The Sierra Silver Mine | Wallace, Idaho (Vlog)

Chad what are you doing in the middle of
the street? I’m trying to figure out why this is the center of the universe? Didn’t
you know that? I did not in Wallace Idaho of all places. Yes, right here in Wallace Idaho somehow we have the center of the
universe and I’m trying to to channel this thing man.
Do you feel anything, magnetic pulls? I kind of feel something but it could be
the fear of the big truck that’s about to drive through the intersection here. In 1882 the Silver Valley became the largest silver mining community in the world and today we’re
gonna explore those mines deep underground. We’re going to give you guys a little
rollercoaster ride right up to the mine. So you might wanna hang on to those Idaho safety belts there just to keep yourself safe and secure. And we’re just moments away. I feel like I got the short end of this deal altogether. I believe I am a jack “A” There’s less and less industry like this
in the US and so it’s important for us to be able to educate people about where
in particularly the silver in their life and other metals come from and what it
is like in the day of a life of a miner okay so this right here is a core sample
that they pull out of the rock before they drill a giant cave like this. This
core sample however has no silver or anything of value to it so it is called
a lever right rock. which means you leave-er right here. Our crew and our guides are
all retired miners from the local mines and so they share their true experiences
with our guests. And in Wallace you also have the center of the universe can you
tell me about that? Well you can’t prove it’s not. I’m just
leaving with that right there I don’t want to be in the same room with you if you’re doing that. Jon get off the pot the tour’s going on. So does this tour operate year-round? We operate May 1st to October 15th. And if I am a tourist
coming up to go on this tour would you suggest booking beforehand or just come right into the shop and do it? More and more it is becoming important to give us
a call beforehand in order to accommodate you when you would like to be here it’s probably good to give us a little quick call. This thing is loud and that pipe is low. The Sierra Silver Mine is the second
most popular tour in the state of Idaho The first most popular is the old Idaho
State Penitentiary in Boise. That makes sense. Okay good, check out the brain on
Jon. I actually was paying attention. Well I’m glad you payed attention I was inside taking pictures. Please subscribe to our channel
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them in the comments section and if you haven’t watched Epic Idaho yet make sure you head over to Visit Idaho and check it out. Thanks for watching and we’ll see
you next time.

2 thoughts on “The Sierra Silver Mine | Wallace, Idaho (Vlog)

  1. Wallace Idaho, the center of the universe! It's also home to the second most popular tour in Idaho. Any questions, because we had a few, especially about that center of the universe thing. Leave us a question or comment for us right here!

  2. Do you know where there are public mining spots near southern Idaho, near Declo? I have always wanted to mine for some cool rocks but I don't know where to start.

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