100 thoughts on “The Best FX Trading Tip I have for 2019 (Crucial)

  1. Wow, this trading strategy is genius and priceless. Cut losses early and let profits run free. Thank you so much!

  2. How do I take 50% of my trade out and continue with the other 50%? I trade on MT4 and I do not believe that is possible.

  3. Just got started about a month ago and learning every trade. I’ve managed to do a little bit better that break even from time to time. My biggest mistake is trading in feel and emotion.

  4. I am learning so much here. It speaks to me a great deal because it’s very methodical. I have a lot to eliminate from past teachings but this is making a lot of sense. I look forward to better and more consistent results in my trading. Thank you.

    P.S. literally sitting in the car writing out my trade mgt plan right now.

  5. 9:00 "No one would watch a 4 hour video."
    Me: 4 Hours to know what tools that can reduce risk, get me more wins? Sign me up! You can even leave out the strategy bit and tricks for them. I'll back test them and record the screen to do that on my own time :3

  6. I was introduced to your channel about a month ago and immediately noticed you don’t share B.S but the hard core truth and I love that, I have been challenged to be a better, more focused and relaxed trader. Thanks for the time and effort you put in making this videos! God bless ya!

  7. If your trading is based off technical indicators, couldn't your firm just program what you're doing into a robot and automate what you do? This would completely remove all emotions from the equation and save the firm money from paying you. Just trying to poke holes, sorry!

  8. #2: Trade without feel. Would you say the superior way to trade is to build a bot? If literally all you go by is sure fire and exact signals, then why not automate it completely?

  9. I actually make money with support/resistance, but it's a really complex system which I built over several months, and I have to run it automated, it's really difficult to catch the trades by hand. Also it's for cryptocurrencies so i'm not 100% sure it works with forex. It looks like it works to some extent, but I have not live traded it on forex so I can't say it's definite. As for the rest of the dirty dozen, most resulted in 100% failure. Trend lines are sort of related to my strat but I only actually incorporate perfectly horizontal (s & r) so that's the only one I have proven with live trading. Again this is on cryptos so not sure yet on forex. I will have to continue watching to see what you actually say about s & r, but i'm pretty sure there's something to it.

  10. i have been trading Forex for a little of five years and i can tell you before hand to no great successes and thats an under statement, am a logical guy who dose not believe in doing something even if it works with out having some form of insight even basically, it has been a wheel wind the past years as to what works and how to get it to work, coz what i knew and still know for a fact is there are ways around the "evil" world of Forex, what your vids have shown me, at list the ones i have seen is there is not only hope but a Firmly grounded and logical solution to profitable FX trading, you are in my opinion the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and how i hope to get of of this tunnel i have been in for so long, regards the bad habits i would say am the guy you are listing in this video only my list is extremely long, i have a lot of avoiding to do, Thanks for knowledge revived and surely await more

  11. ok just as i thought i am out of the cycle of doom, i noticed you mention the dirty dozen in the beginning of the video. I realize that my strategy is based on some of the things contained in the dirty dozen. I am now thinking to myself am i yet again back to the cycle of doom? I don't know which video to watch next. I have just subscribed to your channel and would like to know which of the video in your channel one can watch to help build a system which doesn't include the 12 tools to avoid?

  12. Awesome video! Got few questions, first in the GBP/USD example, you say you use SL 30 pips, do you adjust that if the market shows more oscillation? and I suppose it varies from pairs to pairs? Another question is that you mentioned you will take the profit of part of your position while you are winning , and move the SL to the entry price, does it mean we need to monitor the market all the time, and not letting the trade goes by itself? Thanks for the reply in advance.

  13. Hi , my biggest hurdle is finding a true forex education that i can trust as i had multiple bad experience with people claiming they are legit and true but at the end it turned ugly and they all full of crap.
    I know that your info is monetarily FREE but time is on the line here .
    why should we trust you ? how do we know you are who you are ?
    Thank you VP

  14. Can you help me I want to trade the daily but am terrified to move from in front the pc… am I suppose to leave in my position for days? Or take the quick profit off of a very volatile moment. Because I remember to u said you trade daily but only use about 15mins etc.

  15. A bad habit I had is getting excited when a trade is doing well, not let it ride and then I close my trade. And would let trades hit Stop Loss. So I've been losing money basically. Since I've watched your videos, I now have a structured plan of action from beginning to end of every trade. You truly add value with your videos.

  16. Dude, I'm really glad that genuine sources like this exist in such shark infested pools like FOREX – keep up the good work, thanks for your help and advice and may the money gods be with you dude .

  17. I made it my mission to watch every single one of your videos and learn as much i can and build my trading strategy around tour teachings lets see how it goes

  18. Bad habits: Trading when on vacation and trading when I'm sick. Gotta have a clear mind when doing this. I love your channel VP. Thanks for all you do!

  19. Hey man, thanks for another one! Hey, other than the discord community, do you ever do live meetups or such? It would be really cool to go to a live talk/seminar thing of yours and also meet other serious traders who are also doing it the right way and striving to get better and better

  20. My worst habit probably is: I loose 20? next time I MUST catch 30 or 40 imm-e-dia-te-ly to exorcise my loss fear (really bad habit potentially loose tons of money this is a mix of impatience and greed ).

