Silver’s Monetary Rise

Events are unfolding right now that could
ignite a straightforward profit opportunity in the silver market.
You see, one of America’s neighbors could be poised to back its currency with a hard
asset, in this case silver. This could be a major turn of events will
have global implications. The action looks set to unfold in Mexico,
where many of its most influential and wealthy citizens are demanding the country abandon
its fiat currency, the peso, and return to the Silver Standard.
The implications get bigger when you consider that Mexico has the world’s 14th largest economy
(10th largest by purchasing power parity). You see, a return to the Silver Standard could
rapidly transform Mexico into the world’s next big financial player.
As you can no doubt imagine, making the peso a silver-backed currency means Mexico would
create massive demand on the world’s silver market. is forecasting a sudden outbreak of sane monetary policy around the
world as soon as Mexico backs there currency with silver, vccor China, Russia, or another
nation backs there currency with gold. For silver, besides the Mexico potential,
there are other significant structural reasons why silver is today’s top investment play
including demand stressors such as: � A smaller above ground available supply
then there is gold � New, cutting-edge, high-tech uses for
silver. � Savers, burned by a huge food and energy
price inflation, now look set to flock to precious metals.
� Global supply shortages in silver have been present for of out of 68 years. But, the real black swan play today is the
potential for a new and sudden Mexican monetary revolution, one that could send silver soaring
in the hundreds of dollars per ounce. The leader of the Silver Standard movement
in Mexico is a multi-billionaire named Hugo Salinas Price.
At this very moment, according to Salinas Price, most all of Mexico’s Congressman favor
monetizing silver. Of course, just as with the U.S., the trick
will be how to get around the few politicians and party leaders who’ve been bought off or
intimidated by the central bank. Because as soon as Mexico’s silver hoarding
makes news, as soon as the world understands this is serious, the price of silver blasts
off. Silver’s moment is almost here. Because as
Hugo Salinas Price knows, his backers only need to convince a few more people to go along.
The rest are already on board. Take just three or four men out of the “anti”-group,
according to Salinas Price, and “We would practically get a unanimous yes vote, practically
unanimous in both houses.” The shock waves would spiral outward from
Mexico like a cannonball hitting a swimming pool. And the US would be first to feel it. That’s why you need to take seriously headlines
that scream, “Mexico May Monetize Silver This Year.” High-ups in our government have long feared
a hard-money movement would carry the day somewhere. Knocking the dollar down appeals
to regimes that envy the US all over the world. Remember, the U.S. had Mormar Gaddafi neutralized
after he announced plans for all-African currency for conducting trade. And the fact is, the real reason the U.S.
invented WMD’s as the justification to kill Saddam Hussein was all about keeping our money
safe. cc
Hussein vowed to sell oil in anything except U.S. dollars a move that would have decimated
the U.S. dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency. In fact, not to get too far off line, global
banking and high-tech computers mean the dollar as the world’s reserve currency is fast becoming
as archaic an idea as black and white television. Soon, your only refuge could be in the metal
that is about to make Mexico all-powerful: silver! Now, we know many people are used to looking
at Mexico as that violent, crooked, messed-up country over the border. The one that sends
all those illegals over here because even picking cantaloupes for giant US agri-businesses
pays better than the jobs at home. It’s now time to rethink all that. Because
a silver standard for Mexico would unleash the biggest global power shift since Spain
raided the Aztecs in Mexico 600 years ago. It’s unavoidable. History repeats itself.
Especially when it’s exactly the same economic situation. While they wait for Mexico to make it official;
regular Americans have already started to take notice. They’re voting *yes* to silver
with their pocketbooks. The U.S. Mint had to close down annual sales
of Silver Eagles three weeks early last year. They ran out. And they still set a new record over 42 million
Silver Eagle coins, the most ever. Just look where people are putting their money
when they are desperate for safety Since 2008, people have more than tripled
the money they invest in silver ETF’s. Buying a silver exchange traded fund is the next
most direct way to own silver outside of buying the metal itself. A silver shortage is crazy to imagine when
you consider that silver output has more than doubled since the early 1990s in places like
Mexico, Australia, and Peru. Then there’s China, a relatively new major
supplier of the metal. Its silver mining has jumped from less than 10 million ounces in
1991 to more than 100 million ounces today. Overall, the world’s total silver mining production
has increased from 400 million ounces in the early 1990s to about 700 million ounces today.
But despite a sharp increase to supplies, the global demand for silver is far outpacing
global production. In fact global silver production has been
unable to meet global demand for more than fifteen years. In 2010, global silver demand exceed 1.05
billion ounces but global mining only provided about 700 million ounces. The Government Gravy Train Is Set To Run Dry The shortages have been made up by governments
sell their stockpiles which today are nearly tapped out. That means shortages are about to become real. The deficits will grow faster should Mexico
back its currency with silver That’s why the forecast is for rising demand
to fuel an explosion in silver’s price. It’s a fundamental truth:When demand far outstrips
supply the price of silver must soar. To learn how you can receive a free ounce
of silver, and our special report on the top 10 silver investments, go to

89 thoughts on “Silver’s Monetary Rise

  1. Great theory. At the Cancun Resort, that we go to a lot, they have a jewelry gift shop that is entirely-filled with silver jewelry. Also, when we visited Isla Mujeres (a small island just off of Cancun) they had jewelry shops entirely dedicated to silver jewelry come to think of it!

