The Case for $10,000 Gold

Welcome to illuminati silver we tell you the
truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 29th November 2016 and we
are discussing the case for $10,000 Gold. All of us have seen on the Internet a number
of gold and silver pumpers stating that gold is about to rise to $10,000 any time soon.
Some have said $5,000 and we have even seen one stating $50,000. Even some of our subscribers
quote gold will reach $10,000 in 2017 or 2018 and we wondered where have these figures emanated
from as our analysis based on fundamentals stress that $2,000 gold would be quite an
achievement at that time. Well apart from those making outrageous claims
like Bix Weir who argues the case for $100,000 silver, yes you’ve heard it correctly $100,000
oz silver – with a set of conditions less likely to occur than someone winning the State
Lottery three times in a row we have managed to identify the real advocate of this prediction
who happens to be a serious economist and financial commentator.
Now we are confident that most of our listeners have heard of him, and we have mentioned him
in the past – his name is Jim Rickards who has penned numerous New York Times best sellers
on the relationship between commodities and currencies.
His latest book, “The New Case for Gold,” defends the rationale that gold always has
been, and always will be, a true safe haven during volatile times. He therefore urges
investors to think of the commodity as insurance, but not an investment.
He frequently cites the financial meltdown of 2008, where U.S. banks teetered on the
brink of collapse before the government’s multi-billion dollar bailout. Before that,
in 1998, Wall Street bailed out Long-Term Capital Management when it collapsed.
Rickards explains that, financial panic seems to occur every 10 years, and therefore investors
should brace for another disaster in 2018. Yet, this time around, Rickards believes that
it’s the U.S. government itself that may trigger the next crisis.
This is what he said recently on CNBC : “We should expect the next global financial
panic soon. We have imploded twice in the last 16 years so get ready for the third one…..
In 2018, who’s going to bail out the Central Banks?…..The bailout money is going to come
from the IMF [International Monetary Fund] as they have the only clean balance sheet
left.” Rickards argument is based upon the fact that
in 1998 Wall Street bailed out Long Term Capital Management. In 2008 the FED bailed out the
Banks. During the next crash, only the IMF is large enough to bail out the Central Banks
and Governments. Rickards believes that this will drive gold
higher—to $10,000. He states: “This sum is not a made up number….. It is the implied
non-deflationary price.” Rickards points to “M1,” the base money supply
printed by the Federal Reserve plus active checking accounts. The value of M1 is derived
in large part from the value of gold and represents the day-to-day money supply that people can
use to spend. He explains:
“Global M1 has about 40 percent gold backing. There’s about 35,000 tons of official gold
in the world. That comes out to about $10,000 an ounce to use gold to create confidence
in the dollar…..the dollar price of gold moves around, but gold itself stays constant.”
Rickards’ scenario, of course, is a hypothetical value based on a number of theoretical occurrences
that would need to happen in the global economy. Much of it is based upon continuing global
conflicts which may peak. For example he quotes: “Look at the South China Sea! Look at the
Middle East, Libya and Iran…….The system is not stable. ”
He also references that the FED, over the next 12 months or so will ease up on liquidity
rather than the tightening, markets are trying to predict – resulting in a weaker dollar
and a higher price for gold. The last few days, Rickards has been interviewed
a number of times, as he has yet another new book to promote. He believes that Trump will
attempt to spend his way to economic growth which could lead to inflation. He also highlights
that if the IMF is eventually called in to rescue Central Banks, then, the SDR (Special
Drawing Rights), which would be the currency the IMF would use to bail out individual countries,
would have to instil confidence and to do this will comprise of a certain percentage
of gold and this will ignite its price. So what do we make of this? Well, there are
conflicting aspects. If the world moves towards a pure digital currency economy, then one
has to ask what is the place for gold other than just its ornate beauty in jewellery and
black market trade. Bitcoin for example is backed by nothing other than a limited number
being available and the security of its operation, and so something similar could theoretically
be created or bitcoin expanded on a total global scale without the need for gold.
On the other hand of course, to achieve such a digital currency that is global, will take
a number of years to implement, during which time, many believe the financial crash will
have already occurred and there will be a flight to gold.
Let us assume the latter scenario happens. The flight to gold will be a mixture of monies
moving out of stock markets, possibly bonds and property into precious metals. However,
the currency markets will implode and the value of the dollar will depreciate significantly
and of course the value of gold goes up in dollar terms. That said, and Rickards points
this out, you could very well have $10,000 gold in that scenario, but rather than making
you rich, that $10,000 will still only buy you the same as $1,000 will buy you today.
So what gold will in effect achieve is that rather than make you wealthy, it will protect
your purchasing power while those who do not hold gold will be unable to do.
On that basis, this supports what we have said all along. Do not buy gold and silver
in the belief that it will make you wealthy. Do so in that it will protect your purchasing
power when others do not have that protection. Of course, should a financial crisis not occur,
and the precious metals are not actively sought after, then a 5% – 10% holding of your assets
in gold will not do you any significant harm. If on the other hand, you believe the pumpers
are right and that Rickards forecast and timing is correct and you decide to go all –in,
then heed this caution – your prosperity will then be dependent upon economic collapse
(which will have a range of other unpleasant consequences) or if there is no collapse,
you may be holding on to it for many years to come – so be prepared in more ways than
one. Having said that, we do see gold and silver
providing a little more than just currency protection during the course of the next 20
years. At some stage, gold and silver will be seen as an attractive investment opportunity
over and above just holding monetary value. The same will apply to houses, to stocks,
to bonds etc. Longer term, we foresee silver being not only in great demand, but more expensive
to extract as the mines become deeper, thereby ensuring an attractive appreciation in price.
However, we do not believe for a moment that by jumping in with both feet is sensible unless
of course you are an all-out gambler and can afford to do so.
By the way, at the time of producing this video, gold currently stands at $1184 and
silver at $16.50 oz. We hope you have found this video interesting
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92 thoughts on “The Case for $10,000 Gold

