37 thoughts on “The Shocking Obama Prediction That Everyone Missed, But Came True

  1. If silver eagles are 'validated/verified' by the US government. In a shtf scenario could the government lay claim to said coins. I only ask this because here in the UK our copper penny coins are worth more as scrap copper than the currency they represent. Yet it is illegal to 'destroy' money regardless of ownership, our Queen still retains some right over the coin. So my question is, if I had a pile of minted 1oz Silver Britainias (or in your case Mike American Eagles) do I have the same ownership/rights compared to a 1oz swiss/german foundry bar? This question made sense in my head.

  2. @MikeMeloney……Your right about this.What about gold going to $1000 and silver to $13 is that still in your prediction before they go to the moon??????

  3. Everyone talks about economic collapse, but what are the viable options for countries in trying to create a solution.

    If you were in charge, what would you do?

  4. It will be interesting to see what's done to hold this together…they've been very creative, so I suspect some new "event" will come along to hold up this house of cards…
    I know people who bought Gold/Silver because they were convinced "things" were going to fall apart and missed investing opportunities. Maybe it will, Maybe it won't, but can they afford to wait? Is it possible, it will never happen at all? At some point, do people hear Mike's and others' warnings and equate these warnings to Henny Penny? Or worse as Sales rhetoric to drum up business?

  5. The fed is the largest holder of the debt and the fed does not have any money to loan. They just do a few key strokes and pull the money out of thin air. This is the collapse when debt and money are pulled out of thin air.

  6. This masterpiece "The case for 20000 USD gold" I have seen 4 times. I just told a friend to watch it. It is not only an education video but a motivation video. Especially in the moments when PM savers looked like morons. Today the world breaks into pieces – we are almost there….

  7. The Illuminati are out of control of the situation, Obama was just their mascot, messenger, the social worker that had to bring hope to a nations population which had lost faith and was down kissing the canvas.

  8. I remembered this part of your presentation. I listen to that presentation several times a year and thought HOW PRESCIENT….when it was confirmed that Obama DID double the debt.

  9. Mike, thanks. I have recently started watching your videos and been learning alot about the US monetary system. I have a question for you… With the Fed gradually increasing interest rates, wouldn't that be an effective way to reduce the amount of USD in circulation and therefore an effective counter against impending inflation if the economy heats up too fast? Wouldn't interest rate be a way for the FED RESERVE to keep the USD from becoming worthless? Appreciate your view please. Thank you.

  10. The prediction could have been the same, and the result the same regardless of who was President in 2011. The same prediction probably holds for 2017, without regard to the actual election results from 2016. This is a fact of life as long as we have fiat money.

  11. Mike I remember that you couldn't have been more right. But what about these administration does it have to double again

  12. With all due respect, this was an incredibly easy prediction to make.
    Bush Jr: +101% increase in the debt
    Bush Sr: +54% increase in the debt (but only served one term)
    Reagan: +186% increase in the debt
    Carter: +43% increase in the debt (but only served one term)
    Nixon/Ford: +98% increase in the debt

    Since the US got off the gold standard, the national debt has always roughly doubled every Presidential term. I'm not saying you're wrong, but to call this a "shocking" prediction that "everyone missed" is an enormous stretch. The same thing will happen under Trump.

  13. Amazing Mike, how did you know He was gonna be reelected in 2012 to be able to double the debt till 2016?

    Any prediction with Trump and debt?

  14. Congradulations, it is always good to find out that your chart reading and predictions carry some weight. Keep up the good work.

  15. "In order to maintain the prosperity…." If "we" really are maintaining prosperity by doubling the debt every 8 years, then shouldn't we want to continue to do so??¬†Perhaps it should be pointed out that this is a phoney economy built upon debt, not prosperity.

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