100 thoughts on “Silver Pullbacks – Mike Maloney & James Anderson

  1. @qpae123 "Useless" LOL! It's a storehouse of value. Federal Reserve notes are supposed to be a good storehouse of value, but they are not. If you want to save the product of your labor in a currency that is being rapidly debased, knock yourself out. There will come a time when silver and gold will be preferred monies again. The lessons of history are clear.

  2. @joepeeler34 What u do with the silver u have home?>> NOTHING LMAO .. useless .Why Soros and the Mexican Dumped it ? cose they know it has no future. Yes Btw Iron has more aplication then silver, so please dont tell me how rare it is and any other inventions of shills.

  3. @qpae123 "What you do with silver u make home." What skill with the English language you have. Perhaps I should compose this post in See Jane Run style. Gold and silver have been monies for thousands of years. Soros has lost many bets in his life. He plays the fiat currency game. I don't need him to think for me. Any fool can see that paper money is being debased. Well, I take that back; there is one fool who can't see it 🙂

  4. @joepeeler34 Can exist silver in this days without Dolars, when i say dolars I mean any kind of them ( euros, yens, yan..anything) ? I thinck not.

  5. @qpae123 Is English not your natural tongue. I apologize if not. Your syntax is awkward. Citizens in Malaysia are already using gold and silver. The only reason that people use U.S. Federal Reserve notes is because they are legal tender. The govt. has created a monopoly for itself. We are forced to pay our taxes in dollars which creates a demand for them. All other currencies are banned. Eventually people will return to silver and gold because fiat money always collapses.

  6. @joepeeler34 Cant u see lmao english is not my natural language?:) I speack french and italian better then english , my language is romanian lol. When I am tired my english is even worse, I have problems myself to read what i have written lol. But that wasnt the poin… wasnt it? The point was to u thinck in a modern world it is posible to live without lots of taxes , even some we can see and some are hidded? That was my point. And Btw all this . 3th world countrys have no taxes.

  7. Did silver go down? I didn't know, as I only get the price when I buy. Guess I'll be getting a darn good deal when I go buy some more tomorrow.

  8. @goldcurrent1 Blythe Masters is pretty, but what exactly would make her oppose silver as an investment? I know she was involved with the invention of credit default swaps, but what specifically makes her stand out among all other high-finance folks?

  9. They are trying to shake people out of these investments and I wouldn't doubt if silver drops below $30 an ounce. I expect more manipulation this week because silver may shoot pass $50 an ounce.

  10. You guys should be glad that there is a price drop.
    It's an oppurtunity to be able to purchase more than you normaly would.

  11. I agree that it's not very scientifical but this a 100% prediction machine typing.
    Every time I buy, the silverprice will immediately drop 5 – 10 % or more… hahaha !

  12. Silver is headed back toward 16. Sixteen was the ratio for centuries before massive silver discoveries in the Americas in the 1800s

  13. Don't care even if the silver price fall to lower 20s, I'll keep stacking. Don't know about stock, just buy physical.. Hell.. If you can find one at that price..

  14. @mattmillerfx awesome point! I though was alone here, i can not believe the next level of B.S here. The old message of buy and hold has just morphed into hold-and-buy-more … btw, I came across this video on a 2007 silver case study when silver lost over 50% – it makes an awesome case against chasing price moves and a new way to look at trading – enjoy!

  15. @mattmillerfx it is "inadvisable" but not "dangerous" to "buy tops" – few people can actually figure out where a top is so by saying it's "dangerous" to buy a top you imply you're smart enough to know where a top is. Are you?
    I am. I certainly am not with the herd. /watch?v=kpl-s6j3M8c ht tp://chart.l y/us5bwx4

  16. @CrazyEurazion silver's non-medical industrial uses can only be substituted in particular ways. Chemically: palladium can be a good stand-in but costs much more than silver. Electrically: graphene nano-tubes are impressively better than all metals for conducting current BUT are currently expensive as they are not mass-produced. Medical: not a chance. Silver is very particular about how reactive it is with sulfur which is how it acts as microbicide.

  17. @CrazyEurazion That being said, gold is the long-term money of civilization, silver is the industrial power-play one side of the arena and the other side is rare-earth elements

  18. @ytgv3fc7 Part1- Sure maybe "Inadvisable" is a better word to use here. However your average "investor" who is buying silver off of hype like this has no understanding of controlling risk. They make their investments out of fear of missing the opportunity created by salesmen like Mike and many others. Not that he is a bad guy, but for being an “expert” he should be warning of the downside risks involved.

