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that insider information so we’re gonna talk about MWC in a second oh don’t
worry all you wise bit coin holders you’ve got that crypto dividend and
didn’t get funded out and didn’t scream and cry about scam and all sorts of
nonsense one thing I thought about was that doesn’t have to do the MWC but has
to deal with Facebook is Facebook live in Walmart’s banking dream you may
remember that Walmart one to a start its own bank for about a decade and then
they gave up okay and now Facebook is starting its own
cryptocurrency apparently which really is their own bank it’s going to compete
it’s going to be the biggest back on earth if they get it so is this a
backdoor way of living Walmart’s dream probably and when Facebook gets approved
do you think Walmart is just gonna sit there quietly and say
ah Facebook’s living our dream we’re not gonna try to live our dream anymore
no they’re in motion they’re gonna go back to their dream they’re gonna start
their own cryptocurrency I’m gonna have something just like Facebook also so we
talked about the bangs let us not forget Walmart still you might hate them but
they are one of the biggest corporations on earth very powerful a lot of people
shop there and they did want to have their own bank they were very interested
in financial products and now look what they can have if Libra gets approved and
guess what compete don’t complain welcome to the party Walmart there’s a
prediction for you that Walmart is gonna follow in Facebook’s footsteps in some
way in some way and that Facebook is a live in Walmart’s dream right about now
okay so MWC registration oh oh it’s over Friday I’m gonna give you the statistics
in a second but let me tie up something that Chris retweeted out there he he
tweeted something at tres Mayer and tres mayor tweeted back he had not heard of
the MWC coin yet at all and he was very disappointed that he had not heard of it
in fact he was in a plane and it was too late for him to claim at this point he
wanted to claim it in his tweet that I link to below
tres Mayer one of the biggest Bitcoin holders in the pond the planet osan who
values secrecy tubers no one knows how much he has this dude might be a
freaking billionaire he is a very smart man he has been on this show before he’s
born in 1981 not even 40 years old yet the dude set and again he’s richer than
most people I mean he’s a billionaire probably in nine hundred forty years old
in the tweet he says he wishes he could have been part of this and the wait a
second wait a second there were so many of you out there who are living on Andy
HOF be nonstop saying it’s a scam just because Andy Hoffman says that Bitcoin
holders should claim a free Bitcoin crypto dividend and out what but then we
have traced Marys regretting regretting that he
could not be a part of this in fact so you have insider information the trace
mayor did not have he didn’t he didn’t watch this show no you didn’t hear about
it that’s unfortunate for him and he
regrets it he regrets it but let me ask you a question out there because there’s
some of you who are watching this now and you’re like oh hey trace trace
regrets this and yet I had insider information that he didn’t have and I do
act upon it yeah there’s plenty of people out there
who follow Andy on Twitter who watch my show who just were screamed stabbed a
scam scam scam scam picking their noses and now look now look you got trace
mayor regretting it he wasn’t a part of it
you got something for free it wasn’t a scam that is the most abused word in all
of cryptocurrency it’s a word that people use they caught something they
don’t like they call it a scam I think ties n came up with that definition of
what stam means and there’s a pretty darn that’s a pretty good darn good
definition there okay so hey whatever ah I’m just saying people eat all this all
these cryptids you have these airdrops these Forks these crypto dividends
they’re just ways for us to get more Bitcoin and you can scream and cry about
it just because you don’t like the personalities that have something to do
with it because I mean what doesn’t have that much to do is it really needs the
marketing guy that’s about it he didn’t build it or anything like that
oh I don’t I don’t know how to sign you know that sign and the people who scream
about the signing fight that you could lose your private key but if you sign
with your trades already such nonsense trace matter he cares about storage more
than any he understands this and he wishes he could have been a part of it
oh well he wasn’t but it’s worse it’s much worse if you had the insider
information and you were just crying and screening about it being a scam that’s
that’s worse that’s a worse situation but at least he’s got a good excuse he
wasn’t a part of it the rest of you the rest of the people who got yelling keep
on yelling and screaming stuff okay keep on because when you think everything is
a scam you end up with nothing you end up with nothing
you just end up screaming that everything is a scam that is something
for all the people out there who love to call everything a scam but a Bitcoin and
again you end up with nothing you really do end up with nothing but
man’s people don’t even buy Bitcoin it’s all a scam all right so and what what