  1. The Federal Reserve is bankrupt. The Federal Reserve Note is inherently worthless. It is only mass delusion that continues the farse. No one wants to see global economic colapse…..but its coming.

  2. 5 ,10 ,50 thousand $ for 1Uz of gold? It is only a question of what the new currencies will be worth. The old money system is at it's end.
    Gold and silver will not change their inner value. So it would be good to have some.

  3. Trump manages companies in bankruptcy and indebted. He's been hired by the corporation of The United States to handle the US. now. There are no coincidences! He is a salesman and a very good one…

  4. If gold and silver are used to back currency again – I think there will be a premium for holding physical metal above the actual spot price simply because it will be harder to acquire.

  5. How can there be a significant collapse in the US dollar to justify higher gold prices, when the rest of the world is in even more dire circumstances? I can't see any significant drop until there is an alternative to the dollar as a reserve currency. I do agree with the idea that gold will appreciate as the costs of mining a new ounce of gold increases, however.

  6. There are numerous reasons why digital currency will fail in the long run. Paper money backed by nothing will continue to devalue… Precious metals will not devalue, only the price of metals can be manipulated by a failing global Monetary Ponzi scheme. Eventually the price manipulators will lose control of suppressing the price of precious metals. When this will occur, no one knows.

  7. Never invest what you cannot afford to walk away from.  There is so much more that one can say, but I'll leave it at that one 'pithy' statement.  Okay, maybe one more:  You cannot eat precious metals.

  8. One point the narrator made that some commenters seem to have missed is a rise in gold prices does NOT make you rich. Let's use silver as an example. Say silver is at $20 and it costs $20 to fill your gas tank. If silver goes to $1000 you aren't suddenly rich if a tank of gas costs $1000. You're treading water. You aren't sinking, but you are just barely afloat. Which in a way is, relatively speaking, a good thing.

  9. I hope the title of this video attracts more people in the "stacking" community… to help thwart decisions made in a panic & thereby minimize more needless suffering. Decisions made in a panic are rarely productive. It is easy to take advantage of most people. Some of these panic salesman are reprehensible.

  10. random fact i saw by physical chemistry phd doug stewart "there is 1 ounce of gold in every 264 billion gallons of water" if the end of the world came and the skies rained fire and our oceans boiled, just scrape the sea floor and ur set for bartering with your fellow doomsdayer 😉

    Stewart, D 2016, ' facts about gold', chemicool, viewed 29 November 2016 <>.