  19. @ytgv3fc7 Part2- Silver can move higher in fact it probably WILL move higher, but what good is that if you have no exit strategy in place? Honestly a short anywhere above $45 was a no brainer. I’ve been a full time trader for over 3 years now and it’s not rocket science. It’s nearly as easy as watching the discussion All that’s needed is a basic understanding of crowd behavior and your set.

  20. @ytgv3fc7 Part3- Unfortunately, many retail investors have no clue how to hedge currency and silver value fluctuations and how to create cash flow from the volatility … i.e. use currency trading to generate cash flow… profits are used to buy more silver and vice-versa. It is an investment cycle to generate cash for currency trading. Trade currency as silver prices decline… and move back into silver at lower prices. It is a rinse and repeat cycle that takes investment and trading knowledge

  21. @ytgv3fc7 Part-4 The myth here is that you need to predict bottom and tops…that is FALSE… you only need to understand PRICE ACTION and zones of support and resist…once. Markets are constantly over reacting and this makes it easy to see how price levels on silver and currencies are shocking predictable… that is the financial skill most wealthy people have… having the ability to make a good decision when to buy and sell.

  22. @ytgv3fc7 Part-5 Most retail traders chase breakouts when the money has already been made… they are chasing a train that has left the station…. When you rely ONLY on silver prices to increase you are only getting 1/4 of the real opportunity and waiting twice as long for a smaller return. This guy is a dealer SELLING YOU SILVER… Reduce Risk that’s all im saying ** /watch?v=ISnvjDQSgbQ **

  23. I predicted this pull back and when I think about it there is this song that comes to mined…

    So I'm out side of the Fed and we got a punk! So go to my loaded tech nine and open the trunk!
    I told that Ben Mo-Fo!
    I never scared!
    I never scared!
    I never scared!
    I never scared!
    I never scared!

    LOL 🙂

  24. I wish I sold all right before the pull back so I can double my silver now. Only one of my sliver suppliers actually dropped price with market.

  25. Bought 100 ounces of silver at $35 per ounce, now back to $38.50. Unless another QE happens, silver shouldn't peak above $45 per ounce again. We will see come late June on what Osama bin Bernanke will do.

  26. @tcampbellla I don't disagree with the fact that one day the Dollar will die, but when is the question. The Dollar has been in trouble for a VERY long time now and it is perfectly safe to assume that the Dollar will rally and be viable for some time yet. Unless you have long term savings plan, playing the highs and lows of silver with limited income can be very dangerous.

  27. Thanks a lot for the video. Is it possible to get Mike's take on HKMEX? I heard two theories so far. One is it will end COMEX's monopoly and the other is it will smash the price of the PMs down even more because the Chinese government also wants the metals for cheap. thanks.

  28. @whygoldandsilver Now if you could answer this question, in times of depression, would holding cash be more better than pms?

  29. I only buy on the dips. But the fundamentals don't lie. The Government does LIE . Thats a Fact! Fact is the National debt increases by 188 million every hour.
    The fiat paper currency is controlled by QE2. America is screwed! But not those holding silver instead of paper.

  30. I only sell at High points to take a profit because I have to…. I'm not rich, I'm not employed but I buy silver on pullbacks… If I had the choice of not selling I'd just buy all the time no matter the cost. The roller-coaster Mike is talking about will go on FOREVER…….

  31. 3:35 on. Mr. Maloney is genuine and correct when making that statement. I too would give anything to buy silver when it was in the teens.

  32. once the market realizes that there is less available silver than gold and once the people find out silver is more rare than gold, the prices will skyrocket!

  33. @mattmillerfx I find more benefit from actually using bottoms & tops. You can try to move through the middle if you want, good luck to you. The price action must go between the extremes. So-called support+resistance always fails when people call it out, I am shocked at how wrong people are, and how they pretend they didn't make mistakes. 90% of support+resistance calls are failures.


    Hong Kong Commodity Exchange, HKMex just launches and they will trade silver with physical delivery as early as July! The Asians are saying "screw you! If you guys don't want your gold and silver, give them to us! We'll set our own price motherfxxkers!"

