Teen Drug Dealer Makes $20k A Month

a seventeen-year-old teen grossed twenty
thousand dollars a month by being beheaded marijuana ring add
he’s been caught he i was a high school student in ohio uh… and we have a video explaining how
he did this pretty incredible it to be honest with you spray smart in looking at at this particular
juvenile if he looks like someone that would be
in your church youth group but his after-school activities were anything
but typical the seventeen-year-old who we are not identifying is accused of
helping two ron at three million dollar hydroponic marijuana ring investigators say he had at least six
other former or currently since it is working for him we believe that they
were pushing somewhere around twenty thousand dollars now he was working with adults not as
parents is apparent allegedly didn’t know about this time but the adults were basically supplying him
with the marijuana and then he had some of the students at uh… a high school
working for him but what’s really interesting is he was smart enough to
not allow them to push the drugs on campus all of their dealings happened
off-campus and you know the authorities were talking about just how crafty blair was and keep in mind we started
doing this at the age of fifteen and he was grossing twenty thousand dollars a
month and ill get me wrong i’m not trying to
say a little late out he’s an american hero but i just saw it is the perfect black
on it it he could folk is his sat in this and his business
minded behavior whatever to something that’s a legal and productive all next
time you know healy working on wall street is a you know you’re a big
capital in effect there are certain of the cayman islands uh… minds kid was saying wrote an email or write
to us payment mana you know i should have
known that is a panel set this guy’s really a factory extended
transit known to use the money they had to be fair to him actors whose parents
are should say he was not the one growing the marijuana
there were uh… adults at work right now one of four hand uh… and in just a
mile point three million dollars worth of hotmail misses the mark i think you
have another couple thing authorities also found nine thousand
dollars stepped away in his room do you feel like um… fineman nine
thousand dollars molly katzen ok is it like driving like
i remember when i was in high school going through my stuff well what’s the
slot blot out you know i don’t have anything to make this have limited they
sounded nice to see what the hosted by them and and and that’s why he didn’t
want to drop anchor exact okay and look at a height review period is
over for pretty impressive you know that’s that asset enterprising young man was just
direct them towards a more futbol endeavor dot abolish said that dole
uh… that there is a scholar of stupidity or or lack of ambition that
comes to drug dealers and kids about times get pushed into this woman really teams and stuff thing is is it’s a business students read like a
businesses rules the stuff that you do with the stuff you don’t do it as ways
you make sure that you make money smudges it’s not by accident you make money when there’s so much of the competition
is tough the drug dealers are everywhere so the thing is is n you don’t know who
they are in fact its power harder in his business ’cause you not on the market
you know you not recognized for the same time yet to be dodging illegal
activities when really all this is your folks who helped the difference is the
pharmaceutical please come out and they had commercial saying take our drug is
gonna do eighteen other things wrong to use to good things for you buying korea
in and get the big they have to have again jim used as a smart and then in reality about this may be a wild one of those
digimon things are fed up with public to test this kids that we’ve already pushed aside and
said that they’re just uses jugular stupid evil people you don’t start a business
in these guys will run the business to light billionaire status they know what
they’re doing it but i had to run this business is business and then i mean it
just as long as the educated so let me ask you know what the business is a look
at gold as the local saurabh isn’t there a the businessmen in what they’re doing
that’s stupid pat toomey jan what you’re saying is so
obviously true that i find it mean if you would say that come crematoria people think about artists and ryan dealers in a moment
recovery from a misty eyed her class those

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