Switching HUSBANDS 24 HOUR CHALLENGE w/ the Labrant Fam! | Rebecca Zamolo

– [Matt] Oh! – I got this Mom stuff. Ah, I just touched it! I just touched it! – [Matt] I do a ninja move, oh yes! – What was that? Oh no! – I’m not even driving the car. I don’t know where we’re going guys. – I don’t even know what’s
– Okay but it must be taking us to the LaBrant Fam. – It’s definitely The Game
– No. I don’t think it’s the – I think it is.
– I think we’re going to the LaBrant Fam house right now. – Guys what is going on right now? – I mean if they’re going
there then they’re just– – No you guys, you guys just trust me– – Where we going right now? – Hey Zam Fam, it’s Rebecca and as you guys know, we did the Norris Nuts and at the end we got a card that said
LaBrant Fam Challenge. And that’s where I think
this Tesla is taking us right now!
– No Game– – This is a bad idea guys. This is a trap from Red Hood. – No no no!
– It has to be. – Red Hood?
– No, I think they’re taking us to the LaBrant Fam house. – But I didn’t put in the address. – Well, maybe the Tesla
knows for some reason. I called Savannah and
I said that we could do like a switching lives for 24 hours type challenge. Where we – Oh that might be a good way to test them for The Game Master Network. – Yeah! If it is the then we can train them and we can test them and see how it goes. – Hold on it’s turning,
it’s turning, it’s turning! – Okay. – What? – Do you think this is Cole
and Savannah’s new house? – It might be! – I haven’t been here yet. – Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Okay Zam Fam smash a
Thumb’s Up button if you think that this Tesla is taking us
to the LaBrant Fam’s house like I think it is. – I think it is. – Okay. – Pretty sure this is Cole
and Savannah’s new house. – Okay. – Yeah I think I heard Carl inside. – So the Tesla driving us
has something to do with the cards that we’re getting. I still think the might be involved. If he is,
– Yeah. – Then we need to test them out
for the Game Master Network. – You guys know I’m doing the In that you guys we have to test out their spy ninja training. We have, We have and we have that we all need to test their skills. I think Posies a little young but, let’s go. – Are you sure this is the spot? – I’ve never been to their
new house but I think it might be. Hi! What? – [Daniel] Whoa! – Everleigh! – What are you doing? – You’re just doing a bridge! Yeah! What’s up? – Hey! – Welcome! – Yeah! – Okay you got the drive so– – Yep we thought this was your house. – Yeah. – Right you got it. – Yeah, the Tesla kinda got it. – Hold on. – Yep it’s Carl! – It’s the right house,
it’s the right house. – So are you guys ready to colab? Do some videos?
– We’re ready. – Is that what we’re doing? – I mean, yeah, yeah! – We didn’t know you
guys were coming, but– – Yeah well we thought
that we would do the Switching Husbands 24 Hour Challenge. – Okay. – Right?
Sweet – Yeah, so like I’ll hang
out with you guys and Matt will just hang out with Savannah. – So, like, do you have the
babies or do we have the babies? – We’ll have the babies. – Sweet. – Welcome to the good life again. No, kidding no hate. – Awe. – Yes!
Bye babe. Yeah, just make sure she gets her in Matt. – Okay Ev, so Cole what do we
do first now that I’m a mom? – Well I think what Savannah
and Everleigh usually do is they, they’re always matching. – Always matching, they’re you know–
Twinning, okay. – And you guys kinda
look enough alike with the blonde hair– – Yeah, okay. – You know, so I think that
you guys should probably match. – Yeah? Ev, you wanna twin? Let’s twin it up. – All right I’ll take the baby. – Okay yeah yeah. – I’ll take baby and– – I mean, I’m really good
with babies, but yeah, you can take her for a little bit. – You know, whenever
you’re a parent of two one’s gotta have one,
one’s gotta have the other. So you’re in charge of Everleigh now. – Okay Everleigh we’re gonna twin. We should skip like this. Do you do this with your mom? This is gonna be a great We’re gonna have Your mom do this? Where are you taking me? Where are we going? My shirt. – Oh okay. See Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah. – Now you did twin telepathy right? That’s kind of like a Game Master’s right Daniel? – [Daniel] Oh it is. – Do you wanna maybe
do some twin telepathy? Let’s get these on. Do we snap? – Okay 3,2,1. Whoa whoa she’s out! – [Daniel] She changed! She changed though!
