Smart Trading with 3Commas / Jsnip4 and Bix Weir on Litecoin and more !

welcome blockers, blockchainers
Blockheads , all you block people it’s ash from the New Kids On The Blockchain with
the old ball and blockchain herself Lisa I’m not rising to it I don’t accept it
I’m not gonna I’m not smiling but I tell you what is rising this to the blood
tear down the problem his body’s got a green collar so we have to take that off
it’s gonna get confusing isn’t it it’s gonna get confusing there’s a green
screening now I’m sure you could listen to us talk about dogs all day long but
you’re probably more interested in the world of cryptocurrency although after
this shitty week we’ve had again with the markets you probably don’t even want
to think about cryptocurrency anymore but we’re gonna remind you of everything
to do with crypto what do we have on the show well this week we are following up
with our second part with our new trading partner 3Commas, where we’re
going to be really getting into the meat and bones of it and doing some smart
trading and actually setting some trades off so you guys can see that we are
accountable and see how good their software is and how good we are at
trading god Elpis blockchain bounty we catch up with a couple of old friends
you may recognize and discuss the litecoin and the world of crypto just
what you wanted to hear but before we do into that let’s have a quick look at the
old news roundup starting off let’s have a look at the
last week’s kind of stats with coin paprika we can see that Bitcoin over the
last seven days has lost six point three four percent aetherium down a whopping
twelve percent over in the last week some big fall is to Bitcoin cash over
temps that like coin nearly fifteen percent down in the last week by Nance
nearly 20 percent yo Snivy 12 is way eleven point one eight percent the
market has been truly horrendous this last week let’s get into a good news and
see if we can work out why first up this week from finance and magnates
veritasium rallies forty percent as founders assets are frozen the SE C’s
charges against Reggie Middleton lead to a freeze of eight million dollars out of
the token sales fifteen million dollars the founder and main face of the
veritasium project Reginald or Reggie Middleton has been charged with fraud as
we know by the US Securities and Exchange Commission the SEC a couple of
weeks ago the regulator asserted that the individual manipulated the market
and the public when offering on sale the veritasium token very well the project
raised close to 15 million the court only managed to freeze 8 million of the
assets held by associated companies in Middleton the news positively affected
the price of the token on the open market as it’s currently trading at 10
dollars 32 which is higher by 40 percent on the day it has in fact dropped
slightly since then I think it’s just under $10 as we go to press from RT the
world’s first crypto bank get licenses in the Vince island the Swiss financial
regulator has granted capital market in securities dealer licenses to to
blockchain companies set to become the world’s first crypto banks the Swiss
financial markets supervisory authority fi n MA has issued licenses to Zook
based Sieber crypto AG and zurich headquartered Signum AG earlier this
week making them the first companies registered in switzerland as broker
dealers with a blockchain focus the companies will be able to issue
store trade and manage digital assets namely Bitcoin and etherium as well as
convert fiat currencies such as Swiss francs US dollars and euros into the two
cryptocurrencies from coin rivet Bitcoin starts its violent descent to eight
thousand three hundred and fifty dollars Bitcoin has finally broken the ten
thousand dollar support level and further downside price action is on the
cards Bitcoin is in a precarious position after breaching the critical
ten thousand dollar level of support the symmetrical triangle has been forming
since June has now broken to the downside indicating a new bearish phase
in the market while the nine 350 level has been a level of support in the past
it’s up against intense selling pressure and could well be broken in the coming
days if this level breaks Bitcoin could experience a sharp drop in price with
the 200 EMA on the daily chart at 8 350 being a logical level for a bounce the
50 EMA on the weekly chart could also come into play it’s currently at around
$7,500 and could be a key point of support as it was previously a level of
resistant prior to April’s breakout from KidCo is Bitcoin about to tank
self-declared Bitcoin creator is ordered to pay four
billion dollars worth of Bitcoin to X partner of proclaimed Bitcoin created
Craig Wright was ordered to hand over more than four billion dollars worth of
bitcoins to the estate of his former partner Dave Klieman according to the
ruling by the district court in Florida Wright was sued by climene’s estate for
50% share of Rights Bitcoin fortune that the two reportedly mined from 2009 to
2013 the case began in 2018 and lasted for 18 months on Monday US Magistrate
Judge Bruce Reinhardt ruled that the late Dave Klieman rightfully owned half
of all bitcoins that right mind up to 2014 as well as half of his intellectual
property the court transcript revealed this means that climbeth estate will
receive more than four hundred and ten thousand bitcoins at a time when one
Bitcoin is worth ten thousand two hundred and sixty-five dollars from coin
Telegraph Bitcoin has failed the safe-haven test after dropping 7 percent
Peter Schiff gloats Bitcoin BTC as shown it’s not a safe-haven asset gold-bug