the whole crypto dividend movement is about is informing people that you get
interest on your Bitcoin that you get more Bitcoin because people are trying
to create all coins are they stamped or list it dude they’re getting us more
Bitcoin okay and it’s no risk to us so here you go here you go people here
here’s your here’s your statistics oh oh oh no but one other thing what is not
with the Bitcoin maximalist it because there’s hypocrisy out there too there’s
some people that really it’s a scam it’s a scam it’s a scam don’t participate in
it how could you ever how could you how could you be part of this but yet then
they have their little favorites also they like Manero or they like grin or
something like that so I mean how can you so everything’s a scam but over in
their room because they’re friends with the founder or whatever such hypocrisy
out there and again you can be a Bitcoin maximalist or whatever but I’m gonna
call it out if you’re a hypocrisy you’re a Bitcoin max list you call everything a
scam and you’re like well I’m friends with the Monaro down there so maneras
all right complete hypocrisy complete and hey whatever
everybody’s a big boy out there if you follow those do’s and just worship those
dudes that say stuff like that it’s your own fault for doing it and then not
claiming your free crypto dividends because they’re calling everything a
scam oh my friends altcoin is not a scam hahaha but everything else is a scam so
don’t participate in the other things all right and so right now and it’s
again it’s funny there’s some people who were buddies I think with the green
people or the big bean people who tried to rip on this and it’s wrong – how
could it’s open-source dude and so now if you’re holding if you had one Bitcoin
guess what now you’re entitled to 40 MWC so what’s in your best interest here
what’s in your best interest if you are a true Bitcoin holder who who register
for this and you’re getting your 40 MWC you want that thing to go up in value
not stop you what you have to say you you
admit that it is the best member wendel coin out there it is better than being
it is better than great and because first of all it has an actual limited
supply it’s one of what one of the other ones supplies unlimited the other ones
is what like 200 million or something like that this is the thing and so
people are you’re shilling an Allpoint no I’m not shilling a darn altcoin I’m
not telling people who dark by the darn thing I told you a couple days ago to
get it for free you suckers now we you could we ought to say hey this this is
this this is the case we are holders of Bitcoin it does because we’re holders to
Bitcoin we’re holders of this thing to and we wanted to go up in value
whenever way it goes up in value if they’re fools out there that are
actually going to buy it or whatever and they cut it got it for free then great
that’s personal responsibility as a new counterculture you’re doing but we want
to see this thing go to the moon and wet ain’t so we can get as much Bitcoin as
possible great it’s awesome hey we’re on the other side now I love
being on the other side because now we get to laugh at the people who are who
made who screamed about scams it had all sorts of lovely excuses that’s okay
because excuses are excuses being in motion is being in motion pal Matt
freaking like button again when you think everything is a scam you end up
with nothing that and again you end up in a doom hole okay every nothing is
real for the people who live and do nothing is real what you saw happen it
didn’t really happen and that’s just that’s insanity that’s insanity
alright your eyes do not lie when oh right when you think everything okay
okay now so Bitcoin registered one hundred forty four thousand four hundred
eighty five point something something out
basically one percent of all the Bitcoin in circulation because you have to
assume that a lot of Bitcoin was lost so we’re all good all the people who
registered you get forty point four one Bitcoin forty point for one MWC per
Bitcoin the amount of addresses registered was six thousand seven
hundred fifty-three so twenty one Bitcoin per address I assume is that
that’s the AB there but I assume the the median is
around ten ten MWC per Bitcoin address so yeah
the rich are getting richer the river the rich definitely got richer that is
the median and I assume the median is ten ten Bitcoin that is again there are
only six thousand seven hundred fifty-three only six ounce under fifty
Bitcoin address is registered so you so basically uh the the the the median one
had about ten big and I guess Chris could figure this one out but if you got
ten Bitcoin or an address yeah you’re rich you follow my advice in 2015 so the
rich are getting richer and that is awesome
strong hands know how to work this freaking system okay they didn’t get to
be strong hands hurt for for for nothing okay eight so again a lot of people it’s
unfair the pressure getting richer no no it’s not up there they do the research
traced almost I mean it was almost the super rich getting richer and there were
addresses that had large amounts of Bitcoin okay we talked about one I think
it had fifteen thousand a day or something like that that might’ve been
in exchange we’ll talk about that tomorrow I think okay so so here’s some
tips people don’t ask me about this anymore okay don’t ask me about advice
