Simple and Profitable Scalping Strategy for Sports Trading

in this video I’m just going to show you
a really simple scalp this isn’t rocket science it’s not difficult fairly
uncomplicated. I’m using two hundred pound stakes and basically what I’m
looking to do here is enter by putting in back sides I’ve placed a back order
there it doesn’t look like it’s going to work so I’ve cut that out immediately
I’ve scratched that back today at four point three ladies at four point three
and the reason that I did that is because I didn’t feel it’s going to work
so I’m trying again by backing up four point three you can see my finger
hovering right next to it because that’s obviously important to either scratch it
or get the counter trade in on the other side hopefully the price is going to
tick up in a second I’m just going to sit in wait here for that money to start
getting taken at four point two we ought to have our order in at four point three
there we go I’m going to take that out on that side now instantly my focus now
changes to exiting so I’m going to grab the open trade in order to cut it out if
I think it’s going to go wrong you can see I’m sat here holding it waiting to
drop it any second now if that position starts to go against it
I’m willing to scratch that straightaway doesn’t it like that’s going to happen
so we’ll leave that position in there and there you go we’ve been filled a
couple of seconds later so let’s summarize what we’ve seen there well
basically we have backed and laid several times you can see here we’ve
backed and laid the first one we scratch that and then we managed to lay a four
point turn back at four point three and that netted us that twenty pound profit
relatively simple to do and the great thing about this is obviously you can
carry on doing this for as long as you like
we have the best part of four minutes available to us to continue doing this
sort of strategy do it five times and we would end up with 100 pound relatively
easy strategy to involve scalping doesn’t involve that much skill or
reading of the market as it were obviously helps if you can interpret the
market a bit better and use all of the available functions to do that but there
are other ways of scalping as well that are in fact even easier that you don’t
need to do a number of things on you can see we had to click and drag and drop
and do a number of things there if you go to the one-click screen on betangel
it’s even easier to scalp the market setting up a 5-pound tick size here
using fill or kill and offsetting and what this basically allows us to do is
to get a trade in and out of the market with one click so if I click here at 5.2
betangel places a lay bet into the market we wait for that to get filled if
it doesn’t get filled it gets cancelled you can see I’ve extended the delay
there slightly longer see again here I’ve clicked at 5.3 Bess Angela’s place
the labor in the market at 5.3 450-pound when that gets filled bet angel
automatically puts the opposing bet in the market hey presto didn’t even see it
appear it happened so quickly there that we generated a 5 pound profit through
just clicking one button on the screen if all in green up I can see what the
fully Greenup value would be by clicking on that screen there so let’s do it
again I’ve clicked at five point five that’s
been filled the backorder is been put in automatically by bad angel and that’s
been filled there you go we’re up to ten pound so all we’re doing here is we’ve
set up all the global settings on the one click screen to enable us to tell
bet angel what we want it to do and then it’s just a question of us clicking when
we fill the moments right so again we’ve clicked here at five point six we’re
waiting for this to get filled there’s a bit of money stuck it’s a 5.7 in front
of us as soon as that goes the market will come back down and touch our order
as soon as it does that and it’s filled better angel will put the opposing
betting automatically for us or in that case you can see a cancel it because we
ran out of time we’ve only we’ve told it that we only want it to stay in the
market for twenty seconds but you can see we’ve clicked again virtually
instantly after that happened orders been filled we’re
waiting to get filled at 5.7 when you take a small amount of time for that
start to eating through and there you go we’re up to 15 pound and at this point
all we need to do is click here and that will spread the profit across the entire
book very very easy

47 thoughts on “Simple and Profitable Scalping Strategy for Sports Trading

  1. At the end of the video, we click the 'green up' column and that spreads the profit out amongst all the horses so that you will win whichever horse goes on to win the race.

  2. When you green up you spread some of that profit across the field. It will only be a lower amount but it is across all horses, so it doesn't matter who wins you have a profit against all of them. You can do this before the start of the race, you don't need to know the winner.

  3. If you ensure that you put your open order on the reverse side of the book you have several advantages. But the clear advantage is if you think the trade is not going to work for you, you can immediately scratch your trade for no loss but close at the current price.

