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I want to go through some of the
feedback that I received for both the best options trading education course and also the
real-time trade alerts. I understand that there’s a lot of competition out
there and you as a customer you’re not sure who to trust and who to rely upon I
can tell you with absolute certainty that almost every single one, I
actually believe that every single one of these fake gurus who teach you how to
day trade I believe that all of them are frauds. Now in the future you’re gonna
see me come out with a lot more aggressive material there’s going to be
some class-action lawsuits against some of these guys we have tons of
information about them engaging in fraud I’m not going to name them in particular
and part of the reason why I’ve been less aggressive and coming out with
attacking videos is that I’m currently engaged in some litigation but the point
is that the future for these guys is going to be extremely difficult there’s
going to be some class-action lawsuits and they’re going to be referred to the
FBI for investigation the only way that the retail traders can actually earn
money in my opinion is either from buy-and-hold in which case you’re going
to subject yourself to earning anywhere from about five to seven percent a year
additionally you can learn how to sell option premium now when you sell option
premium you can be successful 95% percent of your time but
that doesn’t necessarily mean they are always going to make money because if
you trade too large and you tray to many contracts and you get greedy then it
doesn’t matter if you’re successful ninety-five percent of the time and you
win 95 percent of your trades because the 5% of the trades that you lose money
are gonna end up overwhelming than 95 percent of the trades that you may money
so if you traded 20 contracts when you should have only traded two and then you
have a situation like December of 2018 roll around then you can end up losing
like one or two years of profits even myself I lost a few months worth of
profits I made a lot of it back in January when volatility contracted but
you have to really learn the best way and the best strategy and you also have
to be disciplined now I know that nobody wants to spend extra money I get a lot
of emails from people this is just a drop in the bucket regarding the
positive feedback that I received I work really hard to exceed the expectations
of all of my students and I know that some people they say oh I’m making two
or three percent every single month and I don’t want to spend money and invest
in myself and learn there’s not really that much you can teach me if you feel
that way then hey no problem you can do it yourself
I know for a fact that you are costing yourself a substantial amount of money
if you’re trading options and you’re not a student of mine I know for a fact
because you are not maximizing your earnings and you’re also making mistakes
and making bad trades that I would not make so by not being an alerts member
you are not optimizing your new order entry and you’re not getting the optimal
you’re not selling and receiving the optimal amount of premium and you’re
also making trades and being too aggressive and making mistakes so you’re
leaving a lot of money out on the table but I want to get to some of the
testimonials from existing and former students we have Nick who’s a current
student he said I’ve been trading on and off for six years he took option alpha
but it’s obvious significant time was spent in the production of marketing
once Kirk starts discussing a strategy I had my reservations so he found me by
looking up option off a scam then he mentions Jason bond and Tim Sykes see he
believes that he makes the majority of his money through subscription revenue I
mean I make money off subscription revenue as well but I think the big
difference is intent where my job is to exceed all of my students expectations
and to provide the maximum value which is why my customer satisfaction rate is
so high and unlike other people which again I’m going to expose them in a few
months because we have so much information on that stuff my feedback is
actually legitimate so he’s yeah he mentions so you know honestly I don’t really
he calls Kirk a scam artist I don’t I mean I know that Kirk has been involved
in some shady things like is when he didn’t provide the interview to to the
girl and I ended up getting her a two thousand dollar discount to Mandy I
wouldn’t say the Kirk is nearly as bad as some other people that I’ve come
across I don’t believe his strategy makes money
but I do think it’s a little bit I don’t necessarily believe I’m in full
agreement that he’s a scam artist so then he actually took my course and then
he said your videos and calls focus on quality of content not packaging which
is true your my approach works then he says the text messaging service because
he’s also an alerts member he says it’s immensely useful just signed up for it
the other day and you actually provide rationale that’s why you’re doing a
trade I plan on following you for two months segmented approach I send out
video or call every day yeah I work really hard to focus and help my
students out because I care about them tremendously and I want them to make
money his con which is actually a benefit he says that I could charge
forty five hundred dollars for my education program he thinks that is too
