Hi there, this is Jonna Jinton speaking So I’ve been working on a painting the last two months. I have spent many days and nights in my studio Painting new layers and just exploring the world of colors. I was inspired by the northern mountains The cold winds The first snow and the sound of ice Something that I love to find inspiration from when I paint In the end process. I added blades of 23 karat gold. I wanted it to be a symbol for that even in the coldest of winds. There can be moments of gold and rays of hope. It turned into a big acrylic painting and I gave it a name Golden Winds And a white wooden frame, made of Swedish pine tree. Just like many other artists I always struggled with setting a price on my paintings So this time, instead of just put it up for sale on my webshop. I decided to put it up for auction on Ebay. Starting today 28th of September until next week the 5th of October. And the starting price is 1$ If you are interested and want to have more information about the painting please check the link in a text attached to this video Thank you so much for watching


  1. There can be moments of gold, moments of hope…" 🙂 so true, so true….and also; you and your Little family are rays of shimmering gold in our Lifes..true light, true golden hearted people…thank you…

  2. If you spent that much time on your painting, you should have started at least not less than 2000 or 3000 dollars, have more Faith in your work Miss, it's worth it's Beautiful Piece

  3. So beatiful. Sitting in front of this painting and waching. Some how, like meditation
    Getting contact with your inside ( feelings, happiness, love, piece…) gives us same feelings. Thank you for your videos.

  4. Hello Jonna,
    I would bid a piece of my heart but I don't think ebay would allow that 🙂
    I can see that you've put your heart and soul into this painting already. It's one of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen. Thank you for showing this to us . . . I kind of feel like I have my own copy of it within this video; I'll be able to see it any time I want 🙂
    I'm so happy you and Johan and Nanook and Kitties share your lives with us!
    Hugs and much love to you all,

  5. This painting is so beautiful! I wish I could buy it but it's going for $10,000! Keep doing what you're doing. You are an amazing artist!

  6. I just checked it and omg it's up to 10,000 in two days. I am so happy for you and this amazing peice of your work

  7. Omg! It's on ebay now for $ 10.000! Oh Jonna 😍 i can't find the right words to say how much it makes my happy.
    Much love from the black forest in Germany 💐💐💐

  8. Bravo, Jonna!! In only four days it went up to 10.000 USD from only one Dollar!! Unbelievable. Cangrats. I hope you'll sell it for 100.000!!

  9. Wow I am so amazed at your price and even more excited for what people are offering. Congrats to you and many blessings

  10. WOW WOW WOW current bid is $10,200.00 amazing I always struggle with pricing any of my work lol maybe this is the way to go beautiful piece

  11. Hi Jonna, your painting is heavenly beautiful, soothing and healing and you're a huge Angel on this Earth, by being you and living from the Heart and in deep connection with Mother nature you teach others who may not yet live from their hearts, by example what it is like to live Heaven on Earth, may you and Johan and Nanouk and your wonderful cats always be Blessed with infinite Abundance and Blessings:)

  12. Only one hour left on the auction and the price is wayyyy above our budget! (link to the eBay page)

    But it's still so exciting to follow it and see where the price lands in the end! We're so glad for you Jonna!

  13. It is so nice to see that what you are and what you do is meaningful for someone who has money. Almost everything in this world has a price, but are we others able to pay for it? Ofc not, but thats not the point. Please, don't make a price tag on yourself. It ruins what you are. Let others decide it through your work. What you are, makes the price tag on what you do, but NEVER change what you are & do because of the money you gain from it. I really hope you can do your work simply because you're in love what you do and not because someone is willing to pay X amount of it.

    All the best from me.

  14. aw i hope you do a video explaining how much this painting went for and to who if they would like to say. this is awesome!

  15. jonna so beautifulll your pictures i peintinf sining skribe book end poem i vish you so much power you are artist my blog mariola bogusz blogspot

    Jonna Jinton is at risk of losing that beautiful nature surrounding her home, and her village is about to lose their way of life due to a large Wind Turbine Park that is about to be built. Her works bring joy to millions of us around the world.

    *Please sign the petition to stop the wind turbines and devastation of the region’s nature. Please share and help raise awareness and support. They have been fighting this alone for several years. The final decision comes in January 2019.

    Here is the link to sign:

  17. Hi Jonna! I've always known Arts help us, I'd live to show you a video so important (painting and making photos to improve life quality on a dementia patient)
    Your work is fondamental!


  18. How much did this painting sell for on ebay ? Very interested in your channel very cool. I see it must have sold for over $10k awesome.

  19. I like your paintings. It's rather abstract. I prefer paintings that represent real things (people, animals, landscapes, … fruits, vegetables). But you paint well.

  20. Check out mono painting with burnt umber raw sienna or like earth orange earth red earth brown or earth yellow..pretty much the. Darker earthly fire colors but other colors will work.but i find these thr best…. You add linseed to the paint to the thickness or thiness you want. A little goes along way…mix the choosen oil based paint color with the linseed mixed with a pallet knife…and prime the canvase with it after keeping it wet….you can carve away with many utensils for perfect imaging. Like wadded cloth or tissue can make clouds. All brushes have different effects. Same with objects like moss or rocks spoons ect…you can add the oil and reduce it again for layering objects trees grass rocks whatever you say its like carving of the paint world. But when it dries you can keep it or add…but being mono. You put it up in a window and the light shines through it causing it to glow. I had to self teach myself that technic with one color. But i was satiafied with the landscape i created. Its the only painting i personally like as being a person who sculpts with clay.

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  22. Wow, what a beautiful painting! I'm seeing this on November 14th, 2019 but I hope it went well-I just want to say wow, it's stunning! Have a good day 🙂 !

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