The Secret of the Silver Ore

BILLY PEET- Hello younguns! I’m gonna tell you a
story. It’s from the Old West, a long time ago… It’s called the secret of the silver ore!
It’s a legendary story that’s been told through many generations! Hope you enjoy.
It all started when Madison ranger found the biggest silver nugget of her life! Sucker!…I just burned ya! Aw, c’mon… MADISON: Wow! JOHNNY BEANS: Hey girl…what’s up? MADISON- Wow, this silver nugget I found by Ore
Mountain is huge! OZZIE: Say, are you new to these parts? Yes, my father just moved here who are you? And what’s your job? The name’s Ozzie- Ozzie Blacke. I check gold and…uh…silver…to see if it’s real. Let me check this. Is it real? Yes it is, and I’m gonna keep it! How dare you! (gunshot) IRON JAKE- You scoundrel! OZZIE- You’ll regret that! JAKE- I bet I will! Her father must be worried sick! I’ve gotta
get her back up to her father but more importantly, catch that criminal, Ozzie Blacke! Well, when she wakes up, I guess I’ll just take her into the mountains… Time to go, Madison. MADISON- Okay… OZZIE- Well hello, Old Man Ranger! OLD MAN RANGER- You’re…you’re Ozzie Blacke! I heard about you from my friend Johnny Beans! You hurt my daughter..that’s all I need to know! You’re going to die- right now! (gunshots) You’ll…regret…..that…. Great- all I need to do now is kill Madison and Jake and
I’ll be the king of the mountain! (maniacal laughter) SALLY- Old Man Ranger has been shot- by Ozzie! Arrest him….please! C’mon, Madison. (dramatic music) We’re here, Madison. OZZIE- What a surprise- and by surprise I mean totally expected! (gunshots) (gasping) OZZIE- It’s over Madison, though you have a choice. You can marry me and we can live happily ever after. Never! You killed my father and my true love! DIE! Well, I guess we’re going to have to do this the hard way! JOHNNY BEANS: You’re dead! (crying) No! My true love is dead, and all that’s left of my father is…his beard! Well, at least I’m rich! Yay! I got tons of silver and now I can build my very own dream farm on this wonderful mountain! All right! So that was the Silver Ore
story! It was pretty great wasn’t it? I gotta go now, but you young uns always
remember the Silver Ore!

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