11 thoughts on “Subscribe to a trading signal in MetaTrader 4/5

  1. The window to subscribe doesn't pop up after I click subscribe? I get a menu that pops up with a summary of details and a password box and subscribe button inside the MT4 platform, then I click subscribe and nothing happens?

  2. I am getting the same thing as elliot. When I click on the subscribe button, nothing happens. It won't let me add it to favorite either.

  3. ONE trade at the same time with a FIXED accepted stop loss (15 pips) is the sure way as the day-trading signal FURAX https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/409795

  4. What happen when auto calculated lot size is lower than minimum allowed lot size of a subscriber…? Thank you

  5. My question is if I buy a signal, can I use it on 2 mt4 platforms, runs the same mt4 account on both, so I don't want to use vps, I just want to use 2 pcs, one for day and one for night, lol

  6. Научу получать от 70 долларов ежедневно. Подробности на канале.

  7. How long does it take for a signal to start making money? Literally nothing is happening all day, it bought some but just sits there losing money.

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