on what to do with MWC there’s a got Christmas and the MWC that MW site
you’re out there okay that’s his job that’s what they do I don’t I I give the
insider information there’s nothing I can really give you anymore it’s done if
you want to talk to me about it you’re gonna pay me okay we’re going to have
again if you sir if you ask me if I’m gonna ignore it on Twitter or whatever
I’m gonna ignore it in the chat I’m gonna ignore it on the comments if you
want to talk about anything with me if you want to talk about my ex-girlfriends
with me if you want to talk about NWC with me you’re gonna pay because every
darn day I am here on this site get on this channel every darn day giving you
free information and it’s all been out there before you can look at the
archives if you want if you want the information that I’ve already said I’m
not repeating myself for free you’re gonna pay me and that is life dudes and
if you got a problem then you got a problem with it you’re not gonna get
your question answered you’re a lazy bum if you can’t get the answer if some of
question that I answered yesterday okay and you feel the need to ask me the darn
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freebie either if you if you’re a lazy butt like then you want to pay for it
fine great we’ll have an hour conversation you’ll pay the fee that’s
awesome and you can ask me about anything but again don’t don’t I mean no
you’re not getting any freebies about NWC I talked about it you can ask
another guy about it for free but if you want to ask me about it
you’re gonna pay you’re gonna be total waste of my frickin time to answer such
ridiculous questions that have already been answered and when I’ve said a
million times there’s a site dedicated there’s a couple guys dedicated to doing
it and if you can’t get that through your heads your honey there’s no
everyone sees I get frustrated by the lack of listening comprehension that
people have and I just I guess I take it for granted that people have literally
there’s some people that just don’t have to cannot grasp that that learning
concept in that I don’t know what to say it’s clearly a frustum a pet peeve of
mine right but at least I got a solution for
it for me personally you pay alright someone said are you just going to rant
or read the chat actually I have so much to cover today that I again you just got
to type in Bitcoin mess or maybe I’ll notice it bitcoinmeister excuse me but
there’s a lot to cover to these I’m not going to be able to answer everybody’s
questions again if you want you to do definitely want me again if you want if
you want your question being answered hey dude a super check I asked your
dollar question okay all right moving on second we got on about how much it was
registered 1% so here’s a tip for everybody though list all the Bitcoin
addresses you already registered keep them listed ok because you’re gonna have
to sign a message again in the fourth quarter that’s when you’re gonna be able
to get your coins the MWC coins in the fourth quarter and that’s gonna be like
the last time I say this year – I mean so don’t ask me well where do I get it
Adam you get in the fourth quarter you sign another message
keep those Bitcoin addresses that you registered you keep them listed
somewhere okay the Bitcoin address is your Estrin and
remember your passwords that you set up with them
and then you’re gonna get your 40 uh your 40 MWC and you’re gonna be very
happy but again it’s not going to be until it’s a little colder here in the
northern hemisphere the fourth quarter like the earth with October November
December and if you if you would really want to keep up with it
you follow Chris you go to MW CMW follow the Twitter feed it’s all free
information out there and you can get it easily if you’re not a freakin lazy bum
and you have a some listening reading comprehension that at that point when
you’re reading this stuff all right not always that good so and I do want to
say this ended up much bigger than I thought it would end up you know
registering over 144,000 addresses I thought only 60,000 addresses we’re
going to to register so and again if you go to the site you can type in your
address with your password and it is beautiful it shows you how many registry
is very easy very easy to understand and you don’t have to ask Chris how many
arez it’s all automatic there you type it in your password it’s great I played
around with it etcetera so yeah what do we get here I wanted to point out that
Manero and I pointed this out before Manero is quite popular on the bisque
it’s a most popular coin on the bisque decentralized exchange and one has to
conclude that there are people out there that are buying Manero because they very
much value their privacy they are inta who knows what type of activities it’s
none of my business where they feel the need they need to get Manero at a at a
and not pretty much anonymous in the exchange at decentralized exchange so
bisque I’m excusing MWC is similar in Manero in terms of its privacy so I I’m
glad that MWC will be a bisque and I would have to assume that people will
try to do the same type of thing in terms of turning their wealth into
something that is private so people don’t know about what their business is