Peter Schiff has said after the largest cryptocurrency dropped seven percent in
daily trading in a tweet on August the twenty-eighth Schiff who’s become
increasingly known as a Bitcoin naysayer claimed that BTC USD dipping below
10,000 once again on Thursday put paid to theories it functioned as a hedge
against Fiat volatility on two litecoin now from Quinn desk Charlie leave aus to
keep funding the light Quinn foundation amid pay cuts like when created Charlie
Lee remains committed to funding the light-cone foundation despite rumors
that its financials are in the red Lee told Coyne desk the crypto bear
market heard the Foundation’s numbers much like other projects or projects as
because since 2017 Lee’s donations have accounted for some 80 percent of the
Foundation’s funding the goal of course is to get litecoin foundation to be
self-sustaining from donations partnerships and merchandise sales Lee
said until we get to that point I have and will continue to support the
litecoin foundation financially as necessary well he’s got a few quid old
Charlie Lee a few he had a few like coins but you seem to sell them more I
remember right at the top of the market I seem to remember because good old
Charlie blessing good news though that he is keeping the foundation going
because anybody who’s a fan of like coin will be pleased to hear that now once
again I have scoured the news for yo sand cardano’s stories this week and
just really found nothing other than stories of both of them dropping I can’t
find any more information at the moment so if anybody has got any tip bits
obviously we had a good old chat with Rob Finch from cypher glass recently so
he bought us up to speed but there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of news
other than stuff is going on in the background so I guess we shall see more
comment below if you hear of anything I’ll have yeah we want to hear from you
guys so don’t forget to Like and subscribe tell us below what your
thoughts are what about these two where are these two then so you didn’t fuck
just one pound you could make this poor hands life much better donate in Bitcoin
anyway on to our very exciting trading with a three combo section so welcome everyone to our very exciting
trading with three Commerce sponsored segments we are very excited to be
putting to test three commas extensive suite of trading tools we’ve admitted it
when you be some we we are for you it’s embarrassing yeah when it comes to
trading we don’t know a lot we have traded on basic exchanges had a mixture
of successes and failures I think you probably have more failures than
successes I can guarantee that I have a hundred percent fail rate on trading
well one of the biggest problems with trading this mark is because it’s a 24
hour worldwide market it’s impossible no matter how many coffees you’ve had or
whatever another nefarious sort of stimulants to stay abreast of it or do
what I did and try and keep abreast of it whilst in a middle of a very very
busy job where everything just went to shit so the great thing about using this
suite of software is you can get intelligence you can come in you can set
your all your parameters a wide range of parameters and then literally set it and
go knowing that you’ve gone into the trade knowing what your upside is
knowing what your downside is but many more factors than you can on standard
trading platforms so today we are going to be taking you through setting up a
smart trade now we have been using this in combination with trading signals so
as we’re not particularly well kind of geared in knowing what a good trade
would be or know enough about the market movements we know a lot about blockchain
we know a lot about crypto currencies but we don’t know a lot about trade in
them so essentially what we’ve done is taken
expert trading signals and we’re going to look at one of those signals today
execute a trade leave that trade running and then next week we will be back to
review it and if we see any other interesting trades we may set those up
I may even jump on Twitter as well and let you know this week how things are
going on so let’s have a look at that now setting up a smart trade with three
comments okay so today we’re going to be setting
up a smart trade on three commas assuming you’ve set your three commas
account up correctly and you’ve connected to an exchange it’s a really
simple process you can choose whoever you want to trade with a new exchange
we’ve connected with by Nance there were videos on how to do this and we will
post some of those but it’s very simple so we’ve already connected to finance
now smart trades first of all you need to work out where you’re going to get
your signals from we’re using signal profits they are issuing signals that we
are going to execute smart trades for when not switched on enough to make our
own trades yet and we’ve discovered a pairing that they have come up with a
trade for which is AI NS in BTC which is in solar we can see in the trading pairs
that we’ve selected BTC 2i n s which is the pairing they’re recommending and we can see here what’s being on
trading wise they are suggesting a buy-in at 250 mark which is around here
and selling out at 300 which is up here so how do we do that using smart trade
well first of all we go down to the left column and we can see here the units
that were set up but first of all we’re going to say condition which is triggers
when the price reaches set level and we are they’re saying 250 years so we’re
actually going to enter 251 because listening to some people they said stay
away from sort of 50s and hundreds because people tend to trade on those so