undervalued all right I mean maybe I’ll increase the price I actually just did
increase the price but I don’t think I’m gonna increase the price for another few
months so Rodgers says your course is great at first I was wondering about the
real value of the calls and I wanted to have real trade examples but now I get
it I understood the process and I learned a
lot during the last six days with your material next week I’ll begin to
implement your strategy he uses Interactive Brokers which is what a lot
of my international students use he works in a small asset management
company in Switzerland so he’s happy Mike with education course I learned the
basics had some your horses giving me what I was lacking in terms of strategy
I’m very clear with my options trading strategy is now your course covers the
basics to what person I found the most value in explaining
you’re charging the thought process behind making trays the videos are you
walking through your watchlist and explaining when you would place a trade
for each security was awesome I also sent in a few email questions and you
were extremely quick and responding yeah I am very quick because I want to help
out my students and I want to exceed and I do exceed all their expectations
thank you for pointing the course together Oscar I’m proud to tell you the
since so English is in his first language that’s why there’s a few
mistakes here I ended up training and he made 21 percent profit in three months
that’s a little bit high I mean I would now it depends generally you should aim
for about three to five percent if you’re making five or ten percent a year
then I think that you’re taking or five percent five or ten percent a month and
I think that you’re taking too much risk but maybe volatility was very high and
then it ended up contraction contracting I know that in January we made almost
10% because volatility contracted because it was so elevated from December
so if he made 21 percent in three months and it’s possible that he hasn’t taken
too much risk 21 trades only I won losing trade news because the star
didn’t follow the strategy if I did he would have 7% more more profit so maybe
he’d have twenty eight percent profit and he’d have a hundred percent win rate
yeah I mean that’s fine another satisfied customer this is I don’t think
this guy is a customer but he just you know he emails me a lot and he had some
feedback so he said try Sky View trading with a friend of mine back east I was at
how much okay yeah I made a video about about I’m Sky View trading they are
definitely in my opinion a scam and I’m yeah I’m gonna have more videos coming
out about them I actually took down that video about Sky View just because I
didn’t really want to seem like a hater but I mean look if you guys want to sign
up for them and waste your money no problem so let me see so here is
actually funny so this guy cancelled his subscription because he didn’t want to
pay the 349 but he said you really impressed me I did like the trial of
your trade alerts this week it was informative on see how profitable it can
be right now my trading not large enough to cover the
subscription cost so I have to cancel but I hope to subscribe once again my
account is growing sufficiently in the meantime I would sell your course again
so he took the course and the trade alerts one week he took the trial and
then he canceled Hey look no problem if you want to take the trial and it’s only
$19 for seven days and then you want to cancel
no problem I’m completely cool with that also if at any time you want to speak
with me you can go to Actually, I’ll put the link in the description below
I sell increments where you can speak to me for 30 minutes at a time I think the
price right now is $249 dollars but that price is subject to change at any time
so if you want to speak with me on a phone call then I’ll put the link below
and then we can we can chat and talk about anything whether it’s mental
health options trading investment banking getting a finance job anything
you want here’s something from rod he has a small
three thousand dollar account he asked me some questions he said he’s a little
bit more he’s an alerts member he said he’s a little bit more cautious now
pulling the trigger on my cash account because he lost so much money when he
was an Option Alpha member he is a trade alerts member here’s Dennis so
again this is another situation where he has a very small account but he
cancelled but he also recognized the value and he appreciated how much value
I bring to the table to all of my students I love your approach energy and
dedication your approach is so close to what I’ve been trying to do and failing
because I didn’t get sizing right I have the required perseverance you’ve given
me where new confidence I fully understand why you charge the rate and I
believe it is worth it I will most certainly happily continued with the
alerts if I could afford it but I simply can’t afford close to $350 so
reluctantly I will not continue during the present time then I put the
cancellation link in the email it’s on the bottom of your introductory email
you can cancel at any time it’s super easy you just press a button and then
you press cancel and then it’s done but this guy you know he expresses his
appreciation for the value that I provided he asked to cancel the email
and then I emailed him back and then I cancelled it no problem not a problem I