– So I guess we’re twins. Do we do like Mom poses? Am I like the Mom? – [Cole] Whoa you guys look good! But you gotta have the
same hairstyle as her. – Oh! – You’re not really
twinning unless if you guys have the same hairstyle. – Oh, oh, yep I’ve done that
before so I could do that. – [Cole] Yeah yeah. – I’m just saying if you
guys really want to be twins you know, like if you really
want to be a good mom– – True. – You wanna be a good mom right? – Thanks husband, that’s great. – [Matt] Savannah you ready? Okay, welcome to your safe house. – What are we doing? You gave me this shirt. – [Matt] You can’t put that on yet. You have to earn that. – Network? What does that mean? – [Matt] It’s one of
Rebecca’s favorite shirts. Yeah, you’ll see, hopefully– – You don’t want me to
put it on yet though? – [Matt] Not yet. Here is your first clue. You’re now in the You need to figure and but first we need to
find all the spy gadgets. – How to get out of here? – [Matt] Yeah. – So like this is locked? – [Matt] What does that card say? – Oh! Break the [Matt] Yes! It’s all in your kitchen. Stuff has been hidden in
your kitchen right now. I know! – What are we doing? – Also hidden in this kitchen
are a bunch of spy gadgets. – Okay. – You have to figure out
how to get them all out. They’re inside one little case. Then you need to figure out the code to get that out as well. – I’m so bad at this kind of– – [Matt] Enjoy yourself! – So I just have to find it? – [Matt] Yep! – Whoa! – I found it! – Now, I need to figure this out. – [Matt] Yep and it’s a three digit code it looks like on the front there. So what does this have to do with – [Matt] Just part of like
what Rebecca likes to do– – Rebecca does this kind of thing? – [Matt] Yeah yeah she loves this stuff. – So like in the morning
you like give her codes– – [Matt] Yep, but she actually
tries to find the code, not just try to do that. Now we are going to do the Everleigh did this with
her mom Savannah and I’m gonna see if Everleigh
has the twin telepathy skills for the Game Master Net– I mean, for fun. Okay Everleigh, so do you
want to pick one first? And I’m gonna try to
guess which one it is? – Yeah. – Okay! Tell me when you grab it. – I grabbed it. – Hold on. – [Daniel] Whoa! – Was it? – [Daniel] Yes! – Yeah! – Mom got her goal! – [Daniel] Let’s do it one more time. Let’s try one more time. – [Daniel] Let’s switch it around. – Okay, all right, so I’m
gonna pick now Everleigh, and you have to use your twin telepathy. – [Daniel] Oh! – I found something! – Hi Carl! Okay, I’m gonna pick. Okay. – [Daniel] Okay, she
chose, it’s your turn. – Okay Everleigh, use your twin telepathy. – [Daniel] Whoa! – Oh! – Whoa she’s got great twin telepathy. – [Daniel] Wow that’s two.