so we shall see if that happens that that will be interesting to analyze
there’s a funny tweet out there by Krypto moon apex asked me how I turned
eight Bitcoin into less than one Bitcoin in the last four months and then someone
replied I would have turned eight Bitcoin into 320 m WC + 8 Bitcoin and
dude that that is a great reply who said that who I I guess that was crypto moon
apex who gave you reply he wasn’t the one he was that the one who said the the
original sad story now I’m glad that people are sharing their sad stories
about it was it warns people not to trade you turn a big coin into one
Bitcoin and in less than four months but the smart people the strong hands they
turned their a Bitcoin into eight Bitcoin plus they got 320 MWC because
they know they know about crypto dividends they know they got the insider
information they watched his show okay now rock eight says hold it 10 bitcoins
since your December 2015 Bitcoin elite video thanks for the good advice see you
on the moon bro pound that freaking light button
dude alright Z cash has a gimmick out there I predicted that all coins will do
this in the future they would have friendly Fork cryptic dividends and
whatever they’ve got some excuse for it they I’ll link to it below it’s called
why cash and I don’t know what the point is it’s don’t know the exact point of it
but again I predicted that all coins in the future and we will see more of this
they’ll just out and you’re I’m I am shocked that a B cash has not tried this
yet where they just have a fork for the sake of forking like a gimmick fork like
hey notice us we’re forking you get a crypto dividend if you hold us well it
looks like Z cash is doing so they’re doing the Y cash fork
good for them let them do it these crypt of dividends you know all coins get have
crypto dividends – again I don’t recommend holding those things but some
people will be tempted into holding crypto dividends and holding up all
coins if they ever hear if they ever hear if their favorite altcoin
is about to create one all right boogers guy says I plan to use Libra
that he said this in the comment section I play I plan to use Libra to pay for
things like donations to charity government tax payments and gasoline
this way I will build my social credit score and there they’ll think I’m a
saint dude that is manipulating the system
there that is awesome dude that’s also this again you never want to spend your
big coin you that’s the best money out there but hey maybe you want to increase
your uh Facebook credit your Facebook credit score yes and you get some uh you
get some Libra spending do what you’re gonna do manipulate the system there
dude that guy is pretty that’s pretty funny
alright so I wanna I wanna give a shout out to rocky Palumbo and UK Bitcoin
master Brian and yes for motivation has also been on the show before they’re
covering a story about what it’s a pastor Pastor Phil he got ripped off of
14.2 Bitcoin now I actually tweeted about this a week ago but rocky being
the responsible strong hand Bitcoin holder that he is he didn’t want me to
share this story until after the MWC airdrop was over because he felt he felt
just in case someone heard about this story and then decides big donate
Bitcoin that it could mess up you know it could send their pick one to a change
address and then the Bitcoin they had registered for MWC would it would be
messed up they wouldn’t be registered for MWC anymore so I gave as he
requested I held off in sharing this story with you and giving the links
which are linked to below until today until after the MWC air drop so I mean I
mean that that is a strong hand that is a man who appreciates a crypto dividends
that is rocky so the story is a very unfortunate story of pastor Phil he was
he’s a very good man into charitable organisations and doing very charitable
things and for the meeting and he had raised 14.2 bitcoins since I believe 23
team and it had it on his traceur he knew his Tresor needs an update and it
appears he liked a lot of us we even if you’re not in Bitcoin my mother even
gets these emails you get like emails from treszura saying click on this and
it’s not really Tresor click I’ll miss enter your your see your recovery seed
and you’ll get an update and so the pastor did this and of course the big
lesson here is never on a keyboard enter your recovery seat never with the
Tresor if when you’re updating your treasurer properly if something goes
wrong you can enter it on this the Tresor your recovery see okay if you
need to recover your Bitcoin but otherwise when you’re doing updates from
Tresor they don’t ask you right away like hey in order to do is update you’ve
got to enter your recovery see know that that’s not how it works and you don’t
have to even with your old Tresor if you had to use your recover so you don’t
have to enter it on the keyboard enter it on the Tresor itself that’s an
advanced feature on the first model of the Tresor and then the second the the
whatever is called the second one it’s it’s easier to enter your recovery see
if you need to do so so again a lesson from all this is don’t enter your
recovery seat on your keyboard ever ever ever so you can and the whole
story of pastor Phil is linked to below the videos where Brian and yes for
motivation cover this are also link to below
again the website tells his personal information and I mean you see it and if