    Read more about HKmex here:

    (this is not a spam! I just want to spread the news as fast as possible and don't miss any buying opportunities, bring it on financial warfare)

  35. The way i see it, the increased silver margin requirements are a good thing, isn't it strangling the fake paper market and making physical investment more enticing for investors. This process seems to be a step toward developing a minset with investors of investing in physical silver not paper silver as it can be manipulated and you can get burnt like many did recently with their silver futures contracts.

  36. Great stuff but it has got to be tough if you just made your first purchase at $49 or so…
    Got to start thinking of ounces per bedroom….

  37. if the u.s does have hyperinflation which could happen the way the dollar is being debased. Whoever, is living in the u.s would be probably suffer, even if your silver and gold does go up. hm, if it costs hundreds to buy a coca cola, investors and people are screwed anyway. think about that. living in the u.s where there is hyperinflation can't be good.

  38. @firefox666moll roger roger 🙂

    2-5 yeras is a good timeframe, atleast untill this worldwide economic collapse happens.

    Am i bad for hoping it happens so i make a fortune when i sell my silver collection ?? LOL ??

  39. @hexstaticleon can your'e green back fail , who know's, not me , but one thing i can say is this in the UK , with each passing year as the pound is ravaged by inflation, my silver becomes stronger, i am backed , unlike the bank of ENGLAND, every week i get stronger as my silver hoard'e grow's, and my pound becomes more TOXIC,as for the question are you bad , i don't care , am in is much shit as you , that's why i listen to clever american mike, GOD BLESS AMERICA .

  40. @firefox666moll hey mate, im from London UK 😛 not America !!! haha!!

    and yeah, each month when i get paid i buy more silver, i wish i can buy more than i do each month but to be honest im grateful that i can buy any!! I buy just over 2 kg per month, two 1kg Metalor bars, and some random 1 oz Johnson Matthey bars from eBay 🙂 If you're clever you will find the place where you can buy your silver tax free 😛 (and no im not talking about ebay) peace 🙂


  42. The Silver drop in prices is EASILY explained by the speculators new invention. PAPER SILVER. They now have ways to meet the enormous demand for silver by using PAPER. They have paper silver wire for high voltage power. Dentists are now filling teeth with paper silver. Electronics and computers are now using PAPER to make electronic components! Paper silver is the answer! NOT!!! This latest JP Morgan fraud will only increase the demand for REAL METAL .999 SILVER. Buy REAL SILVER now!

  43. The reason the "shake-up" happened was because the Margin requirements went up to almost 80%. That has never happened before in the history of precious metal commodity exchange markets. This is one of the last ditch attempts by JP Morgan and HSBC to control the Silver Market. There will come a time when this "scam" will come off the rails and price will shoot past the solar system.

  44. Mike is right, but what happens if, for example, Obama replaces Bernanke with an Austrian school economist who hikes up interest rates; MidEast turmoil calms down; congress seriously tackles the debt; Greece defaults but with less than anticipated fall out; economy stalls but depression avoided. Any of these could happen, and any one of them could seriously impact silver and gold. Imagine what would happen if 3 or 4 came to pass? Nothing is certain and that applies to silver – it's not, sadly,

  45. @Kolbe71 it's too late now the system is past the point of no return;the currencies are gone.even if they try and stabilize the current currency;to back the amount of currency currently in the system the gold price will have to go over 60000 an ounce

  46. Mike, can I work for you?! That would be a dream because you are an amazing professional in your field!

  47. @dusan9maric
    Yep, I eat my hat. Until the debt is seriously tackled, I think we can be confident that PMs are going to continue to rise, whatever else happens.

  48. @11mac11s Yeah – gold is heavier than silver by volume so 1 oz of gold is much smaller than 1 oz of silver. The logo is probably a designer's idea of symmetry.

  49. Chatter is increasing that the Fed is going to announce QE3 at their meeting in the 3rd week in September. Gold's price relative to M1 is still way below the 1980 ratio. There is still time to get in but you want to do it this year! IMO

  50. gold and silver may temporarily correct again during the 2012-2013 recession/(possible Depression). Short the markets to offset any potential losses and use profits to buy more gold and silver on the dip down. If Gold/Silver go apeshit w/QE3 and the imminent collapse of the Euro financial sector, then by all means, hold it. Until the debt issues are permanently resolved or politicians stop accommodative policies, I suggest you hold on to your physical precious metals.