– That’s pretty cool! – [Daniel] Great job you two. – Let’s see what your Dad’s doing. Hey! – Hey, hey, perfect timing. – Can you actually take the baby? I’m trying to– – Yeah okay is, Carl’s okay. – Yeah no he’s good. Actually can you put him
outside real quick too because– – Oh yeah of course. – Savannah usually let’s
me play for a while. – Oh yeah yep, come here Carl! – I’m hungry! – You’re hungry? Um yeah– – Can you make Everleigh some lunch? – Yeah– – Carl Carl! You gotta get Carl outside. – Are you, you’re playing Fortnite? – Yeah yeah. Savannah usually let’s me play. – Yep come here Carl. Yep we’ll get Carl, okay. We got Carl. He’s okay outside? – Yeah yeah he’s outside,
just feed him and then Everleigh needs so just make her like a turkey sandwich or something
and make sure the baby, if she starts crying– – Okay yeah yep, no I
got this okay um, so Ev, what, what are you hungry for? We got this. Uh, so you’re just gonna play Fortnite? – Yeah uh, did you fed the dog? – No, not yet. – You gotta feed the dog
before you put him outside. Just give him some, the dog
food’s under the sink and then just give him a bowl of water. – Oh oh oh okay, Carl
went outside, hold on. – [Cole] Can you feed her lunch first? – [Rebecca] Oh okay so,
so feed her first and then get Carl, I’m not sure where Carl went. – Have you fed the baby yet? – No not yet, um Ev are
you supposed to be on the counters, is that okay,
she’s cool with doing that? – [Cole] Yeah uh no, Everleigh– – No, no, no, no, no. okay we gotta get you
down, we gotta get you – [Daniel] Are you okay Rebecca? – Yep, yeah, yeah no I got this. I got this mom stuff. – Do you need some help? – No no no, play Fortnite, if that’s what Savannah has you do, yeah Fortnite’s totally – [Cole] Okay you got this? – He just plays Fortnite? She let’s him? – [Daniel] I guess, I don’t know. What are you gonna make? – You guys want some cereal? Oh look– – [Daniel] You’re just
gonna put water in there? Oh that’s for the dog, okay. – Here, here, you’re little,
this must be for a baby. – [Daniel] No, no, no,
– Little Bites. – [Daniel] Not for babies.
– No? – Wait, the Little– – [Cole] No, no, no, no, that’s just like little
brownies and muffins. – [Daniel] Yeah, not for babies. – But she wants it. – [Cole] She only has baby
food, that’s in the fridge or like, milk. – [Everleigh] I’m giving this to Carl. – Oh okay yeah thanks
Everleigh you’re the best! We got this. Okay let’s get you some baby food. Okay baby, so we’re just gonna take– Can she drink out of the carton? – [Cole] No, no, no, no – [Daniel] No not, hold on– – Maybe if I cook– – [Daniel] There’s different milk I think. – There’s different milk,
you don’t give her like actual milk. – Could I just like, if I dab my finger– – [Daniel] No, no, no, no Rebecca, no– – No, no, no, no, you have
like germs on your finger, have you washed your hands yet? – Oh, yeah, yeah, I must, uh– – Usually like you will need a– oh and she likes to grab hair– – Oh yep yep– – Gotta be careful, she’ll grab your hair. – Okay. – She has bottles, like right here. – Oh! – So we’ll make, want you
to make her up some formula. – Gotcha! – Or, um we could just feed
her straight up baby food. – Okay. – That we have, so, either or. But you don’t feed her just real milk. – Oh. – That’s for adults. – So you don’t just like, let her– – And Little Bites are for Everleigh. – You could just like, let
her lick it off your thumb? – [Cole] No, that won’t work. – Oh okay, these are for Everleigh? – [Cole] Yeah its more
of a snack than a lunch. – Oh, oh she’s not
supposed to have that yet? – Usually not, Savannah
wouldn’t usually let her have that for lunch. – Okay Ev, we’re gonna,
we’re gonna put this back for a little bit– – So that’s like right there. – Oh I’m trying, I got this. – You’re currently – Invisible ink – [Matt] Oh. – What’s this? – [Matt] Is there any
pieces of paper that are out of place inside here, cause
usually they’ll be like a code on a piece of paper, I don’t– – [Matt] Oh you’re getting
pretty good Savannah! – Like in here? – [Matt] Yeah. I’m gonna give you a little hint. The lid isn’t just a lid. – I found something. Three, nine, zero? – [Matt] Three, nine zero. – So is that that? – It might be Three, nine, zero. – [Matt] Okay. – Slide to open it. Got it! – [Matt] Whoa! You’ve unlocked the spy gadgets. – So you know what I was
thinking, I was thinking– – [Cole] Maybe something else? Maybe something else. – So I was thinking like we
could hold off on lunch– – Yeah yeah. – Babies don’t need it– – She’s not crying, she’s not crying. You guys can just do something? – [Cole] You wanna play? – Oh no, you know Fortnites