  4. Tick 'greening' on the green up column and it spread the profit across the field so you will win whatever the result.

  5. Basically it works by laying slightly more on the horse you have profted on. That amount then shifts to the field. Bet Angel calculates out how to do this etc.

  6. You put an order in on the lay side at a lower value than you back at. That is how you profit. You are under no obligation to take a price so you simply offer one.

  7. There are many ways to look at the market and there are definately some markets that work well and others that don't. You may want to visit our forum to discuss.

  8. @floralcam – When you reverse the book you effectively lay at the back price and back at the lay price. This automatically achieves your goal of laying at a lower price than you back at.

  9. @piano0011 – Before the start of a sports event the only thing that determines odds are opinion. So it's your ability to read opinion that matters. When in-play you effectively have to predict what will happen next, that is how you profit. They are two completely different ways to trade. The latter relies on your ability to read a sport.

  10. @prefect78 – If you trade you only pay comission on your winning trade. So if you back and lay at 4.10 and 4.00 with £100, you will make £10 profit. But only if that horse wins. You would pay 5% on this amount. By using greening you would spread the profit across the remaining runners mean you would win whatever the result. If you had a losing trade you would pay not commission. You only pay commission on the trade, not the opening or closing position. Hope that helps?

  11. @floralcam – Go to the global settings at the top of the software and look for the 'force open' box. Click on that drop down menu and select reverse.

  12. @prefect78 Trust me mate, just follow the mans lead he is a genius in this field, I dont even know him but he has taught me so much in such a short time, I can comfortably make £50-£100 a day trading at Betfair, the brilliant thing is the commission, it's because of this that betfair want you to win, unlike traditional bookies who will close your account/limit your stakes if you win too often

  13. @treemantris – If you back and lay a selection and have a profit you only pay commission on that profit, not of each individual back or lay but on the net total of those bets. Settlement varies from one market to another so always check the rules before diving in.

  14. @justinleeclarke – If you 'green up' you will spread the profit across the field and will profit whatever the result. You are simply netting the difference between the back and lay prices.

  15. @FrontSide2010 – No, not that we are aware of. We heard the other day that Matchbook had stopped taking accounts from the US.

  16. with the second method of scalping do you how to try and follow the trend? in the video it doesnt look like you are. you just seem to be clicking lay at random hoping it gets filled?

  17. @dburford9 – We are the company behind the product but the whole team uses it on a daily basis. There are many tools and functions you can use and the cost isn't much when you consider what you can achieve with a bit of practice. Visit the blog to see some examples or the forum to chat to other users.

  18. @dburford9 – You can do this on many different sports but racing is popular because of it's volatility and frequency. Use minimum stakes while you are learning and visit our forum to get some help to get started.

  19. does anyone can tell me what is best time to place a bet? how many minuts before run? also what i do not understand is how can I know what is the best moment to put my money on the market?

  20. This video look very easy to make money and all you have to do is just follow everything how it is been shown. But this is in theory and reality is different. I know this is not a gold method but I still do not understand how to decide when is best time to put money into the market. Currently I use BetAngel demo mode but sometimes I am still lost. Does anyone can tell me how to read charts and when strat play.

  21. @greggspolska – There is another scalping video that you may want to view. Sometimes its easy to overcomplicate decisions when trading but a lot of the time just the natural variability of the market will fill orders without worrying about direction. You may want to register and visit our forum where there are loads of discussions about how the market moves and why.

  22. its only £15 profit if it wins when you green up spreading the profit across the feild you get £2.63 no matter what so its little by little. if you choose not to green up you are basically getting a free bet on that one runner, if it loses you get nothing but you lost nothing as you scalped what you are betting with. its a really slow burner as you need to build your bankroll in order to gain sizeable amounts. this guy staked £50 three times to guarantee £2.63. BE CAREFULL PRACTICE SMALL STAKES.

  23. Hello, I have watched this clip and the Trading on Betfair – Low risk "painless" trading and seems that you do not pay attention to the behaviour of the market! Is that true? Can I lay a back price at no risk? If the lay bet is matched it will automatically bet a back price? How can it go wrong if the betangel cancel the bet if it is not matched? Thanks for the answer

  24. What ever you do you need an underlying strategy. Each sports market there are sweet spots and strategies that work well in certain market. This is just one strategy. Some markets throw off a profit even if you use little skill, but it's finding them that is important.