  11. Yes, my word, Rickards. I had to struggle to get him off my email distribution. No doubt we could have a crisis, but really; some salesmen will drive you nuts!

  12. I bought Jim Rickards first book "Currency Wars" published in 2011, the year gold peaked. In that book 5 years ago is where he first made the case for $10,000 gold. Since then he has released 3 more books and has offered no new information. Since then gold has declined and Jim has engaged in offering a news letter offered through Agora Financial where we wants to charge thousands of dollars a year to access his top secret junior miner geologist. He is no more than a drug pusher providing gold bugs with there next fix!

  13. How will the IMF bailout governments with an SDR that is composed of those same governments currency? If Rickards believes the collapse will begin with the US government and the SDR is made up of 40% dollars – how can that work?

  14. US home prices hit new all time highs today. Let's continue: federal debt at new all time highs ($19.9 trillion), state and local government debt at new all time highs, student debt at new all time highs ($1.5 trillion), auto loan debt at new all time highs, mortgage debt at new all time highs ($14.1 trillion), healthcare costs at new all time highs, and US consumer credit card debt approaching $1 trillion. What could possibly go wrong.

  15. I'm not a huge fan of Jim Rickards, but he is ABSOLUTELY correct when he says each new credit cycle bubble gets bigger and uglier.

  16. what a piker you are--look at web bot –$125,000 for gold ; so i guess todays price is a real bargain just 8 oz today price gold will make me a millionaire yes —but still will watch your site for info

  17. Barring a very significant and highly unlikely reform of the US currency system and the federal government, US debt will at least double, yet again, over the next eight years. Given the demand-side proclivity of central bankers and politicians, they won't sit on their hands and allow significant deleveraging and deflation to occur. Numerous foreign actors have the long knives out for the US and its dollar, driven by justifiable grievances. A reckoning of some form is inevitable.

  18. 2000$ for Toyota tires w silver 100$ thought silver 50 yrs ago 4 x face sold on highs what I have cost won't get rich only a bridge to future utilities are better.

  19. Succinct, eloquent and bang on the mark. Fantastic analysis, I am in the purchasing power hedge camp but silver is certainly a great opportunity over the next couple of decades.

  20. If you preserve your buying power, and everyone holding dollars doesn't, doesn't the demand destruction caused by the lack of liquidity mean you'll be able to buy even more with your gold, even if it's buying power is just on par, you have to compete with far fewer buyers pushing up prices for other properties.

  21. I was hoping you would comment more on gold's value in relation to M1, It is a metric I consider.   The OTHER Nunya Biznes.

  22. If silver actually ever goes to $100k, that would mean we are going into the sink hole, like Venezuela, maybe even worse…
    At that point, I would be more concerned with food, water, safety and getting to somewhere more safe than hugging my silver close at night…

  23. mite like . ….Bitcoin to Die – its unavoidable. The death of crypto and the blockchain. – YouTube

  24. Well stated…$10,000 Gold would mean we are in very deep doo doo everywhere…A loaf of bread $25.00…Gallon of gas $30.00 and so on…not saying it can't happen….but Definitely not hoping for it…plan on retirement in 5 to 7 years….just stacking because it's nice to have real money out of the system.😎

  25. Good review. I read somewhere that there are supposedly 18,000 tonnes of physical gold in private ownership in India versus the Fed's (never seen all in one place) 9,000te …..$10k gold and a collapse of the US$ will make the Indians the richest people on the planet!!!!! My current view that the ongoing deflationary collapse of M3 and M4 globally is the dominant factor. JR's mention of the expansion of base money as evidence of inflationary measures is not really telling the whole story which is actually deflationary. Mike Maloney shows this overall picture in some of his presentations and I believe Shadow Stats still estimates these numbers after the fed stopped publishing them. This deflation is also why the QE programmes have not really increased prices (yes they have propped up specific bubbles in stocks and property/rentals but food is still the same price it was back in 2005, salaries haven't moved much either). In my mind the dreaded "inflationary event" has ALREADY taken place since the 80's onwards and all the current prices already have all that monetary inflation baked in …..the big risk now and ever since the start of the credit crunch in 2006/7 is the loss of asset prices against a decreasing availability of money in circulation despite all the stimulus. Yes, I'm in the Harry Dent camp for now ….. 🙂

  26. Another great video.
    If I preserve my purchasing power by buying large amounts of monetary metals, while 98%of the population does not,
    Does that not make me more wealthy than 98% of the word population?