she ate that he expressed gratitude and appreciation for the value that I
provided Ian the course was great so he was I don’t think he’s an Alerts member
maybe but he took the course he learned a lot and so our putting the principles
into practice as I said if you’re trying to do everything yourself you’re
definitely crossing yourself money you’re missing out on opportunities
you’re not making as much money as you can you’re also making a lot of mistakes
in closing out trades early reduce my risk I know we keep the premium so then
he asked the question for a quick follow-up for the alerts let’s see Carlos so for him he wrote I
don’t think yet Carlos is an alerts member at all maybe he took the
education he said you’re the only person out there that really cares and actually
likes to help on what you can I really respect that about you hopefully I’ll be
in your shoes one day helping out people to before us I need to help myself
before I help others I see and agree with what you teach up and watching
YouTube videos thank you so much Carlos I appreciate you yeah so he actually
took the trial so so oh I think what happened here is that Carlos was
emailing me like 10 times and then I just kind of like got a little bit I was
like okay dude listen like you have to make a decision yes yes no no because I
have a lot of students and I can’t email back and forth with people tremendously
like I’m not here to convince you whether you should invest in yourself I
know that I provide the absolute best product available there’s no one out
there that provides a better product than I do so it was no problem you want
to email me one or two or three times I’m gonna respond to you but I can’t
make the decision for you and I think that what happened in Carlos’s case was
he just couldn’t make a decision he was emailing me like 10 times and I was like
dude yes yes no no just make a decision it really doesn’t matter to me what you
do if you don’t want to invest in yourself and you don’t want to learn a
valuable skill that you can monetize and use to make money no problem it’s not
gonna make or break me whether you buy the course or whether you invest in the
alerts I’m already a multi-millionaire and the point of that is that I’ve I
deserve that because I bust my ass and worked incredibly hard during my early
20s I did 100 hours a week by working as an
investment banker I was shitted on by Jeff O’Malley when I
was working at CIBC World Markets I worked in multiple groups at CIBC I also
worked at one of the most prestigious and many boutiques on Wall Street at
Pat’s Kapoor yet I paid my dues so I mean if really the reason I’m telling
you this is that I want you to invest in yourself I’m here to help you I can hold
your hand once you’re assuming answer your questions but I can’t make the
decision for you I’m here to provide as much value as possible and irrespective
of your past experiences whether you’ve had good experiences or bad experiences
I will be there to make sure that you learn this valuable skill on how to
monetize your the income that you have and learn how to trade options
profitably but just like Carlos don’t email me 10 times because if I feel like
you’re wasting time or you’re wasting my time and it’s how you dude I’m either
gonna block your email address or I’m just gonna stop responding all right
Doug he’s currently a student he said I have a former son or I have a son from a
former marriage with some property management this is a very kinda meal
made me feel good if I had a son like you who’s helping others in spite of the
challenges you’ll share with your audience I would be very proud of you
warm regards and deep admiration thank you that really makes me feel good it
really does because I have been through a lot of battle with depression OCD
anxiety a lot of that was self induced because I remember I put so much
pressure on myself from trying to get really good grades at Cornell to them
working as an investment banker to try to prove to my father that that I was
super intelligent or as intelligent or more intelligent than him and it was
almost like a competition and I put too much emphasis on external means of
validation I think that was a big mistake and that led to me that
definitely led to me encountering more stress and more anxiety than I should
have encountered in fact what I should have done is just focus on something and
I was passionate about in my early 20s and been content with earning like
$40,000 no need for me to make $200,000 when I was 20 or 21 years
there’s just no need because I sacrificed my health to do that I would
have been much better off now if I had sufficed and accepted making $30,000 at
20 in something that I really enjoyed and was passionate about and then grew
that at 20 percent a year and focused on something that I believed
I could focus on for my career for the rest of my life and right now I’d
probably worth be worth like 100 or 200 million dollars I mean I’m not
complaining right now I’m just saying that you know it’s always good to take
the long game and not to try to you see this is what the these suckers do these
fake gurus they tell you that you can’t earn $5,000 it’s like a million which is
complete bullshit and a scam you’re never gonna turn you’re never
gonna make quick money you have to focus on the long game and learn a valuable
skill and I made that mistake as well by trying to make quick money at 2122 and
