26 thoughts on “The Meaning of Colors for a Spiritual Seeker | Sadhguru

  1. uhh hey

    i saw this one video and you were being interviewed by some guy where you told about jumping down a well as a child. you said that you started yoga with some older man who joined you in jumping down and all. you then said you went to college and other things too then you said something happened and u just went bonk and you are now internally drunk

    anyway i uhhh thought ide say

  2. Thank you deeply for that, venerable sir. A lot of hindu people wear orange ,yet others wear white. I googled "buddhist colors" and found this awesome dharma talk by chance! Well, thanx again for your awesome spirtuality!!!

  3. Interesting explanation regarding the interpretation of colors and how meaningful they are to understand our perception process and what we reflect towards the world around us, thank you Sadhguru, namaste πŸ™

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