Swing Trading Strategies In Hindi

Hi guys, I Amit welcome you all to my
youtube channel Managetrading.com, Today’s video is very interesting.because we will discuss how in swing trading , trend continuation works This today’s topic interesting because once you learn this topic believe me when you will enter into any stock you will definitely get speed n profit together.
here the meaning of speed is after taking an entry you can see stock is
moving ahead…n hitting the profit. many times in our stock we see a strong move and take entry, but don’t know why after taking an entry most of the times stock does not show any
huge movement Then after some days stock starts going
downwards or upwards, but i think as a trader even you feel that we should take the right entry and within next 10 days come out with a profit, right? If we want to make money from trading then we have to search such stocks where we can find trend continuation. If you are new here then I want you
to pause this video here and see my video on “How to find trend using moving average”.
afterwards it will get easier to you to you with the help of 100
simple moving average to identify the trend now we will move towards chart…
today we will discuss about 2 stocks our first stock is Gujarat chemical Ltd
which is from industrial manufacturing sector. here, you can see stock is jumped above its
100 simple moving average from here and almost from last three four months it is above. what we have to do is..whenever we see such strong up trending stocks…we have to identify pattern on chart there are many types of chart patterns,
the pattern you are looking into this chart. is called triangle chart pattern, because price has formed the shape of triangle over here. See we saw the price coming near 800,
we don’t have to hurry here for taking the entry We have to keep patience,
see how the price come down from 800 to 650 Stochastic is also at its 20 level,then price has jumped from here slightly towards almost 750. Again down move,now when price is here,
we will join these three lows like this then from here till here we will join the highs too
now this is visible like a triangle shape pattern now we have to wait for breakout of this
triangle pattern and that is exactly visible here here we will take our entry, see this is our entry
and below this low we will place the Stoploss here risk is for 35 Rupees per share,
If you are aware about my video on Risk to Reward then you must also be aware of how to maximize the profit.See price took off like a rocket here. within a single move all 3 target got hit.In this way we have to work smartly in the share market when this up trending stocks are cheap
we will buy them and as the price moves up, others too will look to buy and that is the time
we will sell our stocks to them see we are chasing any stock randomly,we got to search for good stocks and wait for pullback to form. have to keep patience. our 2nd stock is
Deepak fertilizer and this is its weekly chart here we can see the price trading above
100 SMA from past last 1 to 2 years when price is trading here I am clear about that stock is in uptrend, but still I know that a slight down move means chances for pullback to form is highest
see price came down from here stochastic also at 20 level and if I join these highs
and draw the line like this and same goes for these lows the chart pattern formed here is called as
Bullish Flag pattern. We have to keep patience untill the price is trading inside this pattern and as the price breaks the pattern, see here this is the time for taking the Entry
and exactly below this low is Stoploss See before taking he trade we were aware about
the risk which 30 Rs per share See how the price began to move upwards after the breakout. This is weekly chart and each candle is representing per week’s price action.
It took only 6 candles to hit the target. Means 6 weeks. I always say trading is very simple
before entering into any trade first thing to look is which major trend is currently present and if price is below 100 SMA then we must understand that its a downtrend now where, never to take a buy.
We can Swing trade only in up trend or choppy market But if you are very new to the market,
I suggest you to trade only in uptrending market. We will keep pateince,we have to buy at very cheap rate
so for that we use stochastics where its level 20 is very important.
Then we have to identify the chart pattern on the chart, In this way we have join the different kinds of indicators
We have to look for such a place on a chart where all these indicators have come together. this place is the biggest oppurtunity of making the money.We are not buying any trade without no reason,we look for a quality stock to come at the right place
This is the most reliable place to make money. I am telling you guys its very exciting to trade in this way
All you have to study the charts If you are doing the job then this trading system
is best for you and there is no secret in this. the trade which I buy,I do share the analysis behind it
But if you are busy and do not have enough time to analyse the charts, I have a service for you in which for only Rs 100 you will get watchlist for swing trading. You have to login at the website at around 9pm in the morning everyday you will get the list of the stocks which are at there breakouts with Entry,Stoploss & target price and also if you are interested in Intraday trading
you will get my live updates too I share my study with you guys and If you are
interested you will find the website and email link below in the description box. See I will not become rich by getting your 100 Rs but if you grab this chance beleive me you will also start
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  1. cancel stick bahut confuse karta ha…1day ka moving average alag ha 1 hr ma alagg ha…use konsa benefit or sure rahaga!??!

  2. apke targets ktk bank ke FNO mein purey hue ya equaity mein? price 158 se highest 159 gayi wo bhi with a wick so range se 2x times target kaise pura hua? same rel infra bhi, I mean jo apke front page pe likha hai uske according. Thoda detail mein explain karo kaise ajka ktk bank ka target pura hua? 158 ke entry ke according.

  3. Hello sir, thanks for nice swing video..Really helpful video.. Much appreciated. Can you pls suggest if " for intraday – – kitane din ka SMA/EMA rahena chahiye and 15/30/60 min. Ka Candle and konsa period ka chart (daily/weekly/monthly) rehna chahiye? Also can you please suggest for the same for short term(weekly/monthly) and long term(6 month/yearly) swing trading..

  4. Hi Amitab, i tried to NEFT, wherein my bankers insists for ur phone number and postal pin code. Request expedite mail immediately to fill the format NEFT. Also, I tried to let u know this on ur email address [email protected], but message bounced saying address not found : address could not be found, or is unable to receive mail, hence I chose to write to u in COMMENTS. Please revert immediately.

  5. चार्ट बन्ने के बाद ये सब बोलना आसान हे,
    एक ही विडियो में एक ही स्ट्रेटेजी में दो अलग अलग टाइम फ्रेम हे पहेले चार्ट में १ दिन का टाइम फ्रेम हे और दूसरे चार्ट में १ विक का लेना कोन सा हे,
    अगर एक विक के चार्ट को एक एक दिन में बदलते हे तो पूरा चार्ट बदल जायेगा और एक विक के चार्ट को एक दिन में बदलते हे तो भी पूरा चार्ट बदल जायेगा.
    विडियो बनाने से पहेले देख भी लिया करो भाई.

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