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  1. Mike, hoping to ask you a question here: R. Kiyosaki has previously written that silver is a good deal under $25. Now that we are very close to that, does that change anything in terms of further investing in silver? I have my own opinion on this so I wasn't really looking to be told what to do, but rather wanted your take on it.

  2. @zalida100 government that is not of the people wil. act that way. Government that is of the people collectively, not the pre-selected elite, will have a much harder time of attempting this thievery. The real question of how/when we can move forward is how many people dismiss paper currency as lies and turn to gold, silver or anything else that can act like money but can't be printed. I'm no gold-bug: anything will do, but can it do what gold does? If it can, I want it.

  3. 11.72 meters resulting in a total volume of 1609.84 cubic meters. This is equal to 1, 610,000 kilograms of silver or 56 790 000 ounces. At today's closing market this has a value of 1,528,218,900 USD. 1.5 billion dollars of silver is all that is available. In a trillion dollar economy that is one of the best investments out there.

  4. @ytgv3fc7 Sorry mate. That's the whole point. You cannot have a gov "of the people." It just doesn't work. It's the idea that people should be governed that is flawed. It's just natural that people do what's best for them, and if you give some people power over you, they will use it to benefit them first, and that normally means increasing the power they have over you.
    Historically gov has always increased its power. It's just a fact.

  5. silver is less than 11.72 meters available for investor to buy as there is demand for silver in industries. BECAUSE SILVER IS USED IN SOME OF OUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES.

  6. Pretty soon, if not already, people are going to be digging for silver in the landfills – there is about 11.72 metres available for investor purchase.

  7. I'm sure people are already digging for silver in the landfills – there is about 11.72 metres available for investor purchase.

  8. Available above ground silver measures about 11.72 metres on each side.
    Available above ground gold measures about 19.18 metres on each side.
    Because of this, silver is actually more rare than gold right now.

  9. Mines produce 650 millions oz per year, from which 90% is used in industries, and 3-5 billions oz in Jewelery and only a small quantity for investors. Plus, jewelery can be used as investments as well. Most of the silver in investment is resold and recycled. In addition, there is more contracts signed for silver then the current supply can meet. The total amount silver above ground is 11.72 m cube in length BUT ONLY 0.33 m CUBE OF LENGTH OF SILVER (117 MILLION OZ) IS AVAILABLE TO INVESTORS.

  10. 11.72 metres
    12.8 yards
    38.45 feet
    461.4 inches
    (oh yeah, that would be 0.006328 nautical miles, of course)

  11. silver out ranks gold simply by the amount available for the investor to buy compard to gold which is 19.18 m cubed and silver is 11.72 m cubed obviouslly the better choice in a supply and demand type market place

  12. 11.72 m of available above ground silver, as opposed to 19.18 m of available gold. Can you imagine a cubical city of pure gold measuring ~2,200 km per side (Revelation 21:16-18)?

  13. @Yamakashi1 In my previous comment I meant that the fundamentals of the silver market are starting to outweigh the technical charts that the paper market relies upon. Sometime in the near future supply & demand will determine the price of silver. That's when the fundamentals of the silver market will have become much more important than any technical aspects.

  14. @Yamakashi1 In my previous comment I meant that the fundamentals of the silver market are starting to outweigh the technical charts that the paper market relies upon. Sometime in the near future supply & demand will determine the price of silver. That's when the fundamentals of the silver market will have become much more important than any technical aspects.

  15. I would like to ask Mike or anyone else this question. I am very interested in gold/silver, but during the last depression US forced citizens to turn in their gold. If things are as bad as they appear to be, what is to prevent them from doing so again in the near future? So if we have physical gold, and we are forced to turn it in for cash, and government revalues gold thereby deflating the value of the dollar (cash we got for the gold we turned in), how do we benefit? Doesn't this mean……

  16. that we gte screwed? Gerald Celente is warning that the government will most likely have another "bank holiday" soon. So what happens to gold/silver owners? Would it not be better to have or equally as good to have stocks in very strong mining companies? I have been buying gold/silver for 4 years now, but I am quite concerned that my profits may evaporate if and when they revalue god. Any comments people? Have a great day everyone, and thanks for your info Mike…great work!