    Bet Angel will allow you to put one order in and it will offset that so that you will show a profit if matched. If it doesn't match you need to decide what to do with the unmatched portion. Either scratch it or take a loss.

  25. I dont understand why you take so long to place the order at 4.2 at the start of the video? You say youre waiting for the money to start getting taken? Does that mean u were waiting for it to look like the odds were drifting out? Also, when you finally place the order at 4.2 to lay, it appears as though you manage to place the bet INSTANTLY, without a 5 second delay? How did you do this?

  26. It's a horse racing market so you get orders matched instantly as the race hasn't started just yet. When scalping you are essentially trying to get two orders matched at roughly the same time so that's what we are trying to do in this video. If we don't think that is going to happen we just dump the position and start again.

  27. Sorry for being a noob but what is 'fill or kill'? I am using the free trial. I like the video but I have no idea what's really going on.

  28. im just starting out on trading and will be purchasing your product soon but in this video the first part I cant understand how you got 20 profit if you backed at 4.3 with 200 and won = 860 + you recive your 200 back = 1060 u started with 400 so you made 660 profit if laying won 200÷4.2= 47.6+200=247.6-400=-152.4 is there a special feature your using becuse its not making sense to me how your making 20€ ? I understood the second part of the video

  29. Sorry I'm completely new to this but what is it you mean when you say 'wait for it to get matched' wait for the back price to match the price you layed it at?

  30. Is it possible to switch to probability? I dont like the European odds on Betfair. Its confusing when profits come from numbers going down. I rather have it like Intrade where backing 50 means the market thinks theres a 50% chance which doubles your money instead seeing 2. 1=100% chance. 2=50% chance. When backing 50%, it means turning every 50 cents into $1 if it wins. Much easier to understand when making split second decisions to see numbers increase if theres profits.

  31. So in the example above, back bet win brings in +20 profit, lay bet win (any other outcome from that horse winning) brings in 0. Does this program have some function to equalize bet sizes to guarantee plus profit on both, or is it always so, that the second bet is there just as an insurance?

    Ive been looking at some of the tutorials so far, and have seen back and lay stakes being equal, meaning only one outcome guarantees possible profit, or is there some other mechanism Im missing in place?

  32. At around 3:28, you placed another lay bet and had -220 liability. What if the following back bet didn't get matched? Now you're looking at a big loss so how would you reverse it?

  33. I am confused by this interface on betangel… You have lay price, in pink, being offered up at less than the backing prices. It looks as though the market is back to front?

  34. Hi Peter,
    Very silly question from a newbie.
    How did you make £20 when you backed £200 @ 4.3, Then layed @ 4.2?
    I worked it out that is only about £1.70 Profit.
    Please help.

  35. I just can read a write something in english, i try to understand your words, but i can´t, you talk very fast to me. So if it´s not asking too much, please put english subs to this video. And i will be grateful with you very much. God bless you.

  36. Forget my last message, is very simple see subs, just click configuration and turn on english sub. I finally understand your video and is true, is easy. Thanks.

  37. hello peter, I'm 6 months that I have attached to betfair, I'm using software 3 months poor, I do live scalping but I live in Italy I do not understand English spoken, I read 2 books but speak of scalping in a bland. pee example I know nothing about the pressure, I would like to know how to move the odds in the prelive. here they want to sell tutorials, and there's only 1 book or 2. can you recommend a book where I can understand how the share goes to the last stake trade? thank you

  38. this was like the final piece of the jigsaw thanks peter ,,iv watched a lot of videos and I now understand …..but if anyone is just starting out its a long old journey but worth the time and effort

  39. Only thing I dont understand is why you have to spread it across the entire book, does this mean you only made £2.40? (as it was £15 before and bet/layed).

  40. I find using software like Bet Angel when the race goes in running really difficult as you seem to only have a limited view of the more rapid changes that are happening. Is there some way of getting round this?

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