The new Microsoft Surface Pen

I’ve always been kind
of a tactile person, stuff that I could hold and
feel and interact with. I wanna be able to use my hands
the way they were built to be used.>>Growing up I learned how to
express myself through writing. My thoughts, my feelings
became naturally linked to the motion of having
a pen in my hands.>>In Eastern watercolor, every stroke is essential
to the spirit, the emotion. Each stroke has its
own personality.>>Learning is more effective
when you are writing than when you’re typing.>>So when a student finds
a way to push through something difficult, discover something
that they didn’t know before, we call those aha moments. Understanding the why behind
concepts can provide students the confidence that they need
in order to pursue the how.>>Math is something
that’s really challenging to do with a keyboard. How do you enter x squared?>>The convergence of
the software and the hardware, it’s bringing us back to
our origins of creativity.>>The pressure sensitivity, it makes it feel that much more
tactile, real and responsive.>>It really feels like
you’re holding a brush pen. It allows me to make strokes
of various wetness and also thickness.>>Expressive, gives artists
that organic feel as if their paint is actually absorbing
into a tactile material. The water actually does its own
thing, it flows and it spreads.>>The combination of pen and
touch really enables precision and control opening up an
infinite amount of possibilities for creative expression. Technology fades into
the background and users can really
focus on their work.>>The ability to convey thought
and expression is so important. It’s thoughts turning into words flowing seamlessly
through my hand.>>As a creative person,
it’s elevated us to be able to do things that
we couldn’t before. [MUSIC]

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