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hey guys just a quick little Bitcoin
update we spoke about it in the last video that the possibility of this being
of flat sideways monthly consolidation we’ve done this in the previous two
market cycles with the first impulse and a flat sideways monthly what we needed
for that was for the July lows to hole which was nine thousand two whole we did
that pretty well and not only that August lows are not under threat right
now at least it’s the starting of the month so what we actually need for that
postulation to hold is for ninety three hundred to hold ninety three twenty the
previously lows previous month’s lows to hold and the other thing that we need is
a if this is sideways and of course price does not need to start breaking up
and at least finding support over here in this range I would say that we are
really really bullish if we can find support eleven K and then eleven five
hundred if this is the zone that we start consolidating i think bitcoin is
going to move up but if it is that this is a sideways flat consolidation on the
monthly either here ten thousand seven hundred and sixty or
eleven thousand we should be finding strong resistance and on the failure of
these resistance levels you can find some nice shorting opportunities in case
you missed this move or you didn’t if you are in a long right now I would be
looking to take profits it’s a strong monthly level over here
and if we do somehow get to eleven thousand I would be closing any margin
positions and being careful about my spot so that’s all for right now guys

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