The Best Time to Sell Your Gold?

Hey Tampa Bay! it’s Jodi Hudson here with Diamond Banc and I’m the Market Director for the beautiful Bay Area and today, I
wanted to talk to you about gold. Gold is at a five-year high, currently. And gold
is, as you know, in gold bullion or gold jewelry now it’s an excellent time to
use your gold for collateral for a short-term loan we have a lot of clients
who are business owners or they’re involved in a start-up
corporation or a company and they just need a little bit to get them cashflow
positive and that’s where we can help. We provide short term collateral-based
loan against your gold jewelry or gold bullion and just to get you over that
hump. It’s a great service that allows you to liquify that liquidity of your
item without impacting your credit score. So a short-term loan with Diamond Banc requires no credit check and no employment verification. We just have to have enough
collateral to give you the amount of loan that you that is required or that
you need we actually recently loaned $50,000 for 51-ounces which is a great
again a great item to use this collateral your gold bullion your gold
bars on bullion loans we do offer some of the lowest interest rates in the
business anywhere from 2% to 3.5% which is really low definitely below the
industry standards and our competitors and we also loaned $7,500 on this
beautiful 22 karat Indian gold bridal jewelry so it’s again it’s a very
high purity it makes great collateral especially right now when gold is worth
so much more than it has been in the last five years so again $7,500
on this beautiful suite of Indian bridal jewelry and we only charged 8% interest
here a typical pawn shop is going to charge 10% to 15% maybe even up to 20-25% interest per month so we do provide some of the highest values on
your gold bullion gold jewelry for a loan and some of the lowest interest
rates so do you encourage you to give us a call if you’d like I said if you just
need a little bit of money to get you through a hump get your business cash
flow positive we’re here to help you can start the process online at or you can come by our Tampa office 2202 Northwest Shore Boulevard suite
200 Tampa Florida. Bring us your goal were anxious to help you out look
forward to helping you and I’ll talk to you in another video soon. Thanks!

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