The Hard Truth Of Trading

– What’s up Tim Sykes here
in Hawaii, on my laptop. This video is going to
teach you some hard truths that you’re probably not aware
of when it comes to trading. (upbeat music) What’s up Tim Sykes here,
in Hawaii with a view. Show them the view. Before I begin this video, let me ask you would you like to work from anywhere? Mind you, before you answer
in the comments below, I am talking about working from anywhere, not just going anywhere. I’m kind of out of it, you’ll see me supporting my back. I actually have been traveling a lot, and I just threw out my back yesterday as I was taking my luggage down from the overhead compartment, and I literally crunched my back. But this goes back to my question, would you like to be able
to work from anywhere? Because I’m working right now, okay? It doesn’t matter where I am, I’m always looking at the
markets for potential plays. So this is the kind of life that I live. I want to be realistic about
it, 90% of traders lose. You probably haven’t heard
that from other people, you haven’t heard that from brokers. But this is a very tough
game so no matter where I am, whether my back is in shape or not, whether I’m sleep deprived or not, I’m still looking at the markets. That’s not to say that
I’m always trading, okay? Some days the best trade is no trade. Today I actually lost roughly $600, so you don’t win every single time too. I have to go against all this BS where people think that trading is easy, where you don’t have to study the past. I’ve heard comments like “oh Tim, you have so many video lessons I don’t want to study them all.” Well then you’ll lower
your odds of success. I’m wearing shirt here of UMBC. This is, you might not know this college, I didn’t go to this college, they were the first number 16
seed to beat a number 1 seed in the NCA tournament
for men’s basketball. It was an amazing game,
it wasn’t even close. They were like, solidly ahead. So how does a number 16 team beat a number one team, seed wise? And that had never happened
before, they were the first. It’s because they put in
the work every single day. If you type in UMBC coach interviews, the coach gave a lot of
interviews really talking about how his teams work ethic
allowed them to excel. Even though they were ranked
very lowly in the NCAA tournament, they still
made it to the tournament, and they surprised literally everybody. First one, I think in like a hundred years or something like that to do it. And every year there’s four chances, because if you follow NCAA basketball you have four brackets. So every year four times,
so this is the first time, so I’m going to say its like
one in four hundred chances where a number 16 team had
never beaten a number 1 team. And it wasn’t due to luck,
it was due to work ethic. So that’s why I’m here looking at stocks. The stock market opens
at 3:30 in the morning here in Hawaii, it’s not fun. But I’m here, frankly, because I have a big documentary premiere. We have my Karmagawa charity,
click the link just below. I’ll post the link by
the time you watch this. The documentary on saving
coral reefs around the world will be up, my team
and I traveled to- agh. I was going to hold up seven, I can’t even hold up my arms. This is how much pain I’m in right now. Seven countries, five months, roughly $500,000 spent
by me on this documentary because for me, charity is not just about
giving money to these charities, it’s also educating the world,
educating people like you. Because no matter how much a
charity or anyone person does, we are in this together, we
are on the planet together. It depends on how much
plastic we use together, it depends on the waste that we have. And while most people think “oh I don’t really matter,
it’s just one person.” If everybody thinks like that, guess what? That’s what creates these
problems with the environment. So it starts with you. It starts and ends with you and me. We are the problem but
we also the solution. And the solution, for the environment, is working on it every single day. No days off. You don’t say, “oh I’m going to not use plastic one day a week.” No! Like, it’s everyday. Just like I don’t take any
days off from studying. Even if it was the weekend. It’s not the weekend when I’m
filming this, but if it were, I would still be studying. I would still be researching new sectors, new potential percent gainers, I’d be using stocks to trade, scanners. Even on the weekends that’s what I do. That is the life that I’m offering you. It’s not as easy as you might think. It’s not this amazing
mythical place with unicorns, like this is real. The good news is because
90% of traders lose is due to lack of preparation. So what I teach you might
not be the most fun, but it’ll help you avoid
being just another statistic. And that’s what I’m here for. A lot of people say “Tim, why don’t you just trade,
why do you have to teach?” Because I love it. I didn’t have a teacher, I’m trying to be the teacher
to you that I never had. Why do I think so many
people have so many problems losing in the stock market? It’s very dangerous, you know? This is kind of like, research gambling. I’m wrong, even after 20
years roughly 30% of the time. And that’s after a lot of
knowledge, a lot of studying, and a lot of practice. So how will you do if you
don’t have a lot of knowledge, a lot of studying, or a lot
of practice under your belt? You’ll probably lose more
than 30% of the time. And for me and my top students, we all win 50, 60, 70% of the time, but our gains are bigger than our losses. Like I said I lost a little money, but I minimized those losses. Okay? So studying every day, looking at stocks through
trade scanners every day. Sometimes when you’re
wrong, cutting those losses. Right now I’m looking at
the stock that I was in, if was still in it, I’d be down even more. I’d be down about $1400 instead of $600, so I’m glad I exited. I know that might sound weird, like why would I be glad about a loss? But sometimes that’s all you can do. Sometimes you’re just going to be wrong. This has been a little
video on realism with you. If you like it, leave a comment underneath let me know if you want more real, kind of like hard truths
type videos like this. Where sometimes your back
is going to be thrown out, sometimes it’s going to be beautiful out but you can’t go out
because you’re also working. That’s the reality of this. The good news is, you work for yourself, you have freedom, you don’t work for some boss that you hate at a job that you hate, and yes, I can still travel anywhere. Once you make enough money,
that’s when you have fun. The process of getting rich is not fun, but once you are rich, trust me, it’s fun. Leave a comment, let me know what you
think about this video. Hey Tim Sykes millionaire
mentor and trader, thank-you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe so you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge, and become
my next millionaire student.

