“SMALL STEPS” – TRADER MOTIVATION (Trading Motivational Video) #MondayMotivation

The secret to success in trading is that there
is no secret. Making yourself a success in trading is just like success in anything else. It’s a series of small steps. Start your morning routine today. Prepare
yourself diligently for your day ahead. One small step. Do the same again tomorrow. Keep that routine going. Another small step. The same again the day after and the day after that. Consistency. Small steps.
Take your time preparing your charts. Dissecting the financial news. Another small step again and again. Do your analysis. Open a trade. The trade
wins. It’s another step. Do your analysis. Open a trade. The trade
loses. It’s still a step. Even when you lose or fail at something or
when you realise your plan just isn’t working. These are still steps. It’s still progress. But the thing is, the progress in these steps is practically invisible. We don’t even realise what’s happening each and every day. We sometimes get caught up wasting time looking
for something that will push us ahead quicker. But no. It’s the same day after day, another
small step and another small step and another and another.
Until some months or years down the line you take a look back at what you’ve done and realise.
That this series of small steps that you’ve taken have helped you climb a small mountain.
Suddenly the steps take on new life for you. You realise each step is driving
you closer to success. They have meaning. It’s consistent. It’s dependable. It’s progress. It’s time to conquer the next mountain. A bigger one this time. It’s ambitious. You’ll need to make a lot of progress this time.
But now you’re enjoying these small steps. You’re even thinking to yourself every day “how can you fit in more small steps into this day?” How you can make the most out of every step you
take. It’s just like lifting weights at the gym. You’re
not just going to wait for the reps that burn and push you, you’re going to push yourself on every single rep. Every single step. Every trade. Every prep. Every time you make
a note in your journal and every time you assess a win or a loss.
You’re deliberately focusing on making each step count.
But the question is. Right now… Are you willing to stay disciplined and focused,
step after every repetitive step. Step after every boring step. What are you going to do today to make that
next step happen? How can you fit more steps into your day?
How can you achieve more marginal gains? How are you going to conquer that mountain?
Because at the end of the day, any distance you cover. Any progress that you want to make,
whether in trading or anything else in your life, is just going to be a series of small
steps. So if you can look inside yourself and honestly
say that you’re committed enough to trading that you’re willing to make this journey happen,
then there’s really nothing else to say… except… go and make it happen. It’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.

38 thoughts on ““SMALL STEPS” – TRADER MOTIVATION (Trading Motivational Video) #MondayMotivation

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  2. How much money would one need on average to start day trading? I really want to start but at the moment it feel like you need to already have lots of money to make money. I'm leaning at long-term investing and trading at the moment to get started.

  3. Hi Nicholas
    You’re very true my friend, One of the greatest things in life is having life purpose and the freedom creating small steps to achieve our goals in life. For me constantly trying to becoming a better person within myself developing my skills to become a successful trader. The knowledge and all this power and freedom we want to create in our life .One thing everybody should be doing is invest in yourself, willing to be optimistic with things that you don’t understand taking criticism as a good thing if you’re doing something wrong. ALWAYS trying to find out: the how , the were, and the why looking at the bigger picture because if your just have that one sided tunnel vision you’re going to fail, believe me I’ve been there .life is about the more you learn the more you earn not procrastinating spending every minute I can to learn something. what I always do and everybody should do is spend as much time as they can surrounding yourself with those on the same mission in trading and in life putting yourself in the environment that forces you to level up. Believe me I know being dyslexic but this does not stop me from my goals. People may say to me you will only get to a level. I want to prove, sorry I’m going to prove them wrong .HAVE YOU GUY AND GIRLS learned something after struggling in trading then suddenly getting that ha ha moment!!! How nice is that feeling,, Great in my book .This is down to the action we take but it needs to be inspired action when your struggling and struggling to learn something in a platform or understanding a pattern and it seems effortless knowing for me I’m doing what it takes to learn. I always try to optimize my day but also planning for my future because we all need to have a life purpose, DON’T WASTE IT .there is a saying from steve martin: “it’s easy to be great, what is hard is being consistently good” it’s easy to get caught up in the occasional wins, letting them go to our heads but the hard thing is continually being successful and having steady reliable results. So when I’m trying to achieve the good trades, even though I’ve only made 4 live trades STILL LEARNING .”won two lost two if people want to know” the first thing I do before I trade make the decision, write down or think of the trade and of the outcome. And come back to it thinking
    1, did I achieve that goal in the trade
    2, how much did I struggle understanding what is going on to press the trigger
    After analysing my struggles, I shall know my real strengths and not my perceived strengths.
    Sorry for rambling on but this big thing I’m constantly thinking about because there are a lot of people out there always trying to put us down. I’ve got a lot to learn about trading but becoming responsible and smart learning to perfect my trading confidence is relative to my actions and should be everyone’s to gain the knowledge/strategy/ and the execution of the trade.
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, because it’s not the hours you do it’s what you do in the hour. HOPEFULLY I’ve not done your head in!! If I have I’m really sorry. I do this a lot and getting into trouble at times but the freedom of speech is a great thing if used correctly. Sorry again……. Nicholas and keep posting great videos. And I really mean that my friend and thank you for helping me to trade

  4. I really thank you for these motivation videos! They are so inspiring for me that first thing in the morning and last thing in the night I do is listening to these videos and now I have a 3rd one 🙂 thanks

  5. trading fundamental news is gambling. stop it. and stop scalping. you think banks are doing that shit your mad. risk to reward. fib to fib. 90% of retail traders lose – fact. go get education. get off low timeframe charts – 240 and 60m charts only

  6. this video is really hepful i watch this video most of the time no matter it was bad or good day fro me … Trading for Living

  7. When you think in tiny steps, your brain doesn’t freak out. When your mind wants to think about the future, gently bring it back to the present moment. Remember that all you have to do is your best. Listen to your inner wisdom, and take the next smallest step. 😉

  8. Was studyinf paper trading for a year, started profiting consistently so i went to live trading, put 500 i
    Cleared half my account in 2 weeks so i pulled out my short term and bought some long term while i study, still studying forex instead of penny stock's and this eas exactly what i needed to.get back on track, so thank you 💯

  9. Really helpful playlist! Sometimes it happens to lose motivation, being trader it's a very lonely work, sometimes it's good to know that there are other people like you, people who have been there and to hear the world like that from someone else even if you know all that yourself….especially helps if that "someone" is someone you respect…

  10. guys before you enter look at your whole capital, how much are you willing to lose so a SL before you enter!! then put in realistics lot size and do sports! everyday!

  11. Just take a trade, is the worst piece of advice to new traders. Where there is no plan behind the trade, it's a failed trade. How can you repeat a random process, and it only leads to luck / bad luck.
    Terrible advice. Talking from my own experience.
    If you advice on try to make a system, a repeatable system, taking the same trades again and again. That's a good advice!

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