Splash into the Silver State

(soothing music) – Water. It’s more than an element. It’s my home. And now that I’m not
training for the Olympics, traveling is my new passion, but, I still bring my goggles. Seeing how water connects
people and places is so neat, and I’m stoked to be in the silver state with my friend Basil, to experience all the water-centric fun Nevada is known for. (loud splash) Hey, I was having a moment.
(Basil laughs) – We don’t have time for
that, Tahoe’s waiting! – Alright, let’s do it. (upbeat music) Thank you Lake Tahoe,
for such a wild start to this trip, it’s unbelievable. – I’m gonna get something to
drink, do you want anything? – Yeah, I’d love something!
– Yeah, alright. (water splashes) I’m gonna remember that. (upbeat music) Do you know that this
water is almost as pure as drinking water?
– Yeah, I drank some! – You did? (laughs) Can you believe that this is the start of our road trip, cheers
to the Burner Byway. – That was such a great dinner. – I know, and I can’t wait
to go kayaking tomorrow. – You look gorg– (both splash in water) I told you I’d get you! (upbeat music) – I’m guessing you wanna race? – Always. ♪ You’ll never guess the
places that I’ve been ♪ ♪ You’ll never guess the
places that I’ve been ♪ ♪ ‘Cause everything is
like a dream, yeah but ♪ ♪ Only in the dream that I live in ♪ ♪ I’m never gonna let the day begin ♪ ♪ Never gonna let the day begin ♪ Where have you been all day, grandma? Lunch is ready! How cool is it that today,
we started in nature, and ended up in downtown Reno? – Yeah, just right through
the middle of downtown. – Yeah, and the Truckee
river is what connects Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake, which is also where I’m gonna catch more fish than you! – Oh yeah?
– Again, yeah. (both laugh) So the drive time from
Reno to Pyramid Lake is just 45 minutes, and
from what I’ve seen online this place looks incredible. It’s home to the American
Indian Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, who honor and
protect the pristine water, and the rock formations that we’ll see have mythical backstories. Plus, it’s a top fishing
destination in the West. – [Guide] There you go. – I see one! – [Guide] Pull back,
and when you come back– – We got her, I got a–
– Nice! – She’s beautiful! So, now that we’ve caught
her, what do we do with her? – So we’re gonna let
her go, so other people can sit here and catch
her again hopefully, and enjoy what a beautiful fish this is. This is kinda the iconic
Pyramid Lake fishin,’ what we’re gonna do at this
beach is what we call stripping, so we’re gonna cast this line out, and retrieve it back to us, and get those fish to chase the fly. – (laughs) I got a fish! – Slide up.
– Wow, it’s so heavy! Number two, of the day! – Number two!
– How many do you have? Oh, zero, that’s right. Honestly, this water
has been calling my name all day, and I have to get in. – [Basil] Let’s do it. (soothing music) (light splashing) – I really needed these hot springs. It’s been really tough, beating you in everything this week. (laughs) Wanna know something
cool about this location? – Yeah.
– This little oasis, in the middle of the desert,
is where Burning Man happens. – No way!
– I know, and there’s over 300
hot springs in Nevada. What was your favorite
part about this week? – Kayaking.
– No. I like stand up paddleboard. – No no no, fishing. – Seriously, nothing
is better than swimming in the crystal clear
blue, Lake Tahoe water, it doesn’t get any better than that. – It’s beautiful.
– And it’s in nature. Race you to the car. (soothing music) (truck slams shut)
(door slams) (soothing music)

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