we’re going to set the 251 we’re not going to get into trading buyers yet
because that’s a bit complicated so further down we have a total available
at just under naught point 2 Bitcoin and we can choose how much we’re going to
use so we’re going to select 5% so so far we’ve selected the buy price at 251
we’ve said the condition is triggering prices reaches the set level a limit
order which is going to be placed when the change when it actually hits the
conditional order triggers week actually make it market order actually which will
be executed when the market rate hits that let’s leave it at market order conditional 251 and market order will
trigger then that’s the total now five percent
selected that’s the total amount of the available and that’s telling us we’re
going to buy three hundred ninety three point four three in Sola is now on to
the next bit which is setting the tape profit this is what starts getting
really interesting now this is basically telling us when we want to take profit
and they’re suggesting three hundred the smarter move is to take profit as we go
and that’s where it’s really clever on three commas so if we set some at 275
you can see that’s nine point five six percent which is still really good then
we can split targets which means we can let’s do 50 50 percent at 275 so just
slide that up to 50 percent add another target and let’s put 300 here another
50% we’re not going to get into trading tape profit this one because it’s a bit
more complicated we’ll get to that later so let’s just add that target so you can
see now we’re going to execute cells when the price meets these conditions to
75 50 percent and when it hits 300 it will sell the other 50% of our ns
now you can set up as many of these as you want some people want to you know
take five percent as they go or one percent increments or whatever it’s
completely flexible to set up however you need so stop losses next very
important to make sure that you’ve got a backstop if the trade goes wrong looking
at this the stop-loss they’re suggesting it’s 2:35 that’s 6% now that’s a little
high I’d actually like to lower that so that’s now set at 240 which is 4.3 that
seems a bit more reasonable as a risk now a lot of times these stop losses you
can get shaken out with very fast drops up and down and just literally stop you
out when you don’t even realize what happened a great way to avoid that on
three commas is using the stop loss timeout now I’m going to set this to one
minute and it means that if there are some crazy what fat thumbs kind of
trades would shoot the market up and down really momentarily quickly you
won’t be shaken out so we’ve set this to one minute you can set it to anything
you want but if we set it to one minute it won’t activate the stop-loss if it’s
less than a minute that it’s underneath so to recap we’re going to buy it 251
we’re going to buy it when it reaches that set level and conditional we’re
going to use 5% of our entire fund which is that amount and we’re going to take
profit two of them one at 275 fifty percent and one at 300 we’ve set off
stop-loss doubt 240 which is four point three eight percent and we’ve got a one
minute shake out now at the top you can see it’s plotted those points for us so
we can see it all visually which is really useful here’s our buy level has
our stop loss and here is our first buy sell sorry and here is our second sell
so you can visualize your trade really easily the last thing to do of course is
to create trade very exciting self first one has the confirmation again units
were buying three hundred ninety three point four three conditional price total
the stop-loss that we have the timeout and the take
profits you can even add a little notes there as well so I think in there I’m
just going to jot something like new kids first trade and once we hit the
confirm button that is going to be up and running that’s our first one created
how exciting so we’ll be reviewing that next week
seeing how it’s performed and come on the journey with us download the
software now and let’s do this together we’ll also be on Twitter this week
talking about how the trades going and if there are any more trades we’ll be
activating those to come on the journey folks it’s going to be a lot of fun so
that’s all set and activated exciting stuff and the great thing about it for
me is knowing now that we’ve gone in we know what our potential upside is we’ve
been able to split sort of taking profit at different levels we’ve been able to
set you know a kind of trailing you know trailing stop losses and you can even
set trailing you know profit taking as well but that’s probably one step ahead
for us at the moment but it’s great to know going in that once that’s activated
like it is now we know what our downside is and we know what the potential upside
is so we’ve gone into it sensibly as opposed to just going your approach from
busy so follow next week we’ll be back to review more and we’ll probably have a
little look more at the bots and other stuff next week but we’re literally
going to be showing you exactly what our trades have done and whether we have
gained or lost so stay with us on the journey and again comment below there is
a coming on screen now and in the notes below there is a discount code we want
you to sign up there’s a free trial with this stuff so you can come and try it
for a week you don’t need to spend anything and if you do try it for a week
and it works out for you there’s a decent discount code there as well so
come and do it give it a try if you’re trading get the best tools available so
you can maximize the edge you have yes and by using that code now you can join
