you have a silver or a C-N Eisenhower.  I have one Blue Ike in my collection currently (1974), and any discerning coin collector could easily tell that it's a clad coin, albeit silver clad.  The difference is that the center of the "sandwich" does not appear to be copper, rather a darker silver.

  2. Hi! I want to buy one here in Romania but can't tell the difference. I found one that has the "S" but it has the Liberty Bell with the moon in the background on the back and the seller says that has 24,57 g and the mint date is 1776-1976. Can this be silver? Thank you in advance.

  3. Does taking your coin out of the blue pack or brown box and putting them in the tube reduce the value?I have several 100s of these the loose ones i bought i have in a tube all the others i took out of envelope and brown box and out in safe…the envelopes and boxes i have in a few seperate cartons,,,if and when i sell them…i would think leaving them in the cello pack ppl desire more

  4. I have 12 of them 2 of them are 1971 and 9 of them are 1976 plus one of them non silver 1978 D is that real plz said real

  5. I have a 1974 S Eisenhower that isn't silver. It's a proof coin. I also have one which is silver. Both are nice to have.

  6. Obviously its rather arbitrary to brass tacks collectors, but Eisenhower was a scumbag. He killed thousands of German POWs in death by neglect camps called Rhinewiesenlagers after the war – most of which were old men and kids of the Volksturm militias. He even relabeled them as Disarmed Enemy Forces (or DEFS) to bypass having to feed them under the still rather young Geneva convention as prescribed for POWs. His excuse for lacking food doesnt jive with the simple logistical supply train that fed the various Allied troops that were suddenly being dissolved. Wheres the moral high ground? Anyways, buy the coins if you want but just know that he was a hypocritical criminal.

  7. take a chance u never know what u will find in a brown box…i recently saw a pf 70….73 proof sell for at auction $2,000….i love these coins…my enitre silver collection consits of mainly these and bu gem 40% jfk halves i manaed to buy at or below spot….even with silver melt prices going down…40% silver ikes retain there value or even have gone up with silver being $14 per oz…there selling now for the same when it was $22….tells me one thing…..buy!!!!!!!….i pay on avg for a brown box $8…and bu jfk $2.25 [email protected] per oz….i get exellent deals that i steal on ebay auctions.

  8. my best score…was 2 months ago,,,shocked i was the only bidder….8 brown box…all 1974…$15.50 shipped….thats just luck…this is the only thing investment wise ive done correct…..all my stocks are shit…i gave up on stocks…i only buy silver coins….not .999 bullion….its just a bar of metal….ikes and jfks are highly collectiable

  9. New sub here.  I'm just getting interested in this.  Where do you purchase the storage tubes in which you keep the coin and the blue ike?

  10. Hello it seems you have a lot of silver coins – do you actually clean your circulated silver coins? (if you have any)

  11. I have a liberty 1941 you can see all lines in dress hardly worn and the eagle side is lumanated no wear and tear on it at all it's been protected by a coating of some short ? what is it

  12. Sigh, I have a 1776-1976 D, so I'm thinking it is simply silver clad, which is okay. I'll watch for the 1971-1976 S versions

  13. I am a little bit confused. I have this coin, yet the Mint Mark is just a period. But it was a 1775-1976 coin, as you told that whenever it is a 1976 coin, it is silver. So, which is which?

  14. Just scored 34 ike dollars at my bank Friday when cashing my paycheck. He asked if I was interested, so I was like sure" how many ya got? 34. I'll take them all. I got home and 9 of them are silver ikes (S) mint. Silver coins are easy to identify anyway by their matte luster and edge of the coin. Also have 2 72"s, with 2 of the 3 types, which are good condition. Supposedly could be worth thousands? Learned this from internet and you tube videos. Have to do more investigating on this. The normal clads I will still keep to adding to collection, though am not gonna get rich on them.


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  17. surprised Bullion collectors are even interested in "ikes"?? None of them were more than 40% Ag. SO the misnomer of "silver" Ike is still only referring to a coin thats 40% ….I always thought bullion collectors are in it for the silver value? For Numismatic people watching someone strike a coin with a screwdriver is agony. Yikes. Lets leave the Ikes to the Numismatic societies, please, so we can protect the surfaces, the strikes, the field and devices conditions of those older coins remaining.

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