that’s that’s why I like I’m not worth 20 or 30 times more than I am or more
than I should be if I started at 20 and was making thirty thousand and grew at a
twenty percent and focus on my career I’d be worth a lot more now all right so
where was I dug by Justin I just wanted to say thanks I enjoyed the alerts he
made 2.8 percent in one week he had very little background in stocks and zero and
selling options I realized most weeks won’t be like this but man I’m thrilled
with that I know I don’t I didn’t overextend my positions either
so he minimizes risk I appreciate what you’re doing and I know you put a lot of
time into your students looking forward to more videos as we go along
yeah that’s awesome thank you so much Justin so Eric one just wanna drop you a
quick note to thank you for all your advice
my microcon has been doing well since I started back in November so remember in
November December was a very bad November December was it well October
was extremely volatile but December was horrible he started in November he’s
still learning he’s an alerts member he’s been alerts
member for I think three or four months or maybe two months I guess since he
started in November he’s up around eight says eight hundred and seventy nine
dollars I think he sent this to me maybe I’m probably January so he sent
this to me like in January of 2019 and he made around eight hundred and seventy
nine dollars and he has her on three thousand dollars in his account so let’s
see what our – is my pleasure feel free to use this this training testimonial
for evidence that your strategy works even for the little guys gals out there
that could only do one or two positions at a time yeah so thank you so much he’s
doing extremely well Jason Jason made 28 percent in January
he’s an alerts member so I said hey don’t you’re not gonna make 28 percent
every single month you’d be the richest person alive in a few years but he has
the testament to treating small he understands that don’t try to be too
aggressive you’re not gonna make 28 percent every single month it’s gonna
leave you broke because earn you’re gonna take too many risks but if you can
make like three to five percent a month and you’re golden that would be amazing
so Curt first three trades take the Morgan spy Facebook calls so far so good
I’m a little nervous over using spreads that’s totally fine we’ve heard a lot of
spreads just to be clear your program to date is the only one that has made me
money I know I’m brand new at this but I thought I owe you a gratitude thanks a
few screenshots for you as well thank you so much Curt this is a while ago I
think yes back in December Brad absolutely loved the training course
like a sponge I was ordering a lot of information I really liked the phone
call conversations and got a lot out of it so far being so busy and always on
the go I really appreciate the audio content approach for me it’s a lot
better and more convenient care to have me sit down or up a lot of reading
material you know a lot of people don’t like the audio holes I’ve debated taking
them out but I think having the the education courses is currently
constituted audio-video a presentation and some text I’ve added a lot more
video content recently but I did consider taking out the audio content
but I decided to leave it in just for that specific purpose where you can
listen to it on the go so yeah it has audio it has video it has a presentation
and it also has a lot of written content the course is extreme
well constructed it’s 11 emails one email a day over 11 days because when
you when you read when you read something you go through one lesson and
then you sleep on it it forces the information into your long-term memory
and allows you to understand the material better so I don’t like people
who inundate themselves by just giving you everything instead this is it drips
the content to you and I’ve tested it with hundreds of students and this is by
far the most effective way so you get eleven lessons over eleven days and it
is set up in a way to maximize your ability to recall and to learn the
information without overwhelming yourself so anyway back to the the email
he wrote for me it’s a lot better and more convenient once I’m finished with
the entire course I will view everything and develop a list of questions at that
time a phone call will probably be a good idea
thanks so much I’ve tried many training courses subscription services training
software over the years I’ve spent tens and tens of thousands of dollars which
unfortunately little with unfortunate little or no success you and your
service is completely different instead of part I’m excited and very confident
that this is what I’ve been searching for for many years much success to you
Thank You Brad Michael Rowe I love the course the positive was that
it was easy to understand and definitely made the process much easier I’m looking
forward to subscribing to your trade alerts as soon as my internet is sorry
about that it’s kind of annoying is reestablish I really do not have any
negative comments to make thanks again for all your help and information cool
and then the last one is from Ryan Ryan this is an older and older testimonial
said Ryan thanks for your advising for your knowledge knowledge and all the
questions that I’ve had the information that you have sent to me has so far
worked out really well and your recommendations I’ve made well over ten