you want to support him and help him get his for return 14 Bitcoin a 14 BTC to
Phil that’s the name of the website you can donate to him and his good causes
and everything and again it is a very sad story and you can learn about I mean
don’t learn the hard way like he had to learn the hard way learned from stories
like this to be very very careful went with with your big boy
very careful very careful alright here is a tweet that says Libre is proof that
people do not understand why Bitcoin was invented
I would say the success of Libra the future success of Libra is proof that a
lot of people don’t understand why bitcoin is invented I think that people
behind Libra proudly they know why bitcoins invented but they they don’t
want to compete with the banking system the Bitcoin competes with the banking
system okay but the people behind Libra want to be the biggest bank in the
banking system so there’s the difference there and people who get into Libra
don’t understand that difference okay they’re good yeah it’s just like Bitcoin
right no it’s not it’s centralized it was not it was not Bitcoin was not there
to comply to the present rules of the banking system it was to get over it was
to be outside the banking system Facebook is clearly broken he’s clearly
there to be part to be the biggest bank in the history of mankind Alistair Milne says total value of all
Bitcoin in existence is 195 billion dollars while the total value of fines
paid by tanks since 2008 is 350 billion so the total fines paid by banks is 2008
is more than the total value in Bitcoin and that just shows you how early we are
in all of this and you hypocrite master says such a very sad story yes it is the
story of pastor Phil is quite a sad one but again let’s learn from it let’s
let’s not be let’s move let’s let’s move on and build from a sad story and turn
it into a happy story that’s always take a positive aspect all right what do we
have here coinbase announced and this is amazing for you know maybe you think
they’re the diversify for the sake of diversification site coinbase shuts down
the coin based bundle project and I’m very surprised by this and they I didn’t
really give it a reason but there was a time when you could just go to coin base
and click a button and they would give you a bundle they’d give you a bunch of
different Crypt all coins a bit coin all at once and they can’t do that anymore
they’re not doing them and that shocks me because I thought
that was something that’s very convenient for the that people who want
to diversify Glee diversify for the sake of diversification I wonder if there’s
some regulation they were worried about I don’t know and that wouldn’t surprise
me if they do something like this again because you’re everyone wants to divert
it you can’t just have Bitcoin no no you gotta get an e TC and lt C and B cat no
you don’t know diversification for the sake of diversification but they got rid
of that so that’s that’s news right there toward a Meester talking about all
coins he says agree in my opinion crypto assets will rally again as retail
re-enters the market which is not yet the case that said it’ll be a different
mix of assets and no longer with the pretense of replacing Bitcoin so he says
all coins will pump again but people won’t be pumping them in hopes that
their altcoin is the next Bitcoin hmm that’s an interesting theory I don’t
know if I can 100% agree with it I do think all coins will pump again I don’t
know if he’ll be as big as that last time and it might not be as widespread
is that last time but that pump again but I still think some people will think
their coin is going to replace Bitcoin but dudes bitcoin is the next Bitcoin so
interesting take toward the Meester and dude we still have a lot of retail to
run the numbers are going to run up pretty huge but again I value my wealth
and Bitcoin so that’s why I’m saying it might not be as big as last time in
terms of Bitcoin for these all coins like they might go they’re gonna go up a
huge amount in terms of Fiat but will they beat out Bitcoin at all possibly
not possibly not again why risk it hold Bitcoin dudes hope don’t diversify for
the sake of diversification yes oh yeah my mind my mind is totally in the value
of wealth and Bitcoin thing when I’m telling you that I don’t know if the all
coin pump will be as big as last time it turns a fiat yeah all right yeah it’s
gonna be tremendous but what’s Fiat what’s I mean if the
coin goes to a million and not saying that and Viggo’s the 5000 well that’s me whether
that’s you trust me but in terms of Bitcoin that’s horrible all right but
hey most people don’t understand the value of your wealth in Bitcoin at all
so back a reminder that’s user testing starts tomorrow just want to remind
everyone and again let’s talk about some institutions here and this is Ramona but
here here this is from Mike Judas fidelity the crypto arm of fidelity has
applied for New York trust license a license allows a firm to operate a
broader swath of swath of services in financial markets such as financial
advice hinting at far-reaching ambitions ok dudes we’ve known for a while
fidelity is planning something tremendous here in its in its crypto arm
ok we imagine if you’re watching this in 2025 you’re probably laughing because
