Talking Tom and Friends – Just Friends | Season 2 Episode 3

Hmm. Dun, dun, dun, dun. Hmm. ‘Sup Angela? Nah. Dearest Angela. No. Ooh. Nope. Too manly. Too mouthwashy. Oh, that’s because it is mouthwash. Hello? Hey, Tom, quick question. Are we going casual dress or are we going
dress to impress? Well, I don’t know who we’d be trying
to impress. This is just a friend event, right? Oh, great. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Me wearing something formal would be as silly
as you giving me flowers. How crazy would that be? No romantic tension, no holding hands, and
definitely no exchanging candy… Yeah. Sounds like the perfect non-romantic evening. Yep. So, uh, pick me up in an hour? No I will not because that would be like a
date! Right, buddy? Good point, pal! Hey, Tom! Getting ready for your big date with Angela? Ah, ah, ah, it’s not a date! Then why do you smell like mouthwash? The Barf-a-Coaster! Get ready to be hurled through six– Through six stories of high-intensity, barf-causing
thrills! Ride the new Barf-a-Coaster! Woah. You know the Barf-a-Coaster commercial word
for word. Yeah! Tonight, I face the Barf-a-Coaster. There will be barf. And that barf will be my barf! Not for me, thank you. But that’s okay, we’ll just all spit up. I mean, split up. No! We can’t split up. We have to stick together. Because we’re friends. And this is a friend event. Okay? I can’t go to the carnival. I have an emergency-online-chat with my long-distance
girlfriend, Xenon… She’s real. Hi, Xenon! Cancel this chat, Ben, all right? Tonight is about friends, not girlfriends. Please. We need everybody there to keep this from
being romantic. Sorry, guys. Xenon is facing a serious crisis. She’s trying to organize her books by usefulness
and as you can imagine, it’s gotten pretty overwhelming. That’s where Ben comes in. You’re going! You can’t use a laptop if you don’t have a
lap! Let go of me, you maniac! Great, now she’s frozen. Hello? Xenon? Hello? It’s okay, Tom. We can still go out on a friend event with
just the four of us. Yeah! You are so smart, Angela. Ah. Careful with the compliments. If you guys keep this up, I’m going to barf
before I get there. Let’s go! Ah. Do you smell that? Where else are you going to get the glorious
aromas of fried food, a petting zoo, and Tom’s mouthwash in one convenient place. Here’s the barf plan. They shut down the Barf-a-Coaster early to
power-wash it, because of all the barf. Ooh! We can grab some stomach ammo. Which will come up in our barf! Let’s start with something a little less
night-ruining. Oh, look! I bet I can win one of those. Ooh, and then I can carry a prize around and
make everyone so jealous! You mean like you would do on a date? Good save, Hank. See? This is why it’s great that everyone’s
here. Because friends look out for each other. Okay, let’s have some fun… friends-style! I write your name on everything/ I would like
to run and jump with you/ My heart beats for you / you… you are my life/ my life, my
life, my life / I’m always here for you– You can always count on me / you… you are
so strong / so much funner than I could ever be… I have to admit — I was a little worried
about tonight, but I feel like we’re really making this work. Yeah, it’s nice being in a big group of
friends. Wait a minute… where’s Hank? Guys! They have a Bongo and McGillicuddy mallet
game. If I hit it hard enough to ring the top bell,
Bongo makes lieutenant! Ugh! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Wow, Hank. You’re strong. Oh, it’s actually more about finding the
sweet spot on the mallet. Whoa. Ladies and gentlemen, we got ourselves a natural
here. You know, there’s a smack-off tournament
in an hour. Nope. Sorry, he’s a little preoccupied right now
due to a friend event. Huh? Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a thing. Now, smacking stuff with a mallet… that’s
a thing, am I right, folks? But I guess someone else will have to take
this baby home. A Bongo and McGillicuddy trophy? And now, I must take my leave of you. You understand. No, no! You can’t do this to us It’s okay. A three-person friend event can still work. Right. Because it’s not two people. Let’s hit the Barf-a-Coaster! Well, I like the idea of barfing… but I
don’t love the idea of barfing. Sorry, Ginger. Aww. Fine. Let’s just go to the Ferris Wheel instead. Wow. This thing looks so exciting. Oh, after you. Thanks Ginger. Hmm. You’re quite the little gentleman. Hey! Ginger! You left me no choice! I gave you every opportunity to barf with
me. You brought this on yourselves! Ginger! Sorry, not sorry! Come back! Man, you stink at friend events. Stomach ammo! Ah! Ugh, I’m going to get you for this, Ginger! Uhh… Just the two of us now. No, not true! As long as I’ve got my eyes on Ginger, we’re
technically not alone together! Then get your eyes on Ginger! Got him. He’s on the ground. He’s running fast. No, don’t go behind the tilt-a-whirl…
don’t go behind the tilt-a-whirl… no! He went behind the tilt-a-whirl. It’s all right, Tom. We’ll just ignore each other for a few loops,
and before we know it, this will all… Why are we not moving? Child on a thrill ride. Repeat, child on a thrill ride. All rides are shut down until further notice. Great. Looks like Ginger finally made it to the Barf-a-Coaster. Good for Ginger. Don’t panic. Not a problem. Yep. We have a problem. Oh, really? He’s unstrapped himself. And he’s running down the track. Well, it shouldn’t take long to catch him. This is going to take a super long time. Oh, come on! We apologize that our rides are basically
no good for the rest of the night. The rest of the night?! Hello! Can anyone hear us? Two friends! HELLLLP! It’s no use. They can’t hear us over the carnival music
down there. And I used to like carnival music. That trophy is mine! This is so much better than barfing. So… the two of us are stuck… alone…
together at the top of a Ferris Wheel. No big deal. Friends get stuck on rides every day. Right! But um, maybe you should stop touching me,
um, with your knee? Oh, uh, not a lot of room. You know what? Let’s play a very innocent, friendly game
until they fix this. Umm… Try to guess what I’m looking at. A view of the town like you’ve never seen
it before. Lit up under a beautiful starry sky. Uh… pretty much. Oh, hey, look. A shooting star. I’m getting down. Angela, what are you doing? Is it my mouthwash? This is too romantically dangerous. So I’m going to crawl down the side of this
Ferris Wheel. At least that’s just regular dangerous. And kind of dumb! Gotcha! Just to be clear, I’m holding your hand
for safety. Yeah. I am so glad you’re here… for safety. Obviously. You know, this is actually kind of cool. I don’t know why more people don’t exit
Ferris Wheels this way. That’s why. This was such a mistake! No, no, no, do not say that. We could not stay up at the top like that. No, Tom! I’m talking about spending the whole night
pretending like this wasn’t a date! If we had just admitted that we liked each
other, we could have stayed up in that gondola. Okay, yeah, it wasn’t so bad up there. I was thinking about holding your
hand. I was thinking about holding your hand too! Oh my gosh, you were? No way! We both wanted to hold each other’s hands. Oh, but let’s not do that now, because gravity. I’m slipping! Okay. Before I fall… I wished this was a date all along. I did too, Tom. I did too. AAAAAAAAGH! Well this is kind of embarrassing. Not if you think about how fast we climbed
down. I mean, we’re pretty agile. Huh, yeah I guess we are. Did you mean what you just said, though? About um… Yeah, Angela. Forget friend events. Tom! Angela! You’ve got to hide me. I’ve got a lot of angry carnies after me. I’m sorry, Ginger. We’re a little busy right now. We’re on a date. Oh, barf. Not in my face. There he is! Get that kid! I don’t feel so — blegh!

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