The Forex Trading Youtube Channel That’s Changing Everything (in 2019)

This is the no-nonsense Forex YouTube channel where I tell you and show you things about forex trading that nobody else online is telling you or showing you. And this can give you a huge advantage over everybody else. Because Almost everybody out there who trades forex uses the same tools, or some combination of the same tools And they don’t get the results they’re looking for. And here’s the thing — it’s not their fault. It’s probably not your fault either. The reason why people don’t make it in this business is at the very beginning, right when they learn how to trade, they were told to use all these different tools and concepts that just don’t work very well. And Then what happened after they learned?
Every video, every tweet, every blog Was out there doing the same exact thing using the exact same tools. No wonder you ended up in that 99 percent You were never told different this whole time That’s where this channel comes in. If you’re somebody who’s just now learning forex And you want to learn how to trade the right way From the start, without making any of the huge mistakes that we all make when we first start out or if you’re just tired of not getting the results you want and Everything you see online is not helping you, then this channel was made just for you. There’s a lot of really cool forex channels out there, but not one of them is actually making you a better trader They’re all out there telling you to do the same stuff you’re already doing. This channel is different. Here’s what I give you first off I show you all the things that just don’t work — all the tools all the concepts, many of which you’re probably Using right now. It’s crucial that we identify these things first, and then I explain to you Why they are not helping you and they’re actually hurting you Because if you can’t get rid of what’s dragging you down. It doesn’t matter what you do after that, but after that’s done I start showing you things that you can really do instead that make a huge impact, a consistent impact, in the way you trade. I’m given about 95% of my secrets away on this channel So you’re gonna want to subscribe and stick around for that. We also go over trade management and money management Which almost nobody does which is crazy because it’s only the single most important thing in forex trading Ever. And the people who do go over it, don’t do it the right way I’m going to show you a tried-and-true way, and I have tried everything, but I finally figured out a money management system that works Every time, and you’re getting that too. And we will also go over trade psychology, which again almost nobody tackles And this is it doesn’t seem like it’s important But it’s extremely important because you can have the most perfect trading system in place But if you keep getting in your own way it doesn’t matter But if you can prevent yourself from getting in your own way, and you can be smart about your trading there is no stopping you. Trade psychology is extremely important and Once you’ve checked out all my videos if there’s a topic that I haven’t covered and a question You’ve always want to know just ask I have a segment called “Ask VP”. I’m VP by the way And I provided you a link down below in the description where you can click that and ask me any forex related question you’ve ever Wanted to know. I’ve been trading for nine years. I’ve been trading professionally for a prop firm for four years Chances are I can probably answer most questions that are out there and any question that you have and a lot of those questions and up as being episodes on the channel so getting all that – So this is the type of thing you’ve been waiting for this whole time, but have never gotten hit subscribe hit the notification icon Don’t miss anything! Don’t let other traders who do watch this channel pass you up. Every video I make is designed to provide Tremendous value and make you a much better trader after you’ve watched it than you were before you’ve watched it. No bells. No whistles Just straightforward Easy to understand forex trading videos that you can actually use. Sound good to you? Subscribe, check out the videos Let’s go GET IT.

27 thoughts on “The Forex Trading Youtube Channel That’s Changing Everything (in 2019)

  1. I've watched several videos on this channel. I love the no BS approach. Just a straight focus on what works and what does not. Looking forward to more.

  2. Trade psychology will only affect discretionary trading. It's not a factor in mechanical trading strategies, unless you start second guessing it.

  3. Thanks VP ..i learned a lot..I was shocked when i watched about "The Big Banks video" ..thanks for sharing and helping us..God bless you

  4. lol, probably seen all videos around 2-3 times except this one, didn't even hesitate towards changing my mind after the dirty dozen´s video, still, great intro VP!

  5. Hi VP
    New fan here from Chicago! I'm a newbie in Forex (a vet in Nasdaq). Glad to find your podcast in Spotify, just finished listening them all and now will check out your YouTube and Blog. Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

  6. First youtube channel where I’m actually so eager to catch up on all videos made, feeling that I can’t miss one. The rarest, most helpful forex information on the net. Thank you for sharing VP 👍🏻

  7. Hhhh by telling us the secret is not considered as a secret anymore so the idea is when it comes to forex. Be your own teacher and never listen to anybody
    Everybody is your enemy

  8. Who are you. How do I know that you are not someone scam talking scam. Because u don't show your face and we don't know who u are.

  9. VP doesn't want to be called a guru or mentor, and I totally respect that. How about "YouTube Forex Influencer?" No, that sounds like he tells traders what kind of makeup to wear; scratch that. Just call him VP I guess…

  10. hey man at No Nonsense Forex ; this is the most amazing channel ever, thanks a lot for your info on FOREX, extremely helpful.

  11. Very interesting channel. Here you find some very good explaination of how Forex works. But take into account, that almost all is related to trading on daily time frame. If you trade on shorter time frames, lots of the content is not for you or is misleading. Trading on 15M for instance is a whole other story. I think, it is because of the fact (my believe) that the big ones don't trade the lower timeframes so much. You are cmpeting more with the retail traders and you have to follow their rules. They use trendlines and SAR and also the "forbidden" indicators. So it makes sense to also check those. That's more effective.
    The first videos I would check is about money management and psychology. If you are on shorter timeframes you can skip most of the indicator stuff. It is not for you. Bit VP is saying it more than once, that he does not do reversals and he only trades on daily timeframe and so should you. If you want to be closer to the market, than be carefull with some of the content. It is related to daily time frame.

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