Terminator 2 starring Sylvester Stallone [DeepFake]

Quick, where are the Schwarzenegger films? Foreign films are in the back. No, action.
This guy’s an action star. Down the centre on the left. No. It isn’t possible. [Electricity crackles] [Country music on jukebox] [Sound distorted] [She gasps] Mm! I need your clothes,
your boots and your motorcycle. [Laughter] You forgot to say please. Ow! Get him off me! Pull it out! Pull it out! Pull it out! Take it. [Music – ‘Bad To The Bone’
by George Thorogood♪ Now, on the day I was born… ♪Can’t let you take the man’s wheels, son. Now, get off before I put you down.♪ She said, “Leave this one alone”♪ She could smell right away♪ That I was bad to the bone♪ Bad to the bone…That’s it, Goddammit.♪ B-b-b-b-bad♪ B-b-b-b-bad♪ Bad to the bone♪ Broke a thousand hearts♪ Before I met you♪ I’ll break a thousand more, baby♪ Before I am through♪ I wanna be yours, pretty baby♪ Yours and yours alone♪ I’m here to tell ya, honey
That I’m bad to the bone
♪ Bad to the bone♪ B-b-b-b-bad
♪ B-b-b-b-bad. ♪

100 thoughts on “Terminator 2 starring Sylvester Stallone [DeepFake]

  1. I want to see Bryan Cranston (as Walter White) superimposed onto the face of Russell Crowe in Gladiator, that would be hilarious!

  2. Не везде удалось хлебальник Сильвестра наклеить.)))

  3. man this would be dope if you have the voice deep fake to go with the face….

    where do you get the app, i wanna use it.

  4. Please new viewers should subscribe this page..because he/she put lot of hard work to making these video clips for our entertainment..I subscribed..

  5. Great..now they can use this to convict an innocent person on video..see your honor..that's him..just look at his face..

  6. Its so hard to do because of arnolds head structure from the angle where its from the back of the head and the head is turned slightly is hard tl calibrate the structure of the head to better fit Stallone good job though really well done

  7. You do realise that when those videos of Trump with the Russian Hookers comes out – you'll get the blame!

  8. How did he know what bike was his if that happened me i would have tryed about 10 bikes before i found it. And he never turned on his lights

  9. Every man wishes he could be this bad ass haha! And dang I never realized what a great guy the bar tender was! That old dude stood up to him and was like "I can't let you take the mans wheels son." He was very polite but firm about protecting this customers from theft. That man is the true legend.

  10. Never has more perfect casting happened than Arnie as the T800
    However, with Slys face on, he looks fucking scary. Not like it’s a bad effect, like he looks scary as fuck

  11. I'm training this video with my face. No way around the sunglasses huh? I saw how yours glitched a bit and I'm worried how bad mine will look.

  12. My God,,,, I guess acters are out of a job at this point. Just use some random person and put the famous face on there. Kinda interesting to see

  13. Isn't this something like the "Mandela Effect". I hope people see this is real evil, this technology with the ability to alter history as we know it to be. Especially for the youths who coming up now. I hope people understand what exactly they witnessing in this video. People, if you haven't read your Bibles(1611 KJV) yet, start reading before its too late.

  14. It's extremly good because it's not only the face of stallone , it's a mix betwen the arnold structure's face and the stallone structure 's face ….. It's much more difficult , and interesting by the way .

  15. I always loved this film. I mean look at that chick running the Blockbuster counter in her snazzy little evening dress. And just check the chick browsing and her trousers with giant polo mints strapped to her ass cheeks. Now that is costume design… especially the way both peoples outfits were clearly cut from the same roll of fabric.

  16. This wasn’t as smooth as others; it looked more as if Sly and Arnold became one person, kinda like Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball

  17. man you are good! do you have like a channel so i can subscribe and study how to improve the performance of my own gans? the lighting from yours are just perfect! i am a ai developer with low proeficiency on graphics itself, so probably you may be applying some finishing techniques… where can i learn from?

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