  21. Shocked at the Dirty dozen, those are basically all the things I have been learnings for the last 6 months. I'm intrigued ,currently listening to all your podcasts as well.

  22. One of my biggest bad habits was actually moving my stop loss when my trade was going against me. As well as not using the trailing stop and ensuring I break even. Thankfully all of these was in my demo account, I am yet to go live but I'm so glad I haven't yet as I'm bran new, started last year, took a break and got back into it.
    I placed a couple of trades and found I was still doing the same thing, I was just trading on feelings only.
    Following your system (just finished the babypips school of pipsology) and I can already feel a difference and I'm now more confident, once I have a system in place I will do well.

    Thank you so much for these videos! I can tell they're making a big difference to loads of us newbie traders as well as experienced traders!
    Keep it up.

  23. It's been over a year since VP posted this and he is still actively liking peoples comments and reading our feedback, he is a true gem in the Forex community. I'm currently working towards the day when I email you with my success story in the forex market. Thanks for all the useful information you've been sharing.

  24. fantastic work VP . most of the things that you been talking about i simultaneously figured out ( the hard way of-course ) but you actually in-lighted me for-sure when u talked about the plane for every Currency . thanks alot

  25. i am just a newbie and still learning, but my biggest bad habit is i would analyse, place the trade then suddenly loose confident on that entry and would suddenly hedge or click in the opposite way, and then i would wait which direction it will go let it run, taking the small profit or profits out of that direction, place another trade continuing the direction while getting scared on that other trade loosing bigger and bigger but still not closing it, hoping it will go back, ending up most of the time pinned down both negative on either direction.

  26. So…let me know if i understood. You Say not to use a MM 1/2 or 1/3 ? So of you have a sl at 20 pips not to put the tp at 40? Just put the sl and what we do with the tp? Where we put the tp in this case?

  27. I canceled a paid subscription with a group I was with trying to learn Forex trading with. $225 a month with them wasn't worth it, plenty of free information online. Glad I found your channel.

  28. This is great. Though I’m not in the know of forex trading, this advice is so perfect for investing/trading stocks as well. Hell, it’s good advice for every day life! Your videos are priceless thank you!

  29. Hey No Nonsense. You are wrong!! This is exactly what I was looking for! It was what I think it was. Most of the time, people are looking for a magic formula for trading, like a magic ball or something. Well, guess what, THIS IS THE MAGIC FORMULA. The real pro traders that I have met so far, stress about exactly this day in and day out. For many people this tips will not be what they are waiting for, they will even think that they have wasted their time, but guess what we'll know what will be their results. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Be a robot. Follow a plan. Stop telling yourself "stories". For trading anyway. Facts, method, decision, action, review.
    Save the romance for the bedroom. On the trading learn to be a regular nazi. I'm a trading newbie, but psychology was my work. The mind does indeed matter.
    Learning lots VP, thank you very much. You are damned good.

  31. The video on "Big Banks" has completely changed how I trade now and view the market. That plus viewing client sentiment and positioning really helps. After years of looking at fucking stupid charts and indicators provided by the platform specifically so I would fail. V.P your the best man, thanks for the nuggets of wisdom!

  32. I have bad habits of using S&R all I wanna say dis u impress many traders by counciling through psychlogy methods.. Thanks for the video Patrick

  33. Worst habit is going 100%in on winning trades and continually topping up from profits.
    Sometimes i end up 10x my account in a few hours, sometimes retracements result in margin calls resulting in massive loss…. But it sure is exciting πŸ˜‚
    As a beginner i only play with 100$ because i know my temptation to go all in, so it's not a big deal to lose 1000$ of easy profits….. Still it's a great way to reinforce exactly what you're saying… No money management means my account continually Yoyo, even when i keep the profit that day then the next day… Same thing πŸ˜‚
    Gotta stop trading for thrills.
    Thanks for your great advice in all your videos πŸ˜€

  34. My worst habit is trading manually during short periods of time and entering trades that aren't there based on intuition because I don't have time to sit at the computer as a part time trader and I just want to make quick money. Then I have the emotional bad habit of over managing the trades with no proper system because I want the quick money.
    I've eliminated all of this by using my skillset as a long time Data Analyst and coder and I don't do any manual trading any more. I trade exclusively using bots now and I'm really, really good at optimising them using the optimisers most trading platforms come with e.g. MT4 and MT5.
    Bots rely on specific entry and exit logic and I've got quite a few bots optimised over quite a number of pairs over a number of specific timeframes with great money management logic and my profits are extremely consistent because I let them do their work without interfering with the trades EVER. I only reoptimise the bots themselves every 1 to 3 months as new data becomes available to keep them up to date with the market and profitable.
    Having bots accross multiple pairs, on multiple timeframes, during specific trading hours on specific days with great money management logic allows me to be very well hedged and my equity curve is either flat, slightly sloping upwards or going through periods of making solid gains with the rare downward slope for short periods of time.
    Using EAs has given me so much of my time and emotional freedom back and I'll never go back to manual trading when all I have to do consistently is:
    1. Find a good EA
    2. Optimise the shit out of it for each market /timeframe/ time period / day / MM
    3. Forward test over data that wasn't used in the optimisation to make sure the bot is stable and not over fitted
    4. Launch on demo
    5. Launch on live if demo is good with limited risk
    6. Increase risk as the bot proves itself in live until hitting risk threshold
    7. Reoptimise on a periodic cycle depending on bot performance.