not really my thing. I mean, I can do the dances though. – Okay. – Yeah, you know dances, can
I learn one of your guys’– Oh see, I got that! Twinning with Everleigh. – [Cole] Whoa whoa. – What about the dances? You guys always do these
cool, choreographed dances for Instagram Like family dances. I can dance, so I was
thinking like we could do, You could teach me one of them, you know. – Like when you dance crazy? Why you looking at me like that? Do I look like Savannah? No no no, I was just, I
wanna learn a family dance– – [Cole] She had choreography Where I don’t think Posies
gone number two at all, but I’m gonna change her
diaper, but what I’m really gonna do is, we just
got all these brownies, that we made last night, so
it’s kind of perfect timing. And I’m gonna take the diaper
off of her, and fill it with a bunch of brownies– – [Daniel] Oh no! – And have Rebecca come over here– – [Daniel] Oh no! – And think that Posie
just destroyed her diaper, I mean like, not like a
little bit of brownie, like a lot of– – [Daniel] Oh my gosh,
that’s a lot of brownie. – Rebecca! – [Rebecca] Yeah? – Can you come over here
and help me real quick? – [Rebecca] Okay yeah, hold on Everleigh. – I’m changing uh, Posie’s
diaper, and it got, it got all over. It got all over, can you take over from here? Yeah, I gotta go wash my
hands, I gotta wash my hands. – Oh my gosh! Are there wipes, wipes? – [Cole] Uh yes, uh just uh, hang– – [Cole] I’ll get her. – Uh okay one second, here. – Oh my gosh I’m, what about– – Okay yeah can you
throw that away for me? And I’ll go get wipes for Posie? – Really? – Yeah, yeah, just, it’s okay
if it gets on your hands, you just wash it off. – Ugh I just touched it! I just touched it! – It’s gross. Uh here, we’ll just
throw this away, and uh, we’re good whew! – Posie! – [Cole] Are you okay? – Are you okay? Did you see the brownies
that we had last night? It wasn’t her whole poop,
it was just brownie poop. – I was like that is a lot! – [Matt] You missed one little spot. – Okay. – [Matt] You did a good
job but you still missed something in the dishwasher. Whoa, what is all that stuff? – What the heck? What are we doing? – Okay, good question. – This looks like, like hunting. – [Matt] Yep, this is
actually spy gear, so you can actually see people. We’re gonna go on the other couple. Are you ready for this? Rebecca and Cole and
Everleigh have no idea that we’re getting ready to set
up a little spy mission. – We’re gonna go spy on them? – We’re gonna go spy on them right now. – Well this is gonna be fun then. – It’s actually kind of fun right? – See! – [Savannah] This is gonna be fun! – But you need to get your
Game Master t-shirt on cause that’s what Rebecca would wear. Nice job Savannah! – Thanks! – So now, I’m gonna learn the dance – So–
Yes. – A dance that we love
is the Baby Mama Dance. We’ve done it twice. Once when Savannah was
pregnant, and once with Posie. So it’s just like a thing that we like to do. – Yeah, that thing went
viral for you guys. – Did pretty good. – That was a pretty good video. – Yeah it was fun, it was fun. So, we’re gonna teach you it. – Okay. – You’re gonna obviously
take the place of Savannah– – She’s the – Yeah she is– – So you gotta do good, you know? – Okay, I got this. – It’s called Baby Mama,
you are the Baby Mama. – Oh yeah, I am. I’m the Baby Mama. – You’re like walking in and owning it, because you’re like the Baby Mama. – Okay, like that– – You’re just walking in
yeah, you have the baby, pretend like you’re all pregnant And then, me and Everleigh,
after the song drops, we’re gonna jump in and
start like, lassoing, like cowboy lassoing all crazy, – [Rebecca] Oh yeah! – You know, bring it down. – Yeah! – And then once the
actual song drops, we go, one mama, two mama, three mama four. – Get that big mama when
I step into the door. – So have you guys done any
like, escape rooms or anything? – Escape rooms? – Yeah
– No. – Everleigh have you
ever done an escape room? – No. – You guys, do you like ever? – No. – No? I bet you guys would be
good at it, maybe we should do something, just to see
how good you guys are. – Yeah, yeah, good at what though? For what? – Oh just for fun, right, Daniel, just? – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah we
just like to solve clues and train our brain, and– – Yeah, like riddles. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Just do it for fun. – Just for like, fun, yeah,