  27. As they say "Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes" but Trumps idea of reducing taxes, spending big on infrastructure and increasing tariffs will ultimately bring about big inflation

  28. Look……………why would i safe my money in a bank……….each month a new scandal or manipulation leaks out…..After QE for 2 years in a row and many value created from thin air…………I really trust something that has value since a long time vs the fiat crap money named Euro that i suppose to save my money in..

    And beside that i make comments regular on the price setting of the metals………..If u know that banks can make contracts thats suppose to respresent the metal….U know 1 thing,that power will be abused for own benefit,so what happens constantly vs bit coint……..I see the price get nailed down in like 2x in the past 2 months for no reason…….like on a day everybody in the afternoon things sooo lets dump 800 tons of gold cause we dont see a point of holding them………….If u really believe the price setting is a honoust mechanism then ask the Deutche bank (witch go nailed for manipulating there powers so the other stayed in the dark) how easy u can set a price……..

    If u lissen to Richard wolff his vids he explains u perfectly whats going on the world and what a evil thing for 90% capitalism has become for the people all over the world…..U understand that one day or another day the system will fall apart but slowly and slowy it falls apart more lay off more goverment cuts in the social securety higher national debts and so on..This might take a while but in fact the financial collapse begun in 2008 wenn the banks where bankrubt and that was the start sign now we see things speed up more and more with big lay offs each week………….

    People like trump blame the immigrants people like le penn and here like geert wilders blame all evil on the islam….

    None dares to say maybe its capitalism/fiat money…….that makes people poor and broke….and just a handfull very very rich and they control the politcs (and so the tax rules)…..None dare to say that…….Cause it are the jews like hitler did or the mexicans like trump does or the islam that many in europe blame for the state of the econemy………….

  29. Mr. Illuminati. I have been watching your videos daily for a few weeks now and really appreciate the information. I've been wanting to say this for awhile now but have been biting my tongue as to not be rude, but I have seen you respond to constructive criticism very well and so now have more confidence that I can give my feedback without being too offensive.

    This is probably less your fault, and more a problem with me being a millennial whose brain developed in a digital age and is used to a half dozen flashy blinky noisy things competing for my attention at every waking moment. Basically I have trouble absorbing all the information form your videos and remembering it. This is because it is very difficult for me, like most people, to learn when just listening to a voice. In fact if you look at charts like this…
    almost no one can be expected to retain more than 15-20% of what they learn by listening to a lecture, and it is even worse when I can only hear your voice as opposed to watching you speak so at least part of my visual neurological pathways are activated.

    Basically if you want me to remember and learn as much as possible, you need to active as many parts of my brain as possible. The absolutely easiest way for you to do that with this platform is to add bullet points in a power point style presentation. If you could just make a couple of slides per video that each have a few bullets of your talking points, that would help me TREMENDOUSLY. Alternatively if I could see your face as you talk that would help as well, although not as much and I am guessing you just don't want to do that anyway, which is understandable.

    My first suggestion in particular would have the added benefit of reinforcing your main points. For example if you say something that matches a bullet point that is presently on the screen, then I know what you are saying is extra important, more parts of my brain will be activated, and I will be more likely to remember and also just understand what you are saying.

    Again I don't want to really criticize your channel as much as suggest an improvement that I know for a fact will be massively beneficial to your viewers, especially in my age group.

    I am wrapping up 5 years of studying at a prestigious engineering college including a few years of teaching/tutoring experience. I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out ways to remember more of what I am being presented, and more of what I present to my own students, and I can promise you engaging audio and visual brain structures simultaneously is the easiest thing that makes the biggest difference.

