35 thoughts on “The Current Case for Gold and Silver (w/ Greg Weldon)

  1. This is an economic experiment being done by people who live ABOVE what we commonly refer to as the 1% elites

  2. Silver miners exploding in my pants.over the last 3 days, Excellon up 38%, first majestic up 20% , avino up 25%, levon up 25%, great panther up 20%. Couer de leon up 20%.

  3. Relative to a baseball game we are in the bottom of the third. Extra innings would be fine to the upside.

  4. Who has a good place to buy platinum bars are spot. I hate the fact US platinum coins are $100 over spot. I really hate it.

  5. Great video, I have been following Greg since the last gold and silver bull market that started in 2003, he is one of my favorite market analysts. Thank you for doing this video.

  6. It only took me 43 years to learn that the difference between those that became SUCCESSFUL, and those who didn't, was their ability to HOLD ON and PERSIST in the face of less than desireable, often bleak, circumstances and/or environments. Just. Hold. On.

  7. Gold bugs are like new born Christians bashing and forcing their book on others. Faaark, let people choose, stop ramming your opinions down peoples necks.

  8. Silver is already 16,46. At 100 I might gonna sell. Haha. It might sounds sarcastic but it would be funny to see it happening. I really don't know how low the EUR will sink. We F-ed big time! Going to negative all the way down. The aftermath of 2008.

  9. Thanks for the analysis. I would greatly appreciate more technical analysis. Especially since we are seeing so much movent and the beginning of a large economic collapse.

  10. I thought you were supposed to be a, "Gold Guru?" So, why are you SO obsessed with FIAT currencies – they are worthless and they mean NOTHING – they are all headed back to ZERO! How do you not know this? You must NOT be a "Guru." At least, not of gold. Good luck with your FIAT obsession.

  11. Greg was just as excited about Soybean oil at $30 a couple of years ago..His Fundamental Analysis is good, but the market is Sooo complex and strong conclusions are dangerous.

  12. Just keep buying gold and silver until we can't use anymore those Fiat money . We need silver and gold only .

  13. Debt ceiling was raised meaning more bonds being issued, meaning rates on long term debt will rise as the world chokes on more debt. Long term rates start to rise causing more appetite in the debt market. Gold will drop as this happens.

  14. Who can we belive in on youtube ? Some youtubers are talking about gold to 10.000 $ and silver 1000 $ and others talking about gold to only 2000 $ and silver maybee to 50 $ ! I talk about short time 1-3 year 😉 what do you think ?

  15. Pure 999.9 silver rounds and bars will be more valuable to High Tech firms for industrial uses . Old silver coins need to be melted down and have the copper cleaned out of them for industrial use , they are better for food , real estate , and Bartering ect.

  16. Wow-looks like Someone forgot to take their Ritalin — he was talking so fast he was make ME nervousl! 🤪

  17. Hi Greg, Over the last three years Gold has gone up 400 US dollars from $1,040 to $1,440.If this was a baseball game it is just the bottom of the second inning, Gold is going to $2,900.

  18. Currency expanded by 7% a year since 1971. Gold, real estate, stocks, up 7%, on average, since 1971. It's just an IOU bubble, transferring wealth from Main Street families to Wall Street elites. Greatest wealth transfer in history.

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