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Stock Market Trade Alerts. Hey I want to show you what to expect as
a subscriber to the only legitimate trade alerts product so here’s an
example of the actual product so here I send some commentary haven’t made any
trace today then I’m trying you know there’s not there’s no there’s not
really an educational component here but at the same time I’m trying to explain
my thought processes so this happened when Facebook got crushed and it had the
single largest loss in history and we actually made money on it so here
actually I show you some of my trades filled transactions where we sold puts
on Facebook and then RTN raytheon then huge opportunities in facebook and our
TN 155 strike tell them why uncomfortable
here’s another trade collected twelve and a half dollars of premium $12.65
it’s a lot it’s about over six thousand dollars on that tree for selling five
contracts then we had another subscriber so then I give my commentary alright
here we sold puts on on Amazon or actually know that that’s here we got
paid for Amazon we made a decent amount of money today we got paid for Amazon
Electronic Arts here we made a trade on Electronic Arts an opening position sold
five puts with a strike of 110 October in December expiration see I try to
provide some color around the around the trade to explain why I did it and also
how the subscribers can benefit from it now obviously even though my contract
size like I’m selling five points here and five puts in December as well so ten
puts ten contracts in total for different people of different account
sizes that’s going to vary so you’re going to have to take
the information that I give you and then modify it for your account size so for
example if I do five puts in October and five in December that’s ten in total you
might just do one or two in October or you might do more than me if you have
larger account size than me or you might turn this into a vertical
because this is naked so you might do to October and you might sell the 1/10 put
in you might buy the 1 the 100 in order to turn it into a vertical credit spread
here I sold something on activision that trade is filled then I created a video
oops I must have deleted it another video so I you know it’s not it’s not
obligatory but sometimes I do send videos to the subscribers because I care
about them so much I want to make sure that they have the best benefit and the
best experience possible that way they can maximize their profits and minimize
their mistakes I truly do believe that I’m one of the best traders in the world
and I try to pass on my knowledge and my experience to all of my students and I
hope that you join if you have any questions then let me know
here’s another closing trade I must have deleted it that’s why it’s unfortunately
new opening trade you know yeah I shouldn’t that’s a bad example oh so it
must have been a Facebook Facebook October in November and December strike
of 150 been some commentary another opening trade it looks like that Bob
would trade filled so that was an opening trade in Alibaba yeah again if
you have any questions let me know

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  2. I thought you generally sold PUTS out 4 to 6 weeks since that is when time decay starts to really occur. I guess in special situations like Facebook, you're trying to take advantage of the situation.

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