Sorting a Bag of Old Silver Coins – Part 2!

hey everyone it’s seeker and welcome
back to the second episode in a video series where we are going through a
bunch of old coins in a bag mostly silver we had a bunch of Liberty nickels
that we went through in the last series as well as peace dollars and Morgan’s
and we had that one seated Liberty quarter if you haven’t seen that yet
check out the link in the description I also put a card on a video about right
now you’ll be able to click but let’s get into it guys so next up we do have
our half dollars so the first three we have here are of walkers we have
ourselves a 1937 it’s definitely got some circulation and some problems we
have a 1943 and a 44 I do believe the 44 is a D mint mark that is correct the
other two are P’s these are all common they’re all heavily circulated there’s
really not much to say about these we’re just gonna put them into a pile of
constitutional silver because that’s what we’re going to consider them is
just to be silver coinage with a weight of 0.715 ounces per dollar
now with these we do have a couple of Benji’s that are in a little bit more
decent shape condition wise so we do have a 1950 here on top it is
a 50 P if we look at the reverse of it it looks almost like it’s gonna be an AU
but we’re gonna take a look at it under scope just to be sure and you know we’ll
see what that one looks like here we do got a 1953 D now 53 D is definitely the
most common of the 53s and this one does have a lot of problems that we will
check out under the scope and then we have right here guys this is a 58 D and
this you know it’s just circulation that is definitely your constitutional silver
let’s go ahead and get over to the scope though we’re gonna start with the 1950
so we’ll put the 1950 on a scope and we will just use the coin arrow to show you
what we were looking at so we are looking at rub and the circulation where
as you can see right here we do have a little bit of where right there now I’m
not looking at the discoloration there because obviously that is a higher point
where the coin wore a bit but you can actually see that it’s flat there as
well you got a little bit of wear up around here and obviously the cheek and
other high points of the coin including right here I’ll have a little bit of
wear on it now the front of the coin looks like it’s about an au but we’re
gonna go ahead and take a look at the back really quick or the reverse of the
coin so the reverse of the coin tells a different story there is a lot more
circulation right here you can just see the flatness in the lettering on the
Bell and you can see a lot of flatness down in here by the Bell lines which
really unfortunately leads me to believe that this is more of an XF so with the
back of this being as worn it worn as it is the front of it being an a you really
isn’t going to help the fact this isn’t going to be above an XF now if this coin
were you know a better date we might want to keep it but at XF once it’s
below a u it’s not something I’m really interested in hanging on to so we’re
gonna go ahead and pass on that okay so the next one we have here guys this is
our 1953 now look at this there’s a lot of black going on here and what this
goes to show me is this is probably stored in like one of those $4 you know
folders where you push the coin into it and you know it probably set and
moisture someone’s collection probably not in the driest place for a long time
and unfortunately that’s just caused it to get all this stuff you know on the
coin now unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to really get rid of this
without completely destroying the coin so unfortunately in my opinion this coin
is a lost cause and that is unfortunate because if you look here you can
actually see that this coin is roughly about an au you do have a little bit of
rub right here around the center or the high part of the lettering on the back
of the Bell but that is it very little and a little bit of rub down here but
you can still see the Bell lines so guys unfortunately without that this would
actually been a decent coin to keep but because of that we are also going to
just throw this in the constitutional silver pile alrighty guys the next thing
we’re going to look at sticking with half dollars we do have our Barbour so
we have 1914 1892 and 1907 so with these the first thing you really want to look
for is if you can read the word Liberty on the headband and I will tell you just
at first glance so that is not happening on any of these coins now with the dates
all of your barbers that are at least VG are definitely worth keeping you don’t
want to just make them constitutional coinage this one here is a 1914
let’s get the scope open take a look at this 14s under the scope so you can see
other than the fact that it just has regular circulation where there’s really
no problems on the front of this coin the rim looks nice you know all the
dentals are here around the outside the stars look good you don’t see any major
gashes or gouges or scratches if we look at the reverse of this you can see that
as an S so it is a 1914 s right there you got a little bit going on here with
the left claw but other than that everything looks pretty decent so let’s
go ahead and get the guide out and see what we got okay so our 1914 s had a
mintage of 990 mm at G for the red book puts it at 16 at VG 20 guys I hate to
tell you this coin is not going above a VG without being able to read the word
Liberty so this is between a 15 and 20 dollar coin according to the red book
let’s check out the cpg and see what the cpg has to say though
okay the cpg we’re looking at the 1914 s and the C PG and the c PG is pretty much
the same you got 15 at g418 at vg8 so a little bit more in line with
current values but you know nothing really majorly different so guys this is
roughly about a fifteen dollar barber so we’re gonna go ahead and put that in a
two by two now the next one we’re gonna look at guys is the 1907 this one same
thing I mean you know it looks fine on the front there are a couple of
scratches going along the back of the head oh yeah now that we have it under
the scope they look a lot worse so guys this unfortunately I mean it’s a barber
so I’m not going to throw it in with your typical constitutional coinage
because it is a barber but I think we’re just gonna call this one lights out so
we got a 1907 D if we look at the red book really fast 1907 D has a minute of
three point eight five six million sixteen at G four 17 at VG 8 according
to the red book so nothing special we’re not going to to buy to this one but
we’re not going to put it in with the constitutional as well we’ll probably
just throw this in a flip and keep it with
barbers alrighty guys the next one we have this is the 1892 barber this is the
first year which is really cool it is again it’s about a VG you can’t read
Liberty at all there’s no mid mark Sosin 1892 P okay
looking at Interscope there’s no major issues no major gouges or scratches or
flaws or anything like that you know it looks pretty well worn you know just a