get the brain working– – [Daniel] Yeah. – Am I center, or am I off to the side? – You’re center, you’re center. – Oh the whole time? – Yeah you’re front and center. You’re always front and center. – I got this, yeah, yeah. – [Cole] You’re baby mama. – Okay. – Hi Evy, do you have it? – You ready Posie? – Zam Fam smash the Thumbs
Up button if you think I’m gonna be able to do this. It won’t be as good as
Savannah’s just so you know. – [Matt] You have to be super stealthy. We’re gonna go sneak and
see exactly what’s going on. What if we find out something that, like something we don’t wanna see? – Using my clothes or something? – [Matt] Exactly,
something weird like that. Whoa, you’re doing good, doing good. Like do a ninja move. Oh yes! That’s what I’m talking bout! You’re doing good! Okay here we go, we’re going in. Can’t even see with these. Good good good good! You know all the spots! – Oh, oh! Whoa! – And then we’re gonna
drop a little on this part, You ready?
– Okay. Now we drop low. – Oh, I’m sore, I’m sore. – Guys right now we’re gonna go and figure out what is
going on with Rebecca. I see him.
I see him. – [Savannah] It’s him,
right here, you see him? – [Matt] I see him. What are they doing? – [Savannah] What are they doing? Are they – [Matt] What? – [Matt] What are they doing? We need to get passed
the windows, come on. – [Matt] Baby Mama dance? – Taking it real low. – Oh wow, ah! – And then here we go, here’s the part– – Here’s the part that we learned, ready? One mama, two mama, three mama, four– – Yeah that’s it, nice! – Wo! – Yeah! – You did it, so– – Oh yeah, Posie! – You got, you gained points on that one. – Yes! – Gained points! – Yes! I’m a I’m a wifey! – Sneak around the other side. – [Cole] What was that? – What was that? Oh no! – [Savannah] They’re coming! – They’re spying on us. What’s Matt doing with Savannah? – [Daniel] I don’t know. – We should – [Cole] Did you hear something? Where’d they How’d they get through so fast? – [Matt] Oh Everleigh, Everleigh! – You guys on us? – [Matt] Uh no, we’re
just testing out spy gear. – Oh! – I like the shirt Savannah! – [Savannah] Hello? – Oh it’s uh, shes just being me. – [Matt] Okay so they’re
definitely here to do this so– – Oh you know what, Posie,
oh, she’s getting sad. I’m gonna take her in
and feed her that milk. The milk, the milk she needs– – [Matt] Oh okay. – C’mon Ev. – Yeah, yeah, we’ll uh we’ll be back. Okay Zam Fam so Everleigh
has really strong spy skills. She really wants to join
The Game Master Network. So I’m sneaking away
because I’m gonna do like an thing so we can test her out Daniel. – [Daniel] Great idea. – So look, I just wrote,
says something here that I wrote with this, and hopefully will work. I don’t know if Everleigh’s
used a blacklight pen before, – [Daniel] Oh yeah. – But look. If she did, it’ll do that,
and there’s gonna be words, it’s gonna say something. I’m gonna put in the
ice-cream cone floatie, see if she can figure it
out, which will then lead her to the basketball
hoop, and she’ll get a Game Master bracelet. So hopefully this works. I’m not sure if Everleigh
is going to be able to do this because she’s
six, but if she can, she definitely has to join Network – [Daniel] Yeah, definitely. – Okay, I’m gonna go hide these. Okay you guys, so I’m
gonna sneak Everleigh out really quickly so she can do this It’s really just a
blacklight with some clues, but it’ll be perfect. – [Daniel] Okay I’m gonna
go hide this bracelet. It’s kind of like the
final goal for Everleigh. There we go, look. – So are you ready for
some Game Master training? – Yeah! – Okay you said you liked to right? – Yeah! – Okay, are you ready? Come into the room, let’s
see if she can figure it out. You guys smash a Thumb’s Up for Everleigh. – [Rebecca] What do you wanna do? – [Daniel] Whoa! – [Rebecca] She knows! Do you see anything? She’s getting it. – [Rebecca] Okay. – The – [Rebecca] T-H-E. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Hold, cream con– – Cone. – Cone. – [Daniel] Look in the– – Look in the– – [Rebecca] Hey where’s an ice cream cone? Where’s an ice cream cone? – It’s a secret note. – [Daniel] Whoa! A secret note? – Let’s see. What does it say? – [Daniel] What does it say? – Okay, maybe go in the
shade so you can see it. – I’m gonna go inside. – She’s doing great Daniel. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Play some – [Daniel] Play some ball? – Some ball, play some ball. What kind of games do you
guys have that have balls? – Oh okay. She found it! – [Daniel] She found it! – You got it! Game Master Network, that was great Ev! – [Daniel] Wow! – As your mom I’m very proud
right now, she figured it out. – I wanna do another one! – Okay.