you know how big Fidelity’s crypto arm is so here in the present let’s get back
to the present it’s you know hearing news updates like this we all know how
this story is going to end ok they’re going to become huge ok
fidelity battle they’re gonna be all these ways pathways for institutions to
throw tremendous amounts of money into the Bitcoin space we already know this
is gonna happen we see the first steps here and I just I can’t battle by anyone
when that want to be a part of this and why they would be like well just wait
till it really happens I won’t believe it until I see it do they the road is
there there they’ve already said what they’re gonna do here ok it’s a
tremendous amount of money don’t end up one of those people in 2025 that’s like
oh I wish I would have gotten in before like the institution’s like got so much
of the Bitcoin that’s out there and now I have to pay so much to get point one
so let’s talk about some entrepreneurial people out there people who know you
just can’t sit there and do nothing Steve barber my buddy and upstream data
up in Alberta way up and out I was in Alberta a year ago found that
like button admitted in Calgary and Red Deer introducing our newest Bitcoin
mining product he and Steve was on the this one can be quite a few weeks ago he
Oh hmm mini this data center has designed it was designed to be a
stackable in a four foot tube and is perfectly suited for any oil and gas
well site in the background you can see a flare stack that will soon be removed
alright so yeah he turns excess natural gas into Bitcoin mining okay so this is
awesome people asked about it well now he’s got this device that you can see go
to the girl link below you can read the entire thread if you are interested in
that kind of thing men pull dot space is a real-time Bitcoin blockchain
visualizer and statistic website focused on Segway check it out guys I saw it
tonight when I was at the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv it is a it’s great
to see a one of the things I found the interesting it shows you per block how
many how much these are the actual remaining thesis I mean sometimes it’s
more than that others is it’s very interesting it easily you can easily see
it on this site and there’s grass there’s all sorts of things if you’re
interested in that so check that out UK big car master says I think it’s Bitcoin
to the moon supporting pastor Phil calls not yes for motivation I might be wrong
but no no yes for motivation did a video with him that’s that’s what he that’s
what rocky said and it is linked to on that site so I think that’s what he’s he
gave him the platform by the according to the moon is a supporting uh pastor
Phil that’s great I mean that’s good you know people do what you want to do if
you could support all sorts of people and if the story is an unfortunate story
oh speaking of unfortunate stories and gold some dudes in India they were
coming back from Dubai and I got I gots the guess they got some yeah I guess
they got some gold there and they stuck it up there at offices and
they got caught and you can read the article below so again I know it’s not
hard it is pretty hard to take that gold across borders even if you shove it up
with some don’t shine it is so custom official officers at the
the viscom Pot Town Airport caught these dudes and now they’re in trouble because
they tried to bring wealth into India oh woe is me
dudes this is why you need Bitcoin this is why you need Bitcoin yeah don’t go to
those lengths shoving gold up your butt because it won’t even it doesn’t even
work apparently very well but no Bitcoin you have to don’t have to worry about
that unconfessed April baby alright I think that is it I feel like there were
other subject matters but found that like button i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe his channel like
this videos video check out the links below bang that bell button let me just
make sure that there was nothing after that indian story there no there’s
something I want to talk about yes tomorrow
tomorrow I’m going to talk about Simon Dickson alright see you guys

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    Buy some Bitcoin if you play / Win 😎

    Play it for 5 Consecutive days/nights

  2. Adam, I want to thank you for mentioning my situation on your show today for it means the world to me! If even one person can be spared the agony I have suffered from the theft of my life savings and learn from my mistake — it will be a good thing! My utmost thanks to Rocky Palumbo for putting together the website and for anyone inclined to help me out please accept my sincerest thanks! – Pastor Phil

  3. Let's see if MWC ever trades above ten cents, which after your 40x per btc registered calc is a less than a 0.04% dividend (40x$0.10/~$10.5K), i.e. a negligible return.

  4. It's been awhile since dropping in to this channel….. he's still screaming about nonsense.
    Adam, how will the IRS treat those "dividends"….. You are on record for having received them… I'll bet you will regret flapping your mouth about it. I'm guessing you are about minus 30% in taxes, right out of he box. ha-ha

  5. This seems to have just popped up on the internet
    but apparently Walmart has been working on this since January…[email protected]

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