Some Pure Luck for Gold

You a’right mate ? Everybody from Cowan knows everybody. Dude, He’s working of his beer gut. Oh my god, why do you have to go a fucking minute ? Dah ! Huh Huuh ! Ooh ! No ! Ahh ! Hi Mum, No, I’m not coming home for dinner. Lachie ! Coulda’ land that. You got like, three feet of air that time. Thanks, Mum. *cough Can I have my coke? Brody ? Brody ?? Brody ??! Fine, I’ll get it my.. self. You salty bitch ! Ugh Huh ? Oi, watch me ride two decks. I, got everything ? I’ll give it to you tomorrow if it’s not. Fuckin’ scooter kids ! Put it in neutral ! Brody Is it on or off ? Put it in neutral, come on let me start it. C’mon. Oi, Oi. You’re in trouble now. Oi ! Residential area. You come in here all the fucking time and zoom around the corner. And come back out. It’s not a fuckin’ rally track.. Fuck off ! *hide the homework. Sorry. Hold my ticket. Oh my God, Oh my Goood ! What ? We got a ticket ! Oh, yeah. She had a epic, Facebook, post. About something about break-ups are the worst. She is a very nice person. She is actually. Met her a couple of times. Nah, she’s a pretty chill person I just, I jus.. I couldn’t take it anymore.. After he nutted himself, couldn’t get kids again. Chee ! They terk err jerbs ! Aah ! Lachie you’re doing it again ! You’re bailing on your ollies. Ok.. Get a couple more tries. Today is gonna’ be a day, when they’re gonna’ bring em’ back to you.. By now, Hummus and wow, extra large Falafel meal for two.. I don’t believe that any body, feels the way I do.. On the right side. (Instrumental) (Rocky theme song) If I grabbed hold of it. Dang. Dang it Duuuude. It’s good. Ughhhhhhhhhhh, IIIII.. ..shat my pants. (Music) ..Man ? No relaxing, Kicking back, this ain’t exactly in the plan.. I can’t get no satisfaction, god damn.. They saying’ I been gone to long, I could just tell em’ fuck you but that come on too strong.. My God it go on and on, Just like a circle I go back to where I’m from.. Well everybody gather round. You ready ? Yeah, you go. Alright there’s a car. *clapping Brody, bus. Ugh! ! Uhhh ahh Ahhaha ! Ahh ! EeAaghh ! My hip. (old man) Do you like my chin beard, Brody ? Niiice ! Makes it.. Sexy. Brody ? Lachie, fuckeeng idiot. Dont lick my fucking window.. No ! Farr ! NO !! no. What the fuck ?.. Ohh, walking pace. I’m sliding away, I’m sliding away.. Woah oh, heeelp.. Ahhahaha. Ow ! Nope, not me. Duuude.. Mentaaal. Oh ! We’re making it harder and harder every go (that’s what she said) Aye, hehe. What ? You might have to move the exit. Nah. Alright, see yah. Laters. Woooah ! Neeeoooow ! No ! (gotcha) Oh, Magson. K.. .. And now Take it.. What are you doing ? How the fuck does ?.. Oh.. You moved that to the side, what the fuck.

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