assalamualaiku wr wb in this occasion, i will try to share about forex trading technique that very profitable the accuraccy can be 99% if you understand how to use this technique okey, before we going to sharing please subcribe this channel okey now we begin to insert the indicator as usual i still use bollinger band indicator and the second indicator still using bollinger band indicator but the deviation changed with 1 and it look like this the first bollinger band is normal bollinger band and the second is with different deviation and this is the look of indicator have made after that we try to save the basic of bollinger band was same but here we have one, two, three, four, five, of lines bollinger band when you know the function of these five line then absolutely your trading your trading will save and succed in making profit in daily trading oke now i will explain the function of each bollinger line the first line is top bollinger band this is top line bolilinger band as usual we call this resistent and this is the first resistent and the second line is still top bollinger band this is top bollinger band but this fungtion as second resistent and the next line is mid bollinger band and the fungtion as resistent or support and the next line is low bollinger band and the fungtion as support 1 and the last line is still low bollinger band and this fungtion as support 2 after we knew the core of each line for you that still don’t know what is resistent and support please look for the information to google because we just want to learn about the entry here because the basic here was bollinger band better for us to know the trend to kow the trend we just look to mid bb so to know thrend of market is so easy, we just see where the candlestick exist is candle above midd bb? or below midle bb example this is mid bb and the candlestick is above mid bb so the trend is uptrend you got it? this is mid bb and candlestick is below mid bb and the trend is downtrent if we see in h4 the maximum time frame that should we analyse is from daily where the trend in daily is candlestick below mid bb or above mid bb? if we have know next we see the condition of the bollinger band is bollinger band in horizontal or trending down or bollinger band vertical or trending up if you still confused how to certain bb condition please watch my last vidio about bollinger band condition now we learn how to entry for clearly trend please add EMA50 but if you still confused you may only use mid bb oke how to entry using double bollinger band actually how to entry is very simple each line fungtioned for place to entry even top bb mid bb or low bb but we just wait the right time to entry example of the right time to entry is when candle meet mid bollinger band when candle cannot close low bb 2 and this is in uptrend top bb to midd bb top bb fall to low bb and in mid bb we can make entry so to make an entry with this technique you may use follow trend or counter trend to follow the trend you must look trend better example EMA50 and mid bb and candlestick start below mid bb and every candle meet mid bb is the place to enty and top bb 1 and 2 place to entry mid bb for entry and this is the steps to entry with following trend we just use this in one time frame and we make netry again here candle is below mid bb and ema50 and the entry in mid bb entry again in mid bb and again in mid bb because trend in downtrend candle try to break of ema50 and to bb bit candle just stop in top bb area that fungtioned as resistent 1 the 2 resistent broke but resistent 1 is not and the same situation like this and here candle broke mid bb mid bb broke by candle when you see this situation it mean market still looking for trend for your information beside mid bb for entry and low bb 1 low bb2 can use for entry


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