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  1. From a seated position on the floor hug your knees like you're getting ready to do a cannonball into a swimming pool and roll backwards onto your back and rock back and forth. Help straighten everything back up! Works great for a separated rib! Hope it helps. My chiropractor showed me.

  2. YES! I feel the sameway even if I become a billionaire (not millionaire) I would keep up with my prepping, praying, getting in (yes I mean workong out to push my limits) and to enjoy my blessings in life with my family.

  3. I’d like to be able to have the option to work from anywhere, but while I travel I’d like to just focus that time on myself and my family.
    Trading isn’t easy. But it’s not that hard once you have an idea of what you’re looking for and what you’re doing. I’ve studied nearly every day for the past 6 months, but I’ve been studying off and on over the past 3 years and just started trading recently.

    The hard truth is that I’ve learned more in the past 6 months then the 2 1/2 years before that, because I have realized what it takes.

    Anyways thanks again for the video Tim!
    See you at the Top in like 980 more trades!

    —Jordan Reed

  4. I am new in trading I made my 1000 to 10700 in just 2 weeks but lose all in just 3 days this is very hard truth

  5. Can i be your personal luggage carrier. That way i can work from anywhere too :p and u wont hurt yourself anymore.

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  7. Hi Tim, Female Challenge student here. Appreciate that even in tough moments you are still up for a good work. Thanks for realistic view on trading. Wishing you speedy recovery.

  8. Health before wealth and above all else. Once a spine is fucked and doesn't get looked at, it can become all the way fucked permanently. Get it sorted.

  9. the most Beginners did not understand how fast the market is. I Winning trade can turn in seconds to a loosing trade. Entry and Exit is all in trading. be Patient.and tarde with small Budget to get practice. If a trade does not do what you expect do not wait, Exit how fast you can and fight another day. CUt loses quickly

  10. Hello Tim, is possible that the courses that you sell can have subtitles in spanish, there is a enormous market in latin america that could buy your courses but there is a little the impediment for the topic of language, is only a suggestion. Greetings from Ecuador.

  11. love the principles you live by.. learning and growing everyday, no matter… it's way past midnight where I am but am motivated to learn more from you.

    get well soon and keep doing what you do..

  12. To think the hardest part of your trading is carrying your bags out of the over head compartment. 👀

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  15. Hopefully you're getting better! I appreciate your explanation on how much dedication could potentially pay off. Now I have to see if I can find the stocks from yours and stockstotrades watchlist to see why they were chosen. Good night!

  16. love it, nothing is better than truth, glad to have an honest teacher like you Tim, and not like most bullshit trading motivator on tv

  17. Great video, Tim. It's super crucial to be real and that's what you were in this video. I will be trading as well as you one day. Thanks for all you continue to do. You definitely inspire & motivate. Hope the back gets better soon!

  18. You need to start doing some strength training/rehab/mobility work for your back. Start with Stuart McGill’s Big 3. Search it on here. It can help get you pain free.

  19. You seem like such a cool dude Tim, maybe one day I'll have the pleasure of meeting you. Great trader but most importantly, someone who wants to help animals and the environment with his winnings.


  21. Can you enlighten us on a typical day trader's daily schedule like when is it safe to take a break for a week not looking at the stock market and just relaxing and when you get back how do you catch up with the time you took off ?..

  22. Thanks for keeping it real. Anytime I need motivation to become a better trader I can always count on watching a Tim Sykes video to keep me moving in the right direction.

  23. great video Tim I love your lifestyle I wish I could travel the world like that. Hope your back gets better your friend Rico:)

  24. Hi Tim,
    You said that you use the scanners over the weekend? Can you elaborate? If the stock market isn’t open on the weekends how can you use them? Also if anyone else wants to help out a new trader please let me know how to use a scanner over the weekend.

  25. Tim, thanks for sharing the grittier side of Trading. Your authentic approach is more inspiring for guys like me than then glitz and glamor. Those who already know how to work hard are more interested in knowing they aren’t just being taken for a ride. This type of video hits that mark. Take care!

  26. Hi Tim, I am your u tube and books ( hedge funds and penny stock) student studying hard each day. Anytime muscle gets pulled ( like yourself in this video ) take extra magnesium Suppliment it would help. Thanks for yr awesomeness !!

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