  17. To answer the question, the sides of a cube representing the above ground silver that investors can buy is 12 meters on each side. Compare that to 20 meters on each side for Gold, and silver because of the scarcity of it, value and its various uses, is a better investment.

  18. 19.18 M Gold cube. 11.72m Silver cuble. I'll buy as much as I can. Thanks Mike. I'm trying to buy 20 ounces….but because I live outside US, denied! Sorry I can't quite get 500 ounces into my budget! So I'll have to buy some local silver.

    great video. Good luck to myself to win the "luck of the draw" or do you choose a winner for comments?

  19. 11.72 meters for the silver cube but it(the cube) should be shrinking since silver is going to be consumed one day.

  20. the length of the cube would be 11.72m long but is shrinking as it is a metal that is used in consumer and industrial products such as mobile phones, medical equipment etc.

  21. The amount of available above ground silver is 11.72 meters per each side of a cube. Gold=19.18 meters. There is 7.46 times more gold than silver. Since silver is in shorter supply than gold, the price of silver should be higher than the price of gold.

  22. The available above ground silver if put in a cube would only be 11.72 meters on each side, much less than the available above ground gold. Someday people are going to wake up and realize how little silver is available and how valuable it really is. The question is, will they wake up in time?

    Thanks for these wonderful videos! I share them with friends who won't listen to me. Maybe they will get it if they see/hear it from you!

  23. If you put all the available above ground silver into a cube it would measure about 11.72 meters on each side. If you put all the available above ground gold into a cube it would measure about 19.18 meters on each side. Therefore, silver is much rarer than gold for the first time in human history! When people finally realize how much rarer silver is compared to gold it will cause the quantity demand for silver to spike and consequently the price of silver could exceed the price of gold!

  24. Thank you for this wonderful videos, and thank you for your great book that changed my life and made so many things really clear for me!

  25. @ralphdel118 no need to force people to hand over their gold because the dollar is not backed by it……if the usa wants to recapitalise their bankrupt state they will have to start the price of gold at tens of thousands and let the free market figure out the correct price……the treasury owns the gold at fort knox but at $1300oz it is chimp change….perhaps $130,000oz might help?

  26. @zalida100 sorry mate, that's not the whole point – that's a fundamental assumption which has no basis in reality. People force governments into existence because that's tribal nature, human nature, from our very core.
    To stop doing that is to stop being humans. It is to evolve into a creature that hasn't existed yet on this planet.
    Increasing power is not the problem: the problem is IF decreased power over one's own life ALSO happens and it NEED NOT.

  27. @ytgv3fc7 "..no basis in reality.." That would mean that lots of people, e.g. anarchists, somehow lack human nature. There're plenty of rational explanations (unprovable) how/why gov comes about, without requiring a "natural" explanation.
    There're plenty of examples of people fleeing the rule of others and living for long periods without it.
    I don't see how "increased" gov power happen without the individual having "decreased" power over his own life. That seems paradoxical.

  28. Answer
    Each side of cube=11.72 meters
    Total volume=1609.84 cubic meters
    Ounces of Silver = 56.790 millions
    Surface Area of Cube = 824.1504

  29. All Above ground silver would make a cube 11.72 meters on each side.

    Compounding this issue, is the fact that silver is a "consumed" metal. There are many industrial applications that "use up" the silver, rendering it "uneconomical" to reclaim that silver. Silver has many properties that make it attractive to new technologies so the rate of this consumption is going up.This is not the case for gold, gold isnt really used in manufacturing.
    This concept will really escalate the demand!

  30. 11.72 meters on each side representing sliver are available above ground, which isn't that much when you think about, very spooky how all this may vanish, i wonder what will happen to all the tech companies when there is a shortage on sliver. prices will skyrocket for what little is left, and that increase will be passed down to the consumer who purchases said items. Very interesting times await. Thank you for posting this video!! we need more people like you to lead people out of their stupor

  31. @zalida100 I can't think of one such example of people living without rule, starting or fleeing. People make up rules and form governments, tribes, wherever they go. It is human nature to do so. Anarchists don't lack in human nature, they are just mostly hypocrites that don't do what they say they would do.

