The End of the Silver King

[Music] welcome to another day here at Mysteries
of the Superstition Mountains and we’re here with Jack San Felice he’s gonna tell
us why the Silver King when it was so popular so busy and still had a lot to
be mine there as far as the silver goes why did it close down now that’s that’s
an interesting subject and you had Pinal City you had Silver King and all of
a sudden boof it’s all gone and he’s gonna tell us what happened Now because of this mine settlers came in miners flocks here they drove the
Apaches out and made it safe for other miners and other mines so I have I have
a map of 1882 showing where the Silver King was in the Silver Queen and then it
shows all the other mines that took place around here like the Rogers Canyon
mines like the Martinez Canyon mines like the Reamert mines like the Miami
Globe mines all of that was made possible by one thing the Silver King
mine it was the catalyst for mining In these 1870s and 1880s because it was so
valuable because it employed so many people and could sustain two towns you
think about it at Pinal City they had two breweries two breweries they had a
hundred men working into mine and then there was about a hundred work in the
mills it’s 200 and a support system for them was almost 4,000 people do you
think about it the mine supported almost 4,000 people and these two towns as well
as all the freight that was coming back and forth and a hundred wood cutters
that went up the Montana mountain would come down here because everything in
those days run by steam and it was a corral up here also and
there was a stagecoach stop up here there was a turn around and this is a
real little town and then the core Pinal City was a bigger town and at
Pinal City I was telling you about the ore and how they processed it down there
by the stamp mills they had all of these people up here they had engineers they
had assayer up here they had a doctor here and they had course I pointed out
to where the schoolhouse was the mining they mined this mined for 12 straight
years and why the mine closed was not for lack of silver and gold not material
the mine closed because silver dropped they put a bill in to change the
standard from silver to gold see Europe was using a silver standard the Spanish
had always used the silver standard and the standards changed from silver in
Europe to gold and that the price of silver in America dropped from as high
as $4 an ounce all way down to 20 cents an ounce so was nothing it wasn’t worth
it was not worth mining the high-grade the real high-grade got four down there
generally they generally got about a dollar fifty to two dollars maybe for
the foremost of the what they called high-grade but the real high-grade was
about four guys that knew what the gold looked like that they didn’t say it see
never in any of the reports they mention any gold I’ve got all the reports from
the years when they made reports here at the Silver King official reports all
they talked about was all they paid on was silver that’s the silver so that’s
the way it went so ran twelve years and then silver
collapsed and all mining in the West collapsed the only thing that stood was
the gold mines or mines that were making gold and then a few years later copper
came in well you know actually sometimes we solve these
mysteries and don’t leave you with one so today talking about the Silver King
it’s one of those solved mysteries of the Superstition Mountains {music] you

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