69 thoughts on “The Curse of Civil War Gold: New Evidence at the Bottom of Lake Michigan (Season 2) | History

  1. So they found this awesome evidence on their footage however they still went and looked at other places for a year?

  2. If it is the confederate gold you can guarentee that the loony dems will appropriate it for slavery reporations !!!!!

  3. So they making us wait again when while take actually dig and try to get it out 2 weeks already past

  4. If the boxcar was full of gold in the wood rotted away the gold would not disappear somebody beat you to it

  5. Saw on the show that there was a little sea sickness. Take some ginger capsules before going out to dive or take some candied or pickled ginger with you & chew on it to help relieve any nausea. Works great for most.

  6. It will be very interesting to see what y’all have found…I’m sure there are many treasure in that lake! Happy Hunting! ~ Gypsy

  7. I'll bet a million dollars they apply for permits and go back to find someone (the state) has confiscated

  8. I did multiple Google searches and couldn't find an answer.. Why can't you move stuff or dig on a bottom of a lake without a permit? "Could it be" they are bullshitting just to extend the show? Lol see what I did there? 😂😂😂

  9. Diver it looks like a gold brick, boat well what is it, diver its shaped like a gold brick, boat come up your running out of air🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄..

  10. I used to go up to Frankfort for years, with my grandparents. In the early 90’s. And there was talk of a rail car under water. And that was a fishing waypoint at the time. If it’s true. That would be so amazing

  11. The summer time is the best time for underwater excavations. GOOD LUCK TO THE ENTIRE CREW!! Looks to me like you could use a larger crew, with more sophisticated underwater equipment. Would the Navy have any you could rent??

  12. There was a find in an Italian cemetery of ancient gold coins in an urn. all minted in the image of ancient roman emperor, by the roman empire. The documentary was extremely interesting.

  13. that boxcar didn't contain any gold, it holds the bodies of the workers, the tunnel diggers and gold movers who knew too much.

  14. Another useless show just like curse of oak island…no one will ever find anything. Oh wait I found I nail…

  15. And while they "wait for the permit", duh, some people are NOT "waiting for a permit". It's going to be gone, and blamed on the currents.

  16. You know dammed well no matter what permits they have the army corp of engineering will never give them a permit because it will expose the government as corrupt and as crooked as it gets! dont be surprised if the bars they found disappear. id have picked a few up like 5-10 held them till after the permits are issued and the corps of engineers go in and steal the others cause we know the government will steal them !

  17. Season 2. Episode 9. Diver has to go “solo” …. of course with a camera man diver. Lol. Silly nonsense.

  18. Number 58 x my favorite number the year I was born I really like what they're doing I'm rooting for these guys yes it is so exciting the watch stuff like this up all night educational television National Geographic Discovery history all that good stuff you guys keep up the good work

  19. This show is a joke painted gold bricks.its to repetitive. Its made up.just for ratings.just like the curse of oak island.they are trying to compete with natgeo who really does find treasure.the history channel is a joke

  20. This is sad show. History channel should be ashamed to air a bunch of fake treasure hunters. Painted gold bricks on the bottom of Lake Michigan come on!

  21. I got $100 that says a producer painted those bricks and dropped them there. So tired of these manipulated over-dramatized "reality" television shows.

  22. Unless I missed the answer,but I doubt it, why was the boxcar pushed overboard in the first place? That always seemed strange to me. Also, look to your boat captain to have maybe thrown those gold bricks in the water on a night time fishing trip. What a crock.

  23. if they are worried that people are trying to protect the location of the gold …. the answer might be in the book … "Shadow of the Sentinel" by Bob Brewer … just a thought

  24. Guys have been talking about about gold bars in Lake Michigan for years looks like some boaters had some fun trowing gold painted bricks over board.

  25. I think the first diver Mike went back took there gold and put bricks in the same place treasure hunting is very secretive they told someone they shouldn't have

  26. Please stop this bollocks its getting seriously boring. Even the narrator spends every episode repeating himself

  27. Obviously, removed by the 'divers'. Before the initial dive, their behaviour and body language screamed lies and deception.
    Either Marty and family have been screwed over, or they're in on it. Shouldn't be too hard to trace the origins of the bricks and gold paint. Since one person on the boat mentioned a school as a possible origin, discovering that they are, would definitely prove guilt.
    How far Marty decides to persue this conspiracy, will show if they've part of the deception. One thing seems evident, the divers aren't being honest.

  28. So where are the cast iron wheels and axles if this is a train car? They'd be large and certainly not yet completely rusted away.

  29. I laugh with the theories that someone is trying to distract them from the real location…come on…anything so there are more episodes…End the show just like oak island…no ones ever going to find anything…no one like on Oak island leaves that much gold behind…after season 2 episode 9 I was actually excited that one show would pan out….so sick of all of this….Another let down..

  30. I’m not watching this garbage any more. Waste of time. Ending truly was the perfect LOL icing on the cake. I know reality TV is not reality but if these researchers really spent 6-8 years on this i feel sorry for them (in the context of don’t quit your day job).

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