us on the journey and we can comment with each other in
the comments or on Twitter or wherever it is if you’ve got questions we might
have questions we’d love to hear from you as you’re doing it along with us get
involved and let’s get on to a little bit of a blockchain banter you may
remember these two characters from our travels old friends just having a chat
with us about litecoin and all things crypto the light point right now is in a
great place that’s why you see all the fun about light coin coming into last
year every cent no it’s a useless coin nobody needs it it’s just a fork of
Bitcoin what’s the big deal and then it ran from $24 to $140 mainly because of
the information that that light coin is absolutely necessary in our future it is
the best cryptocurrency to act as a means of exchange that’s where Charlie
Lee is positioning it Charlie Lee has gone around it’s not just Charlie’s
Charlie and the light point foundation and all of us who are involved in
litecoin are spreading the word that we will have something to go to when the
banks crash the next time we don’t have to bail out the banks we have this thing
called litecoin now light coin right now we had the having which went off
flawlessly it’s perfect that’s why you had the big R up run up to 140 dollars
and it came back down to 70 and where it is right now great time to buy if you
ask me but the the things that people are looking forward to in like coin it’s
pretty much built out but the pig thinks people are looking forward to is the
Lightning Network getting more and more people involved it’s not needed right
now again because the bank’s haven’t the banks are still fulfilling their roles
as a means of exchange it will be needed and it is ready the other thing that
Charlie and the litecoin Foundation are working on is something called memo
Wimble adopting that for litecoin which would facilitate confidential
transactions so it really would be like using cash which is an amazing thing
when you think about it that you can you can use like coin as cash nobody can
trace it nobody can see it and it would be the cash of humanity and
future I think everybody’s got to take a real close look at litecoin and what
their position for and I have done all the work I can to make sure people know
that we have a choice the next time the bankers crash there is a choice so we
don’t have to bail these guys out we can use litecoin as a means of exchange as
well as a couple other Kryptos will be good but like coin is positioned in
itself it was created to be a means of exchange by Charlie and I’m real excited
about that it’s I’m not excited about the beggars crashing but I’m excited
about that we will have an alternative to bailing out the bankers what I think
about like going I love it I own I own it and I think it’s gonna go up with the
rest of the market I don’t think there’s maybe any kind of bad news that comes
and squashes like coin or anything else it’s just you know it’s gonna be treated
like silver at some point we’re all man gold too expensive I can’t buy that
oh well Silver’s only 20 bucks Oh all right well I’ll grab some of that
instead that’s all I think like coin ultimately is gonna be looked at from by
most people is it’s a cheaper version of Bitcoin and even though I’ll walk it by
0.1 of a Bitcoin man I can have 10 like coin for that same amount hmm and
they’re just gonna make a choice that’s it you know I’m glad to see some of the
people out there trying to promote litecoin going into businesses hey do
you accept litecoin dudes have Bitcoin that’s gonna help so that alone is great
and when these app companies come out with their wallets and they’re like oh
you can spend dollars for crypto at any of your favorite places to scan your
phone the fact that light coins listed is great really good news and you know
the having it’s gonna be pricey to get a skyrocket no it didn’t last time 2015 in
didn’t in my fact about a month 45 days before happened the market crashed on it
and then later on the other price went up but it wasn’t like the day after the
week after the month after it was the normal crypto market doing what the
normal curve the market does it doesn’t matter what the news is if the markets
going up it’s coming up just like for the eight thousand dollar Bitcoin the
other day that when today almost 14 there was nothing that was taking place
breaking news no actually nothing’s happening that
thing’s going crazy what’s happening people you moment show what’s going on
what telltale is gonna grip the market today nothing sit back enjoy the ride
you know now I’m getting emails now Joe what’s happened to creep the markets
dumping nothing it’s hard to enjoy the ride but buy some more then you’ll enjoy
the ride when it goes back you know so yeah I I’m very bullish on Bitcoin
litecoin again ethereum all the main coins and hopefully some of these alt
coins you know that are still around that’s all folks
we’ve lost one dog he’s gone off somewhere Megalodon stay with us and we
hope you have a fantastic week we will be back next week with more trading
we’re gonna have a whole thing on bit Mons next week which is really exciting
you may remember we’ve mentioned these little guys in the past which digital
diamonds and we’ve got the guys coming back on to give us some exciting news
I’m so excited we do like the big ones I mean they’re quite exciting little
diamond did the girl’s best friend exactly but remember until we see you
next week there’s one in very important thing to remember very very important
you know what it is you’ve been blockchain

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