thousand dollars in the last 20 days it’s nice to work with someone who cares
about the welfare of others and has evil to explain why and how to make
appropriate trades I’m looking forward to continuing to learn from you if I
have any more questions to let you know I will give you another update at the
end of month I have students who have just $2,000 I also have students who
paper trading don’t have anything and I also have students who have millions of
dollars so you can learn this valuable skill and it really doesn’t matter how
much money you have if your goal is to learn a valuable skill that being said
it definitely impacts the amount of money that you’ll make so if you have a
million dollars and you make 3% they’re gonna make thirty thousand dollars that
month if you have two thousand dollars and you make three percent a month then
you’re only gonna make $60 that month so it definitely impacts the amount of
returns but I can tell you that you can learn this skill and utilize it to juice
your returns because at this time you might have two thousand dollars but next
year you might have ten thousand dollars and then that same three percent that
you were making when you were when you had two thousand dollars which is just
$60 if you make three percent when you have ten thousand dollars then suddenly
you’re making three hundred dollars a month that’s decent amount of money but
more importantly at least you’re not day trading where you’re gonna lose all your
money I read a study recently that was done from I think some of the people who
did it were Berkeley professors and 359,000 of the 360,000 day traders lost
money and the top 500 had a 360 thousand day traders they made 5% over alpha a 5%
alpha which means that they made 5% over holding in s py index you will not make
money by day trading you will not make money by buying options the only way
that you’re gonna make money consistently in the stock market where
you have a statistical probability of earning consistent profits is by turning
yourself into the casino turning yourself into the insurance company and
selling option premium if you have any questions I’m here to help you
Hey look I’m cheap too I wear the same clothes every day I don’t go out and buy
expensive cars that’s just not important to me but I can tell you that if you
choose to invest in your self and you by the program the
education course and you subscribe to the alerts I will not let you down I
respect and value the trust that you place in me and I will work incredibly
hard to make sure that you learn this incredibly valuable skill so that you
can juice and consistently earn money in the stock market and you can also
utilize this as a way of increasing your income and you can trade options in like
15-20 minutes a day that’s it you can work at your regular job you can work at
your side hustle you can stack money away and you can learn how to earn
anywhere from thirty to fifty percent every single year and like I said
earlier I don’t like spending money on frivolous educational programs either
but in this situation the reason why my students continue to pay me every single
month is that they derive substantially more value than I provide them so you
can go to you can enter in your email address and receive
over $400 dollars worth of free training materials I’m also gonna put a link
below if you want to speak to me on the phone and if you have any questions I’m
here to help you I just received this email about an hour ago
from ash he’s an alert student he also took the education course he wrote hi
David just wanted to acknowledge your thoughts ideas and strategies on the
discipline of trading etc had a very good week selling premium thanks to your
guidance have a great weekend and I receive around five or six of these
emails every single week and I just want to let you guys know that for every
student who initially overcomes that objection of signing up that uncertainty
of whether they can begin trading profitably or whether they should put
their faith and confidence in me whether I’m legitimate or whether I’m just
trying to take their money and scam them I can tell you that all of them who
decide to take that plunge whether it’s only signing up for that $19 initial
trial for one week they all have their expectations exceeded because I work
incredibly hard to exceed the expectations and make them substantially
more money than they pay me my students make
the election to pay me every single month for the trade alerts and obviously
if they weren’t making more money than they’re paying me then they wouldn’t
continue to pay me so I just wanted to reiterate and show this because this
email came in about 10 minutes after I completed the last video and I receive a
lot of these videos or rather I receive a lot of these types of thank you emails
and these appreciative emails because you know as other people have said that
I’m changing people’s lives by teaching them that they can make money
consistently and also saving them from being ripped off from day trading or
penny stock trading or trading Forex or any of that other stuff so if you have
any questions you can let me know you can go to bus stop strategy comm and
enter in your email address and receive 400 dollars worth of free training and
also find information on how to enroll as a student and I’m here to help you

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