7 thoughts on “Simple moving average crossover day trading strategy. // Intraday Stocks indicator RSI MACD options

  1. Which Combination of Moving Average Crossover is best for Intrday,,,,in indian specially in crudeoil,,

  2. u only using the 2min charts? can u switch to the 5 after the morning volatility trading? wont see as many fakeouts, bu ti like the 2min early I dont see the chart thing on google finance but can get it on tradingview.com , https://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/fb/interactive-chart and
    app.technicianapp.com 🙂 cool love it thx

  3. Hi David I like you videos a lot you really explain it clearly, but I have a question about for 5 minutes what numbers of indicators you suggest to use I know you said for 2 minutes SMA 5, SMA 10, and I thank you for everything.

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