– Help me out – Actually I think we have to do some – [Daniel] Oh! I mean, uh, – [Daniel] Oh gymnastics. – Okay you guys so I
think they’re doing great. How did Savannah do? – Surprisingly really good. – Okay. – She had ninja moves too,
I did not expect that. – Yeah okay, so I think
we need to go to a gym and have them do ninja training there. – Oh. – I can see if Everleigh
and Cole are good at ninja training and then we could bring them into The Game Master Network. Kind of, but I think
they need ninja traning. – Okay. – Okay so let’s head
there you guys and we’ll see how they do. Okay so now we’re at the and I thought we could
do some ninja moves. – Yeah, I love ninjas. – Everleigh can you do a kick like that? – Kick. – Oh! – Bop. – Oe, Posie yeah. – Kick, kick, kick. – Kick like that? – Hmm hmm. – Okay climb the monkey bars? – Yeah! – [Rebecca] Oh she got it! – [Cole] She’s only halfway
there, the floor’s lava, you don’t wanna fall, oh! – Go go go! – And she got it! Can you climb up that,
run up that ninja wall? Okay! – Sorry dude, this how you really do it. Hmm, that’s actually kind of, yeah I can– – [Rebecca] You have to run into it. – Yeah yeah, too easy. – [Rebecca] Oh Cole! That was impressive! – Yeah, now how do I get down? – [Matt] Sure they’re after you? – What’s that? – [Matt] What? Is that a card– Oh hey hey, I, um, I’ll
take that, I’ll take that. What is going on? There they are. – What are they doing? What the heck are you guys doing? – Oh, we’re uh, uh, they told me you uh, liked to come here a lot. – You know, you know we
like to do that for the, wife swap thing, ninja– – Yeah yeah. – [Matt] What? – We’ve never done this before, ever. – I mean, it’s a twenty hour challenge– – Yeah, okay, yes we do, all the time. – You know what, I think
this is a good time, Matt, to like outro the video, right now. – Yeah that’s a good idea. – Yeah. – Why you just rushing everything so fast? – I mean, uh, we just
wanna make sure we get the video with you guys. – Bec–
What? – This card right here.
What? – Yep. – What does it say? – Look at that. It says, “They need Rebeccas.” – Where was it? – It was out there. – Out there in front of the building? – Okay well let’s, let’s
finish out the video okay? Alright you guys, and that concludes the That was fun, how was it with Matt. – That was wonderful! – I missed my wife. – [Matt] Yep, we kinda did the
wife swap a little bit too. – Yeah we did. We are about to do a
gymnastics challenge on their channel so make
sure to check that out, I’ll link it in the description. And subscribe to the
LaBrant Fam if you haven’t, I mean, what are you waiting for? Shout out to these people
in the Game Master Network that scored a hundred percent. It’s a long story, guys– – A hundred percent is
awesome, it sounds great! – Yeah, it is! All right Zam Fam, we
will see you next time!

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