  2. I wonder if this means we will have to bomb the shit out of Mexico, or go find their weapons of mass dollar destruction….I hope not, it is a beautiful country

  3. I'm not selling my silver but most of my extra money these days is going into bitcoins. Only time will tell if this choice is right.

  4. Great sensationalism. But silver will never be re-monetized. Digital currency is the future and all governments love/want/need to tax…and the powers that be would not allow this either. 

  5. well done, very interesting points made here.  Sadly, the 117 year old silver FIX that's "ending" in August is not ending at all, it's merely being replaced by a new electronic FIX:

  6. Hugo Salinas-Price has been pushing this agenda for 10+ years.

  7. The US mint cant continue to set record high silver sales if there are shortages!

    The two don't add up.

  8. Why don't either/both Salinas and Sprott, both billionaires with massive PM holdings, go long on the Comex, force delivery and bust the system?

  9. what are thoughts on buying silver bars or generic rounds? there seem to be better price against ASE's. 

  10. Just an FYI…Hugo Salinas Price has been saying this since 2011, beginning with his interview on King World News (May 16, 2011).

  11. lets hope that happens will be good for South Americans.

    Bitcoin is still superior to silver but silver pegged paper money is equally superior to fiat.

  12. I don't see how this is a "biggest power shift" at all, just because Mexico is going to adopt silver backed currency doesn't mean Mexico automatically becomes even slightly more powerful, in fact I think its going to hurt them a lot economically for a while, and where is Mexican military, do they have any at all?

  13. Chamge the silver trade to online digital trade…. Mexico then switches to silver standard…. UNITED STATES follows as the neighbor would do using NAFTA and then BAM!!!! DIGITAL currency insues

  14. Chamge the silver trade to online digital trade…. Mexico then switches to silver standard…. UNITED STATES follows as the neighbor would do using NAFTA and then BAM!!!! DIGITAL currency insues

  15. No matter what Mexico does, I will continue to stack physical silver coins. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Besides that, the US dollar will fail, its a matter of when, not if. And its going to get real ugly around these parts. Be a good idea to have storable food and a water source. Maybe a few guns and a lot of ammo, and like minded friends and family too. Eventually things may settle. But who really knows? Best to be prepared is my motto! Keep a bible too. Peace

  16. Quality video, you've covered many of the bullish factors that'll fuel silver's rise. Hard to cover them all in one short video. You've kept it current.

  17. Iraq & Libya (Saddam&Gadhafi) wanted to invent the Goldstandard = Remember what happened to them…??? Mexico beware of the Scum & Bones…

  18. Thank You for this video. Actually it is TRUE that there is a lobby for monetizing “Libertad” Silver Coins, which would run as a parallel currency along the regular Peso. How ever the political parties leadership does not want to disrupt the monopoly power of the Central Bank to instrument a monetary policy.

    The Central Bank owes it’s loyalty to the Federal Reserve and to the Bank of International Settlements. Even the Central Bank Governor, Mr. Agustin Carstens, is a former IMF executive who competed with Christine Lagarde to run the International Monetary Fund. And the Executive Branch, who would enact the law, are just puppet for the CFR (yes, Mr. Richard N. Haass has visited the President and the Finance Minister).

    I am sure that eventually a Silver-Backed Peso will come to reality, but only after many tragedies happen. Greetings from Mexico.

  19. Apparently, according to the latest from Hugo, this initiative is stalled, yet again.

  20. I don't think it is likely to happen in the near future. The price of silver is still too low. That means if Mexico were to back all of its money with silver, they needed to have a mountain of silver in place. However, it is mentioned in the video that there is less above ground silver than gold. Very obviously, the Americans would not allow the price of silver to rise.

  21. wonder if an announcement is immanent re :- Mexico. V and W mention silver price code announced for the 15th July. Though I take it with a pinch of salt, there are 4 other individuals claiming the same date and code….interesting.  August 14th may also be a game changer however I wont hold my breath. One thing for sure though as dollar looses control and demand outstrips supply there is only one way its going and that the opposite way to the stock market in the near future 😉

  22. I can't find any articles on this that do not include Salinas. Why should I believe that Mexico is going to change their monetary standard? They do have a very corrupt government.