  51. Hi Mike, what sources can I learn about deflation before hyperinflation from because how I see it, deflation can't happen? Much of bank's assets are real estate loans and deflation would cause real estate to fall, the banks to go bankrupt and the USD to end..which won't be allowed. Right now, 24% of mortgage holders are underwater and the next 35% have less than 10% equity so just another 10% drop in home prices would cause over 50% of mortgages holders to be underwater which is too much. TY!

  52. @whygoldandsilver That was a great vid. I love to see Mike getting into the nitty gritty of it! Silver seems to be setting up to take a jump because it is clearly on to the QE game which is shown by how it has been trading with a negative correlation to equities the past few weeks..as equities fall, QE is seen to be more likely. I'll check out the book too. Thank you for you help. Mike's work has been instrumental in figuring out the big picture and now I want to find out all of the details!

  53. ive got average of $45.03 for all my silver bullions and just dropped more then $10 . the only think i regret is not waiting 3-4 days to buy more for my buck. the trick is not to sell i think. so all you out there don't be worried, hold your wealth as it will reward you . i wish i had more cash to buy more now at $32 /oz but now i have to save up and wait for the next pull back

  54. The next big silver pullback will come after gold rises up and bounces off of 2000 and 2200 may be a bigger one as that is the "educated" perceived old high.

  55. I only really see two problems.

    One, you cant compare gold and silver to fiat money… its like saying its worth 3800 dollars monopoly money.

    Second, Im pretty sure when the banks crash, which shouldnt be too far off now, we'll all end up getting an RFID chip instead of real anything… Then, when you do something they dont like, like protest, they just turn off your chip.

    We are in a huge hole of problems.
    But, I think these are just my opinions.

  56. I just made my first order of Silver today, and i've set my goal to at least have 1000 oz's of silver by the end of next year

  57. I just purchased 150 shares of AGQ, the silver ETF when silver hit about $28. I know this is not physical silver, however my goal is to pay for my college loans in two years. Do you think this is a good investment if silver continues to rise?

  58. Im not saying silver isnt good to invest in. This guy wants you to buy buy buy, So the value of his stockpile goes up.. The more people buy, The more the value goes up

  59. @TheGreatTamara Don't look to the stock market. Go to a local coin/ collector shop and ask them. You can usually buy pre 1964 quarters and dimes (90% silver) for little to no premium. Don't buy 'rare' or collector coins with high premiums.

  60. @TheGreatTamara If you want to check prices look at kitco . c o m for the spot price. Or for the 90% silver coins (commonly referred to as 'junk silver') you can look at coinflation. c o m.

  61. Mike why aren't you emphasizing the market manioulation? Margin requirements were raised when silver reached almost $50 in April 2011. Plus there are pullbacks when gold silver rise too quickly. However the long run still remains.

  62. Is it an "investment", or "money"?
    Doesn't an investment have to pay yearly dividends? Lol..

    Keep Stacking!

  63. I do not need a yearly dividend , I receive enough paper each year, i must convert some of that paper into money for a long term saving's plan, i like to save ( horde ) I have just watched some of your'e video's , you have all the answers my friend & good work , keep it up , good luck UK.

  64. Keep Stacking my friend !!
    Wish you all the best.
    We are leaps & bounds ahead of the masses…

  65. Here is another critical question on remarks made by mr.Maloney,i hope it gets answered,not deleted,which is what happened to my previous question.
    At 4:24 he advice's us to restrain from selling our silver,yet at the same time he is the one selling silver on his website.

  66. As I understand it, there are 3 ways to get into all this. Buy shares in a mine, dealer or distribution company; deal in raw metals on your own; or trade commodity contracts. It seems the latter is what's being promoted, but that's a risky, rich man's game. The stock market isn't exactly ideal, and dealing in raw metal usually involves a middle man or two although it seems the best way for the average Joe.

  67. Not really sure silver has a top if its main selling point is that the supply is supposedly low. If anything, it would surpass gold, and is something to hold onto forever. How come there hasn't been as many pullbacks in 2012 like in 2011? Less buying oppo. Is JP Morgan even lowering the spot anymore? Unless mining companies hit pay dirt, and the CEO announces enough silver for the next 10 years, the supply is going to remain low.

  68. On pullbacks, I like to buy with cash. On run-ups I buy with credit sell some and pay off the credit card debt and keep the rest for free. I do both but I had to give up the gold I bought with credit to pay back the credit I borrowed to buy gold because I was on the wrong side of the trade. Fortunately the bear market and the interest i had to pay did not eat away all my gold value so I had to sell a bit more than planned because of the takedown but got to keep a few for free.

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