    Most people don't realize this, but there is a part of our brain that is specifically designed to forget things, and it's job is to forget as much as possible. Unfortunately it is also in charge, and if you want a piece of information to get by it and into its precious storage vault, it needs a damn good reason to remember something. If it wasn't there we would by default remember every single thing that we perceived until our heads explode. Imagine glancing at a room and after one second of viewing, being able to perfectly draw the entire room and every single book on the bookshelf, spider web in its exact form, scratches on furniture, everything exactly as it was seen, and being able to do that for everything you've ever seen or heard ever. Yeah, that's too much information. Hence why we are programmed to forget.

    What I am trying to say is that your videos compete with a lot of information, particularly youtube videos we watch before and after yours, and my brain my not realize the information in your video is any more important than the one in the silly cats video unless it is engaged at a deeper level, and things are repeated.

    So written bullets of your main points would greatly help me and cater to a very common learning style. If you want to go the extra mile an intro and conclusion slide would really help as well. "This is what we will cover today's video (bullet. bullet. bullet)" then the 10 minute video as usual but this time with slides with bullets of your main points. then a conclusion slide which would basically be exactly the same as the intro.

    I just hope you at least consider what I said. If you are serious about your channel I promise you my suggestions will help a lot of your viewers learn better, and possibly will help you get more viewers as well.

    Anyways thank you for reading this and great job on your channel!

  30. A global digital currency replacing existing ones is possible, but it could never be Bitcoin. Governments and central banks would never back Bitcoin because they cannot control it. It would have to be a new digital currency created by and controlled by the IMF, perhaps modelled on the BoE's RSCoin. The place of gold in backing currency is to provide confidence: the Chinese/Russians/Indians/anyone else might well refuse to accept a new currency unless it is backed by tangible assets.

  31. Hey guys. These guys should be put in a Looney Tune cartoon or a padded cell. They are super pumpers and pushing their books. I see gold going to $2,500.00 or maybe $3,500.00 maybe. By that time we will all be dead.  Excellent report on gold and the pumpers. Thanks.

  32. I always have thought was a little strange people would want super high prices for silver and gold because just like you said you are just keeping your wealth for the most part ! Glad to hear you think there maybe a chance to come ahead a little in future !

  33. Excellent analysis
    I would like to add from many stand points do you trust leaving surplus cash in institutions where you are the lowest creditor and the last to get a payment if there is a banking crisis ?
    with interest rates near zero and inflation figures inaccurate why not put your spare cash into something tangible

  34. +Illuminati Silver You mention in this video that if gold or silver goes to $10,000, it may not be a gain in purchasing power but instead may just preserve your purchasing power, whereas those who don't have gold or silver will lose their purchasing power.I have read from Milton Freedman that wealth is never destroyed but is instead transferred. If what you say is true and gold only preserves purchasing power, what will happen to people who held dollars but have lost their purchasing power? Is it your position that that purchasing has vanished? I personally do not think so, but instead, their purchasing power will be transferred to those who have tangibles.Thanks for providing an opposing view

  35. I cannot watch the entire video, because I'm just wasting my time! Every time PM's tank, Gold and Silver Pumping tackle-berries make a video! Son of a Biscuit Stick!

  36. 50,000 LMFAO – thats Ricards number.
    I like to listen to Richards views, but not going to buy whatever he says, but the price of Gold in USD is not a bad idea!

  37. This is one terrific video. The point about how the precious metals are best used mainly to preserve purchasing power is missed by so many people. One question though is in some kind of financial disaster how would a person take advantage of owing gold. If my stocks and bonds have tanked and the economy is in shambles what would he do to utilize his gold. If he can't translate it to dollars it's like owning a bunch of rocks. Hopefully coins shops would still be around to buy the gold

  38. Thank you for putting your time & energy; you guys help the balance of info. out there… You only had a couple of hundred subscribers when I first found you, and all this time I am grateful this channel exists.              I would like to know, if you think the world has ENOUGH good people in the halls of power, to bring to fruition your hopes for humanity?

  39. I've read all of Rickard's books. They are very well written and easy to understand. I do appreciate your perspective on this however, as on should be prudent. On the other hand, the world situation is full of black swans as you also stated. Always remember that 1970's show: "Happy Days"………………….