    One of my favourite bots uses ATR for volatility and BB for range scalping trades during low volatility + trade management logic to get the big wins from BB breaks in the right direction while minimising losses for breaks in the wrong direction.

  35. Great video! I am a roofer who is / has been learning to trade Forex by watching you tube videos. The way i have always rolled is if i am doing something i need/ must have a complete understanding . Not just knowing i need to understand ! Here on YT you can find all kinds, It is good to listen to all views. I have went Door to Door for 8 years selling Roofs so i have a little Gift/ in the Trading World you call it Edge! I can read people pretty good { my Psychology is strong } . So i have for the past year or so been weeding thur the idiots. The honest ones all say support and resistance, Risk 1R to 2R reward. I have been watching them and i have been in my mind triping out b/c i want to be very smart, strategic, only loose { A Set } R but i also want to make ALL the $$ i can. What i would like to see from you is a video on how to read the Tape and/or video on Level 2!

  36. Trying to pick reversals – selling tops and buying bottoms, then being married to that idea and doubling down when it goes the wrong way thinking "It's finally going to turn the direction I thought it would right…….here!" and it not doing that and taking huge losses. Also, not correctly sizing positions consistently. Moving stops… Thankfully, only in demo accounts… Wow, I have a lot to learn.

  37. After losing my account on crypto I know now what strategy I should develop. This is truly a life changer. Thank you VP for this wonderful video. Your teaching is excellent.

  38. I have always found the negative emotions tied to losing much stronger than the joy of winning. That has resulted in often closing out trades to soon.

  39. When I make money I feel confident enough to raise my lot size knowing damn well I don’t have that leverage . Also carrying two phone with me at all times πŸ˜‚

  40. Lack of Confidence it has a lot of factors. It happened to me last week I called it right but I have a habit of indecisiveness if I know I am losing something like money. Action beats inaction you'll never know the results unless you try it. VP thanks!

  41. hi there ive never actually traded in my life ive just worked normal jobs but i am in my 50 i have time now to put some time into trading is it to late for me do you think your videos are excellent and you definitely know what your talking about should i have a few weeks learning to trade on trial platform before i use actual real money thanks aidan

  42. Managing a trade once it is in profit is SO key… very underrated strategy taking half off and then moving stop to break even when it makes sense… makes a trader well on their way to break even/slight profit account which is hugely key for confidence building into an even better trader who banks more profit over time while continuously learning : )

  43. So a lot of videos of yours I find are worth watching to see someone else's view on the market but after step 1 of this video, @7.45 (the tool list), I had to disagree. Those tools do work. Support and resistance levels alone work just fine as long as you're using proper risk management. The only problem is the other steps you describe; people are not consistent with what works. As many views as this video has, I don't want people thinking that all of the common tools you said don't work is factual. Because without giving away your strategy to people (that you claim is working), people are just going to be stuck in limbo. -Use tools people. Try every one of them out on a demo account for yourself and see what works for you. But most importantly, when you find a combination that wins you more trades than loses, don't look for other options until proven otherwise.

  44. The number one tip I would like to give people. Mindset should be the first thing new traders should learn before anything else. The best books I have come across to help is from Mark Douglas "Trading In The Zone" and "The Disciplined Trader"

  45. Heyy, I just wanted to ask when is the best time to switch from studying the babypips content to watching your videos. In your previous video you mentioned baypips as an essential tool before watching your videos, but I have realised that they have over 334 lessons and I am unsure as to when I can make the change from those to yours. Is it once you gain the basic knowledge, or is it after you watch all 334?. If anyone can help me, that would be awesome. Thankyou

  46. thank you so much. This was really helpful. My biggest mistake in FX was when i had a trade running into profit big time and I never considered moving the SL into profit(i didn't know what trailing SL was) and 2ndly, I didn't close the trade when I saw it reversing fast, out of my greed for bigger profits. So my account was wasted the following day

  47. An example earlier of what not to do, was not being adjustable with an example of a guy who took 30 pip stop loss on all trades, then we are told to take a 30 pip stop loss on all trades for a trading plan that we should not deviate from(and i understand the bad trader example was all time frames for 30pips) but how are we suppose to be adjustable and rigid in our plan at the same time.

  48. Another awesome video thank you very much! Truly appreciate your wisdom and knowledge and not taking it for granted!!

  49. Great job! My bad trading habit is always wanting to changing my system, shopping for new indicators after every couple of losses irrespective of the previous wins. This video will be a game changer for me.

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