  32. @de225221 I don't know if you are aware of it or not but the density of gold is 19.30 g·cm−3 and the density of tungsten is 19.25 g·cm−3. Thus, tungsten's density is nearly identical to gold.
    Consequently, many gold plated tungsten bars are being sold to unwary investors. Check out the following links: watch?v=M0-hGHJSgNA, watch?v=Tz79A8EXHlI

  33. Given that Silver is generally much more abundant in the Earth than Gold, surely as the Silver demand increases, so will the mining of it, making the available Silver more than gold?

  34. Is it possible that COMEX is about to default, and so are getting rid of soon to be worthless paper silver?

    Exchanges have been raising margin requirements, the amount of collateral investors must leave with their broker to back a position.
    CME Group, has raised margin requirements three times in a week.

    Paper pushers are changing the rules, so everyone is abandoning the paper ship and pouring into physical.
    spot price is unlikely to recover but increasing premiums on real, physical silver.

  35. if silver is more rare than gold than why is it cheaper; it makes no sense considering gold is 1000 dollars more than silver

  36. Cailfornia numismatics is out of silver eagles. They also but any amount of silver , they used to buy only 100 min.

  37. Whren they took down silver I bought AGQ(3x silver long) at $165 now ot's $202. I Sold silver at $49 and then bought ZSL to protect remaining physical silver. Zsl went up 40% for me. Moral of the story is buy physical silver (it's cheap @35/oz.) and use the ets's along with it. Silver will join it's peers at be trading in the hundreds of an oz.

  38. The Chinese Billionaires(India, Russia , etc) are taking 1/1000 of thier wealth and buying silver. This takes 40,000 onces of silver off the market every time they do this. That is why it's impossible to find U.S. silver eagles.

  39. gold and silver is unsafe you can loose a lot of your dollars investing in them. put your money in the bank and buy government bonds. you get 2% a year isnt that great? In 36 years you doubled your money. be safe!

  40. Where is Mike getting his info for how much silver exists above ground right now?

    I'm getting conflicting information from other sources online saying there's a lot more silver than what he says is out there.

  41. Isn't this misunderstanding the role of precious metals as money? They are useful as money because the amount of them is constant or limited, gold is the traditional favorite even if silver is rarer, that will likely continue to be the case?

  42. Since the USA started selling Am. Eagles in 1986, the Gold/Silver ratio has hovered in the vicinity of 50Ag/1Au, like the face value on those coins. Yet traditionally it was always around 15/1. I believe the cause of this is that gold is the metal governments and wealthy folk hoard. If someone were to back their currency with gold coin "payable on demand", hoarding gold would equal hoarding cash, and gold might well fall back down to 15/1. But gold DOLLARS couldn't be made small enough!

  43. This is a big factor and I have been researching this but cant find reliable stats anywhere. Some top insiders in India told me that there is so much unaccounted precious metals in India that it would throw off these statistics.

  44. Silver has the atomic number of 47, lower than that of Gold which is 79.  I was always under the impression that the lower the atomic number the more of that element there is in the world.   I know that both elements have industrial uses and applications, and that there is less silver used in the Coinage market than in industry.  The question I have is,  Are we talking only the amount used in Coinage(metals marketing) or are we talking all Silver known to man?   When we use the amount of silver available.  Lots of table ware out there, can't be that low in the size block.

  45. The more cellphones that are made, the more use of silver contacts, as they help prevent arcing of electron flows.  Silver conducts electricy better than any other metal on the chart of elements.  I think the idea that less silver is being used in the coinage markets is that its industrail uses have gone up.  Shorting the supply for the trade of it along with gold as a hedge against inflation.  It is also used in control rods in fission power plants.  So if we want more silver, stop making it so useful. lol.  And he does mention there is 2 billion ounces of silver out there ( not sure where he got his figures, but it sounds about right).

  46. Saying there's more silver than gold is an absurd statement. There's more gold bullion than silver bullion, sure, but silver is FAR more abundant in Earth's crust.

    Don't believe get rich quick schemes. Anyone who actually has a legitimate one isn't going to share it.

    Now, I DO agree Silver is undervalued, but only because industrial demand is likely to increase.

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