  40. I don't get the part where the IMF is supposed to be able to prop up all the failing governments and banks in the event of a debt crisis.Total world debt is estimated at $230 trillion dollars. The IMF claims 2800 tons of gold or $112 billion. If in a massive collapse the IMF was supposed to use their gold to issue the SDR's to prop up 10% of world debt, that would give us an implied price of gold of $342,000/oz Is their balance sheet really that clean anyway? They are on the hook for 32 billion in Greek debt and God knows what else. It all seems like a trick to prop up confidence like the FDIC insurance where we have a $25 billion insurance fund to cover $9.2 trillion in liabilities (.027%)

  41. I refer to oil prices and rig counts. If gold hits a threshold number – not sure exactly what that is – mining "dig" count will explode, moderating the price in the way oil prices are.

  42. So you are saying Gold will not get you rich? But you are also saying that gold will give you purchasing power when everyone else has lost it. Doesnt that make you rich per some definition?

  43. Good analysis. I have a question regarding paying off my mortgage during hyperinflation via silver. I'm 41 and stacking the shiny stuff for long term wealth preservation, but during a hyper-inflationary situation, I plan on selling some to pay off my mortgage. In theory, silver runs to $300 per ounce, and I still owe $120,000 on my mortgage. Taxes aside to make it simple, I sell 400 ounces that I originally bought for $6000, turning that into $120,000 and pay off my mortgage in the new inflated dollars. What are your thoughts on this?

  44. I remember the 1970's. No one believed that gold could go from $35 USD/oz to $800+ USD/oz. And yet it happened. If you inflation-adjust that $800+ (remembering what a new car cost in 1979/80) you will arrive at a pretty impressive figure.

  45. Over the past year or so many in the stacker community have believed that the Shanghai exchange would act as a counter-balance to western paper exchanges. That made sense to me in a lot of ways but over the past several days there has been a large arbitrage between western "paper" silver prices and Shanghai "physical" silver prices. Right now Shanghai prices are over 10% higher than "paper" silver prices. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on that. Does it matter? How long can it persist?

  46. VISIT WEB SITE USDEBTCLOCK.ORG, Gold is $ 9069 per oz and Silver is $ 1003 per oz. Illuminati Silver, i am watching you for long time you are stupid.

  47. "The Biggest Con" by Irwin Schiff

    "The only value possessed by us coin and paper currency is that the U.S. Government will accept them in payment of taxes. Therefore, what circulates within the American economy is not money but script in which taxes are levied, and it is because of this assigned value that it is used and accepted in commercial transactions. If the U.S. government were to require citizens to pay their taxes in something else, like peach pits for example, U.S. paper money would immediately lose all value and the nation would begin calculating its wealth in peach pits."

  48. ye know what, I think I am done.
    I have a lot of silver and gold, more then I can carry, I think I will just save in cash from now on.

  49. dude u forget to mention metal depletion. and the possible dollar sabotage by gold and silver aquitance from other large economies such as china and russia. the world is not made only from usa. and in case dollar looses its value usa total value in gdp will drop enormously against other currencies like in 2008. 2008 was a great year for all emerging markets. as the next crisis will be the same.

  50. we dont need economic collapse at all. all we need is metal depletion. that will cause prices to boom. and then they will become more and more worth of a value storage in deflationary terms. your predictions are good because they show the pessimistic view over pms but pms will increase in value since metal depletion will make it impossible for the fed to keep manipulating prices down.

  51. the fed gol is to keep prices low at a level that is almost not interesting to mine. but not as low as mining companies go bankrupt and stop producing them thus increasing prices.

  52. total silver above and underground accounts for less than 200 billion usd. russia or china alone could buy all the silver in the world with one month gdp invested or even less. that means silver will probably sparkle the dollar bomb.


  54. If gold went to even 5000 an oz it would create thousands of millionaires which would cause inflation to rise out of control. It will never happen. If anything gold and silver will drop back to much lower prices at some point.

  55. Bernie Sanders, bank bailout 21 billion bail put. Fed reserve think it's more than that. Audit the reserve. Saudis have several big wells drying up. Us production has increased to 15 million a day. Us will become a new world supplier of oil. Making us with manufacturing will start reversing debt. After 2018. Gold fall dollar rises. And we will be disconnected from countries. Stock exchange rockets up. Maybe 30k. I think. Not qualified advice counselor.

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