  23. I've been saying this for years (and so has Hugo Salinas Price) : Let Mexico Return to a #Silver Backed Peso! Hugo says they have nearly unanimous votes in Mexico's Congress now to make it happen. Best way for Mexico to fight its problem with illegals moving north in search of better wages. If they switched to Silver, their wages would be better than the U.S.

  24. Incredible. If Mexico is the first country to convert away from fiat, that would be an amazing global shift in power over time. Imagine being paid in a currency that was actually worth something. I'm even more amazed that the Mexican Elite are pushing for this. For a country perceived to struggle with corruption, gang violence, drugs, and poverty, this is the most positive news that I have heard for the hard-working Mexican people. If true, this could facilitate REAL change. Wait and see. My heart goes out to the Mexican people.

  25. This is a good vid and Sr. Price is a great man. My only reservation is related to Triffin's delima.  The silver-backed Mexican currency would disappear ASAP. This is the connection between Triffin's delima and Gresham's Law.

  26. A lot of silver pumping going on here, do u think that's fair?  guys like u made me buy silver 2 yrs ago and I lost 10 bucks an oz.

  27. Silver coins can be counterfeited (in China) resulting in time and money being wasted verifying
    true silver from fake silver at each stage of the exchange process.
     As the price of silver rises more and more counterfeit coins will flood the world.

  28. I hope Mexico does this because this would give affordable real money into the hands of people and an honest living standard. Too many positive outcomes to mention!

  29. who sets the silver price daily?
    your claims are just soooooooooooooo stupid.    the central bankers set the price. so it will never rise & destroy their program

  30. Humm which would you rather have a Mexican Silver Coin or an American green piece of worthless paper ??? ,, THE U.S won't let this happen they would start WW3 just like when the Germans wanted a new world order USA and England said NO! only this time China and Russia would most likely join Mexico in the triple alliance

  31. Corruption all around, corruption in debt/death we are bond.
    To hell with silver, to hell with gold, to hell with men renowned, rich and bold by the almighty (dollar) was there soul bought and sold.
    This poor story of them has yet to be told, and it is a new one even though it is all ages old.

  32. So basically more speculation on what would raise the price of silver ANY MINUTE NOW.. where have I heard this before..

  33. The quotes from Hugo Salinas Price depicted in this video are three years old. This video appears to be little more than an attempt to hype people to pay money to see reports from the authors website.

    From an article dated October 27th 2011 "By and large all of the Congressman are in favor of monetizing silver in Mexico.  The dirty work is how to get around the blocking that is presented by three or four important party leaders who are bought off by the central bank or intimated by the central bank.  They are afraid to go against the central bank’s desires. So that is the problem here.  As I said Congress is all for it.  If we had those three or four guys say, “Yes it’s green light,’ we would practically get a unanimous yes vote, practically unanimous in both houses.  But we have that obstacle."

    Make up your own mind

  34. Nice story but unfortunately its a hoax 

  35. Can I assume that this event will cause Silver to raise in price and Mexican Silver will probably be limited on exportation?

  36. don't get people hope up.  Here is a recent article about this rumors:
    I love silver but I think people are way to hyped up on it.  Please check your source again

  37. Just as gasoline is going down in prices Obama wants a war so Americans can feel the pain at the pump using war as a mask over inflation. Now you have Congress wanting to put up a wall bordering Mexico and the US to keep the illegals out when in the future Americans will want to leave for Mexico and the Mexicans will be building a wall to keep the Americans out of the silver paradise.

  38. There are so many errors in this video I shake my head.
    False figures and ridiculous claims.
    I guess it all has to do with pump and dump.

  39. Lol, Mexico will go with silver currency only if the White House gives their approval, mexican government is only a puppet and does what the White House dictates, there is more chance to North Korea becomes capitalist than Mexico freely choose its destiny.

  40. la guerra México usa ningún país reconocía la independencia de México al contrario tenia varias amenazas de invasión de España Inglaterra Francia y 20 años antes 11 años de guerra civil por la independencia del imperio México ahora es diferente recuperaremos todo el territorio vil mente robado viva Agustín de Iturbíde

  41. If Mexico dares to monetize silver, the dollar debt system will collapse overnight as the gold price goes up against a diminishing dollar's value. The whole financial house of debt cards will crash down and the One World Order and One World Government Zionist project will end.

  42. It's all a time bomb, and the bankers are already beginning to take cover, it may take fifty years but eventually the works will change it has to

  43. Too bad didn't happen. I would really like to see Mexico do that. That can really change the view of the fiat currency around the whole world.

  44. As I'm watching this in 2019 I find Mexico is still a joke, they are possibly the stupidest country in the Americas, so many corrupt politicians out only for themselves are still like a blind man in traffic..

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