Stock Market Investing Tips : Learning How to Trade Stocks

Hello my name is Mark Griffith. This is going
to be brief introduction into how to learn how to trade stocks or shares. And this is
a good idea before you begin to actually trade them because it can be dangerous and you could
lose lots of money. So, there are lots of courses available. Some online. Some attached
to a local college near you. Some actually through brokerages available through brokerages
or through banks. And the first thing you want to do is shop around for these courses.
Its a very valuable investment of your time and effort because there’s nothing quite like
seeing some trading happening, talking to traders, finding out how things can go wrong
and how they can go right before you start doing this with your own time and your own
money. When you’re checking these courses one of the most important things to do is
to check your instructor. The instructor on the course; have they had a background in
finance, how much do they know about finance, are they traders themselves. This is the interesting
part; check the background of the instructor. You might even want to try and meet the person
before you begin the course if its a course in your area if you’re taking, for example,
evening classes. The second thing is how many visual aids are there. Is this something you
want to think about. Graphs, diagrams, these are very, very useful. And you’re going to
need to get used to reading graphs. A lot of financial information comes in graph form.
And they’re not all simple bar charts for example do you know what a candle stick chart
looks like. So you need to get used to those and in order to get used to those you need
to have them on your course. So try to find out how much visual information there is.
Visual and numeric information in the form of graphs and charts. That’s very, very useful
to get used to. And the third thing you need to do when you’re deciding on where the course
is going to be or what kind of course you’re going to do, the third thing you need to do
is check if they have any live trading. Is there going to be a lesson perhaps toward
the end of the course or one or two lessons where you trade live and you see, a little
bit more what its really like. What the unexpected events can be like. How the trading strategies
work out not just on the blackboard or the white board. Not just in the power point presentation
but actually in real time on a computer screen in the classroom. If at live trading, if you
trust your instructor and if there’s lots of visual information then you’re on to a
good thing. Try to get that course. Get on it. Spend some time do it properly and you’re
much, much better prepared to begin trading in the real world with real money, yours.
Good luck.

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