regular circulated coinage from 1892 looking at the reverse you can see we
have roughly the same thing going on there’s a little nick right here on the
rim of that I don’t think is going to take away from the fact that I think
this is a VG coin so you can read most of e pluribus unum as well which is nice
so yeah it’s just this is an 1892 VG barber half dollar which is awesome if
we get out the red book they minted nine hundred and thirty four thousand of them
at g4 this has a value of 27 @ VG 835 we are gonna pull up the cpg and take a
look because I consider this to be much more accurate if you guys didn’t see my
video about the cpg versus the Redbook first a gray sheet should definitely
check it out 1892 at g4 we got 26 at VG we got 31 guys we’re gonna go ahead and
call this a $30.00 half-dollar so we’re gonna put this in a two by two as well
and that will take care of our barbers okay guys the next thing we’re gonna be
looking at is the Barbour dimes so we have an 1898 Oh which I do believe is
slightly better we have a 1900 we have an 1897 we have a 1906 and a 1912 now I
can tell you at first glance at these four right here are just constitutional
silver they’re worn flat completely so we’re just gonna throw those in the
constitutional silver pie right off the bat but we are gonna take a look at this
1898 because if this is at least a VG could be worth a little bit more so
let’s get to the scope well that pretty much settles that guys this is not a VG
you can see that the rim is almost completely worn away especially right
here where it’s completely gone if we look at the reverse let’s take a
look yep unfortunately you can see kind of in the same position on the opposite
side you have the warrior right here really strong actually going into the
wreath on the back it is a slightly better date coin though so it would make
a good hole filler if you were looking for this coin in particular 1898 Oh has
a pretty low mintage we’ll go ahead and put this one in a flip we’re not going
to throw it in a two by two but at the same time we’re not going to consider it
to be constitutional coinage either so let’s go ahead and do it like that
actually I’ve changed my mind I’m gonna go ahead and put it in a two by two
we’re gonna call it a g4 it is not a VG I even but we’re gonna go ahead and put
it in a two by two regardless and we’ll just we’re gonna put g4 on the two by
two because that’s what this is we got 1898 Oh 1898 Oh g4 okay there we go
alrighty next up we have ourselves another dime we have a 1923 Mercury dime
well that was quick there’s some constitutional silver that one is
heavily circulated and finally in the dimes we have this this is an 18 34
capped bust dime yes it is looks to be in pretty decent shape let’s take a look
at it under the scope we also want to see if it’s the large four or the small
for variety so let’s get to it and I just realized as I was to buy tooing
that 1898 au is also showing under the coin scope I guess my coin scope
disconnected for a second but we have it back anyway we’re looking at this 1834
bust dime okay guys now this bus dime I’m actually pretty excited about
because it is actually in pretty good condition it looks flat but believe it
or not this is pretty typical for this coin we have the high majority of the
rim still showing on the obverse we can read all of Liberty albeit we are
missing a little bit of the bottom of the L we’re missing the serif on the
bottom of the AR but we can still read it oh you can still see part of the ear
and you can almost see the shoulder clasp right there so actually this is
almost a fine if we take a look at the reverse and I know you’re saying fine
with part of the rim missing no way but yeah guys I mean look you can still see
unum on the back this is borderline fine / VG you have this one little rim ding
right here but for this coin the way that this coin wears so quickly on these
points this actually looks to almost be a fine so when you get this coin graded
if I were to get it graded it would really really be borderline I guess it
depends on you know which side of the bed they woke up on that morning when
they grade this coin so what we’re gonna do with this guy’s is we’re certainly
gonna put this into two by two but let’s go ahead and grab the red book we’re
gonna look at the mintage and the value of the red book and what the cpg says as
well but before we do that I totally forgot to take a look and see which one
this is so I’m taking a look at a sheet just showing the difference between the
small and the large four and this does appear to be the small four variety so
that just now we know it’s it is the small four variety now let’s switch over
and take a look at this in the red book okay guys so the 18:34 they minted six
hundred and thirty five thousand of them I know you can’t see the book that I’m
reading it to you the 1834 small four and large four actually have the same
exact value up until you hit uncirculated so it doesn’t really matter
which variety it is although we do have the small four and it is between 35 and
45 dollars depending on if his VG or fine according to the red book so to be
honest with you not something I would spend my money to have graded but it’s
still really really cool so if we look at 1834 bust dimes right here small for
your the cpg actually puts this between $49 at VG and $55 add-ons at fine so
we’re gonna call this about a fifty dollar coin let’s go ahead and put this
one in a two by two we’re gonna mark it VG
Plus so I’m gonna put vg+ on it because I’m not a hundred percent convinced it’s
a fine but it’s definitely a very high-end VG already guys well that’s it
for part two of going through this bag of silver coins so stick with us because
in part three we’re gonna finish the rest of the bag and we’ll have a recap
of everything we found so thank you so much guys to check out the videos over
there and subscribe above us and check out cool stacks we will see you soon

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  1. Man Seeker o have some coop for you to look at. Sandy bought me a $50 face value bag of silver Rosie’s and two rolls of Mercury Dimes….. I really don’t like Dimes because they are small but they are so nice to have and look at. Sandy treats me soo good!!!!

  2. That's for the great info on grading these coins. Very helpful for a guy like me that's just getting into this. Take care.

  3. very nice coins…..and since i am an american citizen..and abide by the constitution….i should have some of that constitutional silver….lol ……….thanks for sharing…keep em coming..and we'll keep watching..

  4. I love the set-up everytime i watch a video that you made i say that's the perfect way to do it. I know the new studio is gonna work perfect for what you need for livestreams and searching. Like always thanks for the knowledge your always on point, teaching everyone that watches treasures for the mind. That capped bust was